Finding my Spotlight

Claire Jonathan is a Corp member at Manhattan Ballet. She dreams of being a principal dancer, but one day her dreams are shattered when a horrible accident happens.


4. I

I limped off to the side, with tears welling up in my eyes. I didn't  Know what had happened but I knew it was bad. I told Otto then limped of to the nurses. I sat in the doctors office while the nurse looked at the x rays. She came over to me with a sad look on her face, " your ankle joint has popped out of his socket, you won't be able to Dance for three weeks". Injury is a ballerinas worst fear. If you get injured, it is very likely that you will never be the same ballerina you were. Sometimes, there are rare cases where dancers can recover. I was determined to be a rare case. 

After a week went by I had been doing pirates, yoga, dance conditioning and everything I could with my hurt ankle. I worked out my metatarsals and my calves. All I could think about though, was ottos auditions, which were two days after I would get the ok to dance again. Every morning at 9:00 I went to a ladies yoga class called The Tea and Yoga Society*. After every Friday class you drink tea with the other ladies. By the next week I had gotten pretty strong and my ankle was feeling better. I kept working hard until I got the doctors ok. The two days before the audition I worked my butt off! Starting slow but eventually I got to where I was before, thanks to all my hard work. When the casting list went up i was cast in the corps like always. In the lead role was Mai  the best dancer at the studio. For the next month we had rehearsals all day until December 1st, when the shows began. I am only I. The first half of the show so I can leave for the second half. Everyday in rehearsal I. Would watch Mai and pick all her tricks and try to imitate her to the best of my ability. 

1 week later:

That night, since I had nothing better to do, I decided to stay for the second half of the show, I watched from the wings, and five minutes in Mai and her partner Jonathan were doing the hardest part in there piece, an areal overhead jump, which means she ran over to him and jumped into his arms over his head. Then she did 3 turns in his arms slowly spinning down, just before she landed, I could tell something had happened. Even though her piece wasn't over, she chassed off the stage then collapsed on the floor. " my back she groaned"  and I knew something really bad had happened...





*real thing look it up...

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