Never Gonna Be Alone

Louis and Tori were best friends. They grew up with each other in Doncaster, England. The two did everything together. She was even there for him when he auditioned for The X-Factor back in 2010. They also dated briefly for a short time before he got on to the X-Factor. After he was put in to One Direction, she lost contact with him and his band mates quickly rising to fame after coming in third place in the X-Factor finals in 2010.

What will happen when they run in to each other two years later? Will their feelings rekindle or will the two be sudden strangers? Read to find out (:


1. Prologue: Convincing & Persuading

“No! I’m not going!”






“Why not?”




“Because there’s a chance you’ll see him again?”


I simply nodded my head before burying my face back in to my pillow. I don’t understand why she kept going on and on about it. I didn’t want to go. These past few minutes I’ve been having a long drawn out argument with my best friend about how much I didn’t want to go to the concert with her. She even somehow managed to win backstage passes as well as front row tickets to the show. God only knows how she managed to do that. Who, you ask? That new British boy band called One Direction, that’s who. [i]He[/i] is the reason why I didn’t want to go.


All I wanted to do was lie here and do nothing for the rest of the day, sleep most likely. You’re probably wondering, who [i]he[/i] is. [i]He[/i] is Louis Tomlinson, yes [i]the[/i] Louis Tomlinson of the new British boy band One Direction, who used to be my best friend, is now a worldwide famous pop star.


A few years ago, two actually, I used to be best friends with him. We used to be so close and did everything together since we grew up together in Doncaster. Both of our mums were long-time friend’s way before Louis and I were born. I was with Louis when he first auditioned on the X-Factor back in 2010. We were also a couple for a while before he got on to the X-Factor.


We lost contact after that and I haven’t heard from him since. The problem is, I just don’t know how to talk to him or what to say if I ever see him again. It was all a mystery to me.


 “So, are you going to come with me, or not, Tori?” Alexis asked, jumping on the bed above me. I groaned loudly and lifted my head from the pillow, glaring over at her.


“Fine, I’m only doing this for you though,” I tell her and sit up. I smirk and push her over as I got up, sending her down on my bed. She trips as she started getting up, falling back on to the bed in the process. I laugh loudly in her direction as I begin to search for some clothes to wear.


“Thanks,” she remarks loudly as she gets up, brushing her clothes off.


“No problem, love,” I smirked at her.


“What do you think I should wear?” I exclaimed as I headed toward my closet.


“Something cute, yeah, definitely something cute that will catch someone’s eye,” she told me, smiling at me as she begins to go through my closet, finding me the perfect outfit to wear.


“Okay, lay it on me,” I replied as I watched her go through my closet. About a half hour later, she finally found something for me and chucked it at me.


“There, now get your ass in gear and go change,” she smacked me on the ass as I started to head to the restroom in the hall way.


I slammed the door shut behind me and hurried it up before there would be a knock on the bathroom door, preferably Alexis, annoyed that I’m not quite finished yet. I finished up in the shower about less than ten minutes later. After getting out, I dried myself off before I began to put the outfit on that Alexis had picked out for me to wear.


I smiled at my reflection in the mirror. I actually looked pretty good. I liked what she picked out for me to wear; some red skinny jeans and a nice flowing tank top with a belt that went around the waist. It was quite cute, I really liked it.


As I was just about to finish getting ready, there was a knock on the bathroom door. I jumped at the sound; it caught me off guard to say the least.


“Tori? Are you finished yet?” I heard on the other side of the door.

“Yeah, just about done,” I yelled back just as I finished applying my makeup.


After I finished, I opened the door to see her standing there, waiting for me. She stood there clad in black skinny jeans and a white One Direction shirt.


”Okay, come on, Tori! Let’s get going so we can get a spot in the front of the line. I’m so excited!” my best friend grabbed my hand, dragging me toward the front door of the flat we shared together.


“I need to grab my phone and stuff, hold on!” I said loudly as I darted back to my room to grab my phone along with some cute matching strappy sandals. I reached over and grabbed my phone off the table beside my bed and slip it in my back pocket. I plopped down on the bed and put my sandals on.


After doing so, I grab my purse off the door handle and put it on my shoulder before heading out of my room to meet up with Alexis who was waiting for me in the front room.


“Come on, love. Ready to go?” she beamed at me as I walked in the room.


“As I’ll ever be,” I muttered as she dragged me toward the door. This was going to be a long night. I couldn’t wait for it to be over. I really wasn’t looking forward to this; having to see Louis. I know it sounds crazy but I couldn’t get him out of my mind. I guess I still wasn’t over with what happened when he left two years ago. There was just one thing…did I still have feelings for him that I can’t let go?


Author's Notes:

So, new story! Another Louis one c: any kind of feedback would be awesome! comment, like and favorite please<3 Louis will be in the next chapter! YAY! Comments please?

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