Never Gonna Be Alone

Louis and Tori were best friends. They grew up with each other in Doncaster, England. The two did everything together. She was even there for him when he auditioned for The X-Factor back in 2010. They also dated briefly for a short time before he got on to the X-Factor. After he was put in to One Direction, she lost contact with him and his band mates quickly rising to fame after coming in third place in the X-Factor finals in 2010.

What will happen when they run in to each other two years later? Will their feelings rekindle or will the two be sudden strangers? Read to find out (:


4. Three: Truth or Dare & Some Explanations

“TORI! How did last night go?” Alexis says loudly, pulling me from my deep sleep and making me almost jump right out of my skin. She was sitting in my comfy blue chair that was opposite my bed.

“Shit, Lex! Can’t you tell I’m trying to sleep, here! Didn’t get in until about one, can I go back to sleep now?” I say and bury my face in my pillow.

“Fine! I guess I’ll just hear about it late-” she says as

my phone starts to go off, blasting the chorus of Payphone by Maroon 5.

“My best friend has a text message from Mr. Louis Tomlinson of One Direction!!!” she squeals, looking up at me from my iPhone that she held in her hands.

“Why do you have my phone?! Give me my phone, Alexis!!” I say as I sit up and snatch my phone from her.

“I just saw it go off and was curious,” she smirks as I take it from her and press the top button on my phone and type my pass code in before I tap on ‘Messages’ and start to read the message Louis had sent me.

Hey, Tori! Sorry if I woke you love. Was just texting you to tell you that we can get together at any time today when you want. Just name the time and I’ll be over. Had a great time with you last night, I’m glad I got to see you, love. xo – your Louis bear :*

I smile at the message he sent. I have to admit, I had a great time as well. I start to reply to his message right away.

You’re fine, Lou. You didn’t wake me. Alexis did, actually. Any time is fine with me, how about noon? xo- Tori

I get a response back a few minutes later.

Sounds good, see you then, love!(: I glance at the time at the top of the screen on my iPhone. It was almost 11:30.

“Shit, I should start getting ready if he’s coming at noon,” I mutter loudly and roll out of bed.

“Language, sweetie,” Alexis says, smiling at me as she walks out of my room and slamming the door shut behind her.

“Sorry,” I respond, my lips curving up in a small smile as I walk over to my closet. Hmmm, what should I wear? Something cute or just something simple, like sweats and a t-shirt? I thought to myself as I began to look through my things in my closet. After a few minutes, I finally decide on a simple white v-neck shirt with some sweat pants from Victoria’s Secret that had ‘PINK’ going down the side in white letters on navy blue fabric. They are too comfortable, I love them.

I pull out the shirt before laying it on my bed and going to get my sweats from my dresser along with a clean pair of panties and my nude colored bra. After grabbing my clothes, I make my way in to the bathroom across the hall from my room. I set my clothes down on the sink; I go over and turn the shower on.

I strip out of my pajamas while I wait for the water to heat up. After I strip out of my clothes and toss them in the dirty clothes hamper, I step in to the shower. The water felt good as it cascaded down on my skin. This was going to wake me up for sure. I finish up in the shower about ten minutes later.

A few minutes later after I finish getting ready, the doorbell rings. My hair was somewhat dry and I didn’t bother putting on makeup since Louis was just coming over. I mean, he has seen quite a lot more of me than just without makeup on since we grew up together and used to be best friends. I grab a hair tie and pull my hair up in a messy bun. I didn’t want to mess with fixing it right now because it would take way too long.

About right as soon as I walk out of the restroom from getting myself ready, I am immediately tackled to the ground by the loud and obnoxious Louis William Tomlinson himself.

“Hey, Tori!” Louis smiles down at me with his dark blue eyes boring in to my own. He lifted most of his weight off me and looks at me with a wide smile on his face.

“Hey, Lou!” I smile up at my best friend.

“What’cha doin’?” he asks, smiling at me.

“Well, I was going to walk in the kitchen to find something to eat until I ran in to you,” I tell him, laughing a bit.

“Harry decided to tag along as well; I think he wanted to see your friend Alexis again,” he says and puts his hand out to help me up.

“Oh, really? I think Alexis said that he’s her favorite,” I say, smiling at Louis as I reach up and grab his hand.

“Yeah. The other three blokes are out with their girlfriends,” he says as we walk in to the front room to find Alexis sitting on the couch talking to Harry.

“Oh, hey Louis, hey Tori,” Harry says, waving at me.

“Hi Harry,” I smile waving back at him as we go and take a seat on the other couch.

“Hey Haz, hi Alexis,” Louis says looking over at Alexis and Harry.

“So, what do you guys want to do?” I ask loudly, looking at Louis and then over at Harry and Alexis.

“How about a game of truth or dare?” Harry suggests.

“Sure! Let’s do this!” Louis, Alexis and I say together in unison.

“Who wants to go first?” Alexis asks, looking at Harry and then over at Louis and I.

“Guess I’ll start off!” Louis said, looking at me. “Um...Tori, truth or dare?” he questions staring at me, his eyes shining as he looks at me. This was going to be one interesting game, I could tell.

“Uh…truth!” I say, looking back at Louis.

“Who is the last lad you’ve been with?” he asks, looking at me.

“His name’s Brad, haven’t seen the chap in a long while,” I say, trailing off.

“Uh, Lex…truth or dare?” I smile at her.

“Hmm, I’m gonna go with…dare!” she smirks at me. Louis leans over and whispers something to me.

“Um, ok…I dare you to kiss Harry…” I smile at her.

“Guess so,” she mutters as she leans toward him and kisses him. He pulls her in immediately as they kiss trying to fight for dominance.

After a few minutes, Louis clears his throat as we sit there while the two suck face.

“Alright, Haz, that’s enough,” Louis says loudly. They pull away and smile at each other before turning to us.

“Louis…truth or dare?” Alexis smiles over at him.

“Um, truth,” he says looking at her. I feel Louis’ hand brush against mine as he puts his hands in his lap. I really missed that feeling of being with someone and holding their hand since it’s been a long time that I’ve been with someone.

“Who is the last lass you’ve kissed?” she asks, smiling at the blue eyed boy who sat beside me on the couch.

“Her name’s Eleanor but it didn’t last. I ended it between us,” he says, shifting his gaze to the floor. Did he do that because of me? I wanted to know. Would it be too much for me to simply ask him what happened?   Next chapter! Hope you like it so far! Any kind of feedback would be awesome. Comment, like, favorite?<3 I think things are looking up for Louis and Victoria - they might regain friendship or maybe something more. You'll just have to read to find out (: Comments? <3
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