Never Gonna Be Alone

Louis and Tori were best friends. They grew up with each other in Doncaster, England. The two did everything together. She was even there for him when he auditioned for The X-Factor back in 2010. They also dated briefly for a short time before he got on to the X-Factor. After he was put in to One Direction, she lost contact with him and his band mates quickly rising to fame after coming in third place in the X-Factor finals in 2010.

What will happen when they run in to each other two years later? Will their feelings rekindle or will the two be sudden strangers? Read to find out (:


2. One: Backstage/Concert Time!

Soon enough, we made it to the venue. I sighed as we got out of the car. This was going to be one long night. Please go by fast; I don’t want to be here all night. I thought to myself as Alexis grabbed my wrist and dragged me behind her.

“Come on Tori! Let’s go get in line, don’t want to be in the back of the line to get backstage, you know?” she asked, looking at me as we headed to the front of the venue to get in line.

“Guess so,” I muttered as she dragged me over to where a bunch of teenage girls stood. Great, this ought to be fun… I thought to myself and rolled my eyes as we, more like Alexis, pushed through the crowd to get a spot in the front of the line. A few of the girls were glaring at me as we pushed past them. I didn’t do anything except smirk back at them. Who the hell did they think they were? I didn’t do shit to them, whatsoever.

We walked up and found our places at the front of the line to be the first inside the venue. Oh, Alexis and her crazy theories. We better not be waiting here forever. I hoped to God we weren’t going to be waiting out here all night. I pulled out my phone and began to mess with it while we waited along with all the other people that were here. As if on cue, what sounded like a

couple hundred girls possibly more erupted in a loud explosion of screams and ear-piercing squeals from God knows where about only God knows what.

Right as I was about to text one of my friends, I felt Alexis grab tightly on my hand, pulling on it.

“Come on Tori! We can finally head inside! I’m so excited, we get to meet One Direction!!” she squealed looking at me, her eyes wide.

“Ugh, okay!” I sighed as I put my phone away before we headed inside and followed the signs that led us to the backstage area.

“Ladies, I’ll have to see your passes before letting you backstage!” a tall man said standing there, blocking the entrance to get backstage. Alexis and I both pulled out our backstage passes and showed them to the guy.

“You’re free to go, ladies, it’s the first door to your right, you’ll come right to it,” he told us before letting us begin to head back there.

“Thanks,” we both tell him in unison before we head down the hall.

“Where are we going?” Alexis asked, looking at me, her eyebrows raised as she stared at me.

“Backstage, to meet the guys of your dreams, where else do you think we’re going?” I muttered and smiled at her.

“I know that, smart ass, I meant where do we go to meet them?” she asked loudly as we began to wander around, trying to find where we go to meet them, the boys; Zayn, Niall, Liam, Harry and unfortunately, Louis. I feel my breath catch in my throat as I begin to think what will happen the moment I see Louis again. I couldn’t help but begin to twiddle my thumbs as we continued to search for where they were. My mind was racing at the thought.

We soon came across a door that had a piece of paper taped on the door. It read ‘One Direction dressing room’. I sighed as we walked up to the closed door.

“What should we do?” Alexis asked, looking at me as we stood in front of the door. We were just standing there looking like idiots to most people.

“Open the door, what else could we do?” I mumble as I begin to knock on the door. Soon enough, the door opened. Louis stood there.

“Hi there lov-Tori?!” he questioned, looking at me.

“Louis…” I trailed off as I continued to stare at the boy who I used to call my best friend.

“W-what are you doing here?” he asked, looking at me.

“We’re here for the show tonight, she forced me to come with her,” I pointed over at Alexis, my lips curving up in to a small smirk as I stared up at him.

“It’s nice to meet you love,” he smiles at her and pushes the door open a bit wider.

“You too!” she smiled at him as I felt Louis place his hand on my shoulder.

“Come on you two, follow me, don’t want to stand here and talk do we, love?” he asked, looking at both of us.

“Sure,” Alexis and I both nodded our heads and walked behind Louis into his and the boys dressing room. It sure didn’t look like a dressing room to me; it just looked like a place where the boys just chilled out before and after shows.

Four other boys were lounging around the room. One of them, who had super curly hair, was sitting on the couch deeply involved in playing on the Xbox. There was a blond one, Niall; I think who does practically nothing except eat all the time. A dirty blond messy haired boy, I think was Liam is the sensitive one of the group. Then there was a tan, dark-haired mysterious looking boy who had to be Zayn. He was actually quite sexy I had to admit. At last, there’s Louis, also known as my old childhood best friend and the funny one of the group.

“How have you been, Tori? I haven’t heard from you in a while,” Louis smiled at me and opened his arms for me to give him a hug.

“I’m pretty good,” I tell him as I slowly came forward and gave him a hug. As he hugged me, I felt him tighten his arms around me.

“I’ve missed you, Tori,” he whispered to me as he hugged me tightly against him.

“I’ve missed you too, Lou,” I told him softly as our hug was interrupted by one of the boys saying something.

“Louis, who are they?!” Harry questioned loudly as Louis and I pulled away from the hug.

“These, are the lovely two birds who won the backstage passes and tickets to the show tonight,” Louis said, introducing me and Alexis to the four other lads.

“This is Alexis,” he pointed at her and then pointed at me before he continued, “And this is Victoria, but mostly everyone calls her Tori,” he tells Harry and the four other boys.

“Nice to meet you two lovely ladies,” Harry smiled at both of us.

“Nice to meet you, love, I’m Zayn,” he smiled that gorgeous smile of his and shook each of our hands. Liam was next and then Niall was last.

“How do you know her, Lou?” Harry asked, looking at Louis, his eyebrows scrunched up as he pointed at me.

“She’s an old friend,” he replied simply, his lips curving up in to a small grin. “A good old friend of mine, Haz,” he told him.

“Oh, really? We’ve all heard a ton about you, love,” the four boys reply in unison, smiling at me. I felt flattered that Louis had told them about me.

“You have?” I asked, staring at the four of them. They all nodded in response. There was just one thing I still wanted to know…why he stopped talking to me after he and the boys got put together in One Direction on X Factor.

Before we knew it, the boys were directed to go on stage. That meant we had to go find our seats in the arena. I guessed it will all have to wait until later.

“Tori,” Louis walked over to me and put his hands on my shoulders as he stared at me, his deep blue eyes boring in to mine. I couldn’t help but feel my cheeks burn as he looked at me.

“Y-yeah, Lou?” I questioned, staring back at him.

“Meet up with me after the show? I’ll meet you here, I’d really like to catch up with you, love,” he told me quickly before he had to follow behind the other boys to head toward the stage.

“Sure,” I told him as he began to go off toward the stage.

“What section are you in?” he asked again as he continued to get closer to the door following behind the other guys.

“Front row, section 5A,” I glanced at the ticket I had in my hands.

“See you after the show,” he smiled before he is finally out the door. Security escorts us through the back to our seats. We make it to our seats about five minutes later.

Before we knew it, the lights in the arena dimmed and the lights on the stage were lighting it up. Soon enough, the opening music of their song, One Thing starts to play. The boys run out on stage, sending the whole arena in to a loud uproar of screams, shrieks and even crying most likely. Most of these fans of theirs were crazy and insane.

This was going to be one long night, I could tell. There was just one thing I was looking forward to; getting to talk to Louis about everything that’s happened in the past few years since we’ve last seen each other.  

Author's Notes:

So, next chapter! c: any kind of feedback would be awesome! comment, like and favorite please<3 YAY! Louis is finally in the story!! Comments please?

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