Never Gonna Be Alone

Louis and Tori were best friends. They grew up with each other in Doncaster, England. The two did everything together. She was even there for him when he auditioned for The X-Factor back in 2010. They also dated briefly for a short time before he got on to the X-Factor. After he was put in to One Direction, she lost contact with him and his band mates quickly rising to fame after coming in third place in the X-Factor finals in 2010.

What will happen when they run in to each other two years later? Will their feelings rekindle or will the two be sudden strangers? Read to find out (:


3. Two: Catching Up on Memories

The concert actually went by pretty fast. I have to admit, I did have fun, though. Now, I was starting to head back stage to meet up with Louis. Before he had to head on stage with the boys, Louis gave me a pass so it would be easier to get back stage when I meet up with him after the show.

The security guards let me through immediately. Before I knew it, I made it to the boys’ dressing room. I knew that was it because of the sign on the door. ‘One Direction dressing room’ was printed in medium sized bold letters on a piece of paper.

I stand there silently for the next few minutes and decide to text Alexis and tell her I would be back home later since I was busy right now. She soon texted back saying she would see me when I got back but that she will most likely be asleep.

As I reach over to knock on the door, it opens a few moments later. The boy I used to call my best friend stood there; my old best friend, now international pop star, Louis William Tomlinson. His lips curve up in to one of his big smiles that I loved as he spotted me.

“Hey Tori! Was worried you wouldn’t show up,” he said, staring at me, his blue eyes boring in to mine.

“Well I’m here, aren’t I?” I replied back, a small smile on my face as I stared back at him.

“Come in, yeah?” Louis responded, pulling the door open wider.

I nodded and came forward, following behind Louis. After walking in behind him, he shuts the door before leading me over to the couch. As I looked around the room for the next few minutes that was when I noticed Lou and I were the only ones here.

“The boys are already on the bus, I told them that I would be coming back here to, uh, talk to you for a bit so we can, you know, catch up and all,” Louis smiled at me as he took a seat on the couch. I nodded toward him, smiling a bit. He patted the empty spot next to him. I slowly made my way over and took a seat beside him.

For the next few minutes, Louis and I didn’t say a thing to each other as we just sat there in silence. Speak, one of you! Don’t stay silent! Weren’t you supposed to be catching up since you haven’t seen each other in like 2 years? My mind begins to wander off when Louis opened his mouth and began to say something.

“So, how are you, Tori? It’s been a while since we’ve last talked!” Louis asks, smiling at me.

“I’ve been pretty good, actually. I can see things have been going really good for you since I last saw you. I’m really proud for you! How about you, Lou?” I tell him, smiling.

“Everything has been going pretty well.” He smiles.

“That’s good,” I smile back.

“Yeah. A couple months ago, the blokes and I’s song, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ made it to number one,” he smiled wide as he looked at me.

“That’s great! What else have you been up to Lou since we last saw each other? You know, besides the hit that made number one on the charts?” I asked, smiling at him.

“Hanging out with the guys and performing in front of tons of fans, that’s pretty much it. We have the next few days off. Would you like to come hang out with me and the lads tomorrow? It would be fun!” he asked, smiling at me.

“Sure, that’d be great,” I smile at him.

For the next half hour or so, we talk about random things and laugh about funny things that happened in the past two years since we’ve last seen each other. He brings up this one time from a couple years ago before he became 1/5th of One Direction. It was actually pretty embarrassing but he couldn’t help but keep on laughing. It was right before a dance at school and I was coming down the stairs, all primped up and ready to go, when Louis came up out of nowhere and tackled me to the ground. He ended up getting dirt on it, from playing outside and messing around with some of his friends.

“That was not funny, Lou! You ruined my dress, it was bloody brand new, Louis! I had to go find something else to wear.” I tell him, trying not to crack a smile as I looked at him.

“I think it is, Tori. At least I helped you pick something else to wear, and didn’t ruin that one as well,” he smirked at me and chuckled loudly.

“Was not!” I yell back, letting a giggle pass from my lips.

“Was too!” he smiled and came forward toward me.

“Louis, what are you doing?” I asked as he came forward and began to tickle my sides. “Tickling you, I’ve missed hearing your laugh. You know how much I love your laugh,” he tells me, smiling and continues to tickle my sides. I let out a loud laugh, as he tickled me harder on my sides.

“I-I know, Louis! S-stop!” I laugh, clutching my stomach from laughing so hard. He continued to tickle my sides.

“S-stop, Lou!” I chuckle loudly and try to catch my breath.

“What’s goin’ on in here?” a loud voice echoed throughout the room. Louis and I both look over toward the door to see Harry standing in the doorway.

“N-nothing,” Louis and I both mumble and he sits up. He reaches out to grab my hand, helping me up.

“Sure; doesn’t seem like it, Louis. You been shaggin’ her, mate?” he smirks at me, winking.

“What-no we weren’t, Harry! I haven’t, we’ve just been talking. What are you doing here anyway?” Louis asked, looking over at his curly headed friend.

“Forgot something, carry on,” Harry scurries around the room, picks something up and sticking it in his pocket before heading out, slamming the door behind him.

We talk and laugh a little while longer before I look at my phone to check the time. It was close to 12:30. I had no idea it was this late. I thought it was earlier, but guess we must have lost track of time.

“Somethin’ wrong, Tori?” Louis questions, looking at me, his eyebrows furrowed together.

“Not at all, was just checking the time. It’s getting late, Lou,” I tell him, smiling a bit.

“Maybe we can do this tomorrow? You still want to come hang out with me and the lads tomorrow? I’d really like to see you again, Tori,” he asks, smiling at me.

“Sure! I’d love to,” I reply, smiling.

“Great, do you mind if I walk you home?” he asked, shifting the weight on his hand that rested on the couch. I felt his hand brush up against mine.

“Not at all, I’d love company,” I smile as he gets up and puts out his hand. I take it and he helps me up to my feet. I pull my hand away from his. I slip my phone in to my pocket and push my bag up higher on my shoulder.

“Let’s get going, yeah?” he asked, looking at me, a small smile on his face.

“Yeah,” I smile back and head toward the door. As I reach for the handle, he reaches for it too and turns the handle before pulling the door open.

“Ladies first, go on,” he said, pulling the door open a bit wider, letting me walk through first.

“Thanks, Lou,” I tell him as he leads me down the hall way to a door that went outside. As soon as we got outside, Louis and I were both being swarmed by paparazzi and being blinded by flashing cameras from every angle. They were asking us tons of questions in a matter of minutes like “Louis, who is she?” “Are you together?” “How do you know her?” and much more.

“Come on, love, let’s make a run for it!” Louis grabs my hand as we begin to run in the opposite direction of all the paparazzi and flashing cameras. Soon, we finally get out of sight of the pap. I was trying to catch my breath from running from the paparazzi. Louis turns to me and looks at me.

“I can call a cab if you want, Tori. You seem really tired; I don’t want you to walk home in this state. I’ll get you home, love” he wraps an arm around my shoulder. After a few minutes of standing there, Louis calls a cab. It pulls up a few moments later. He helps me in before sliding in beside me. After he gets in, he closes the door. The driver turns and looks at me and Louis.

“Where to?” he asks, a toothy smile on his face as he looked at me. I look up and tell him my address. Louis turns to me, his brows furrowed.

“Do you still live at the Moon Crest complex where you used to live?” he asked, smiling a bit as he stared at me.

“Yeah, why are you asking, Lou?” I turn to look at him, a small smile on my face.

“No reason, was just wondering,” he says, smiling back.

“You’re smiling, tell me, I’m curious, I want to know why you’re asking, Louis?” I ask, looking at him as I smile.

“Harry and I moved there a while ago,” he said, a small smile appearing on his lips.

“W-why didn’t you tell me?” I ask, as a yawn came from my mouth.

“I wanted to surprise you,” he smiled widely before lightly reaching over and moving some hair from my face.

“Oh,” I say as I stare back at him, feeling my eyes start to close from how tired I am.

“Go to sleep love, I’ll wake you when we get there,” I hear Louis say softly in to my ear as I rest my head on his shoulder. I let my eyes close and I drift off to sleep. About close to ten minutes later, I am being lightly shaken awake. I groan and open my eyes to see Louis staring at me.

“Tori, wake up, we’re here,” I yawn and stare at him.

“Okay…” I mumble and run my hand over my tired face to try and keep myself awake. Louis helps me out and wraps an arm around my shoulder after giving the driver some pounds for a tip.

“You alright, love?” he asks, pulling me close to him as he leads me toward the complex.

“I’m fine, just tired,” I say softly as I head toward the stairs. I feel Louis move his arm around my waist as he leads me up the stairs.

“You sure?” he asks, holding me close to him as he leads me up the stairs. I nod my head as I look over at him. Since I lived on the second floor, Louis led me toward my door. Soon enough, we get to my door. He moves his arm from my waist and looks at me, smiling.

“Thanks for bringing me home, Louis,” I tell him and begin to search for my keys.

“No problem,” he smiles warmly at me.

“So, I’ll see you tomorrow, Tori?” he asks, looking at me as he rests his hand on the wall.

“Yeah, just let me know,” I smile back and stick my key in the door. I unlock it and push the door open.

“See you tomorrow, Louis,” I look at him and smile up at him before I start to walk in. I feel him grab my wrist, pulling me back. I turn and look at him.

“I had a good time catching up, Tori. See you tomorrow, I’ll text you the details,” he pulls me in a hug. We pull away a few minutes later.

“Me too,” I smile back at him.

“Well, I hope you sleep good, have a good night!” he says waving before turning to walk off. I smile as I shut the door after walking in. After going to my room, I put my pajamas on before climbing straight in to bed. I was exhausted. I’ll tell Alexis about everything in the morning.


Author's Notes:

So, here's the next chapter! any kind of feedback would be awesome! comment, like and favorite please<3 Louis and Tori have finally caught up a bit! Comments please? :D

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