Finding my Spotlight

Claire Jonathan is a Corp member at Manhattan Ballet. She dreams of being a principal dancer, but one day her dreams are shattered when a horrible accident happens.


3. Uh oh

"Uuuughghghghghhg" mumbled Zoe as her alarm went off. " is it already eight?" 

"Uuuuuuuuhughghgf" I groaned, but five minutes later we were in our leotards and tights ready for morning class. As we walked down the hallways towards the theater me and Zoe started talking about the new ballet. Zoe obviously thought that she was going to be cast. In a lead. I on the other hand wasn't so sure. 

As class started we saw Otto come in. An excited buzz floated around the room. And everyone knew that Otto was doing casting. As we started class everbody strived to work harder and be noticed. Barre finished and we started grande allegro in the centre. When it was my turn I to be pa du boureed across the stage and then for the finally I did a big jete. As I was flying in the air I had the most magnificent feeling, but as I came down I knew I was going to land funny, and as I did. I heard a pop.

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