Finding my Spotlight

Claire Jonathan is a Corp member at Manhattan Ballet. She dreams of being a principal dancer, but one day her dreams are shattered when a horrible accident happens.


2. Mannahaten Ballet

I'm 5'5 which Is pretty short for a ballerina, and I'm also a bit curvy, which is why I'll probably stay in the corps forever! but I am very good! No one can beat my technique, and Otto( our director and choreographer) knows that but he probably thinks I'm to fat to be any good. My two best friends are Bee and Zoe. Bee I only met last year but we clicked instantly. She is super talented but never brags or anything! Zoe on the other hand, is super talented, but brags All the time! But since I've known her forever ip can't really be made at her for long! Zoe and Bee will probably be promoted next month and be soloists in Ottos new ballet snow fall, while Ill be in the background with all the other members of the corps. 

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