Living in the State of Dreaming (The Wanted)

The Wanted are living in L.A. while shooting their new reality show. Ally Dymond is a major fangirl. Her Best Friend Sunny Campbell is a little odd, but together they make the "Dangerous Duo" but what happens when Ally gets swept off her feet by a certain 19 year old British boy and Sunny finds out that Max is her older brother?


1. Best Friends


I walk to Sunny's house after school.I'm so excited for the new #WantedWednesday video that I can't stop smiling.  I just walk in, Her Parents don't mind that I feel welcome here. I walk into sunny's bedroom and notice all of her posters. It looks just like a 14 year old girl's room should: filled with pictures, stuffed animals that she couldn't bear to part with. CDs and Magazines thrown all around the room. It looks pretty much how my room had looked when I was fourteen, but since I'm 17 now my parents insisted that I get rid of the stuffed animals and other childish things. Sunny walks into her room and jumps about two ffet in the air when she sees me.

"OHMYGOSH ALLY! you scared me half to death!" she shouts with a smile on her face.

"Sorry that my face is scary!" I yell back in a joking manner.

"Shuddup. I swear if you call yourself ugly again I will throw you out of a moving car." she says in all seriousness. there is an awkward silence then we both start laughing uncontrollably. You might be wondering why a 17 year old hangs out with a 14 year old. Well, Sunny's mom and my mom were best friends growing up, and they always scheduled play dates when we were small, so voila! Our friendship blossomed from there.  

"Okay, let's watch the Wanted Wednesday video!" she says excitedly.

"What do you think I came here for? DO you think I want to hang out with you?" i said to her kidding of course

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