Never Gonna Be Alone

Louis and Tori were best friends. They grew up with each other in Doncaster, England. The two did everything together. She was even there for him when he auditioned for The X-Factor back in 2010. They also dated briefly for a short time before he got on to the X-Factor. After he was put in to One Direction, she lost contact with him and his band mates quickly rising to fame after coming in third place in the X-Factor finals in 2010.

What will happen when they run in to each other two years later? Will their feelings rekindle or will the two be sudden strangers? Read to find out (:


6. Five: Thoughts & Phone Calls

“So, how did it go, mate?” Liam asks looking at me as I take a seat on the couch next to Harry who was busy on his phone, most likely texting Alexis, Tori’s friend. The two have been texting ever since we left their flat over an hour and a half ago. He must really like her.

“Huh-what, Liam?” I ask glancing up to meet his eyes that stared back at my blue ones.

“I asked how it went, Lou, with Tori,” he says with a sigh as he runs a hand over the top of his head like he does when he gets frustrated.

“Oh, it went good, mate! Really good,” I say with a smile as I begin to think of how it went, quite well actually.

“That’s great, Lou, I’m glad it went well,” Liam says as he rests his hand on my shoulder and squeezes it a bit. I chuckle a bit and nod my head.

I am sure glad we are going to start over again and hopefully get back to what we had before I screwed everything up. Even though it happened over two years ago, when I promised to keep in touch with her every day, back when we were still together; I was kind of mad at myself since I didn’t keep my promise.

Now, I had made the promise, to her, but to myself as well, that I’ll keep my promise of talking to her, the girl I’ve always been in love with, my old best friend, Victoria – Tori. She doesn’t like her whole name since it seems like a major mouthful. All I wanted was to make things right between us and to have her as my own again. I begin to tell them a bit of what went on when I went to hang out with her and brought Harry along with me.

They begin to ask me a shit ton of questions once I said I wanted to win her back again. I was glad that she had agreed for the both of us to start over and try to get things back to the way they were. It gave me hope that we can possibly get back what we had before I screwed it all up. When I was still with Eleanor, I made that mistake of calling her ‘Tori’ on more than one occasion. I’m surprised she bought it when I told her it only slipped.

A few of the lads begin to rattle off a bunch of things pertaining to the fact that I want Tori back in my life. Liam and Niall begin to name off places I could take her to possibly try to win her back. The two give me pretty common ideas on where to take her, like the park, bowling, dinner and a movie, simple yet too common places to go on dates. I didn’t want to do something like that, I wanted to do it my way to try and get her back in my life, to be different, I want it to be memorable.

That’s when it hits me; in a few weeks, I was planning on going home to Doncaster in a few days for a while. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve been back home and I missed my mum and sisters and my new brother and sister who I haven’t seen in a few months since I was last there when mum went into labor with them. That is the perfect place for me to try and get her back, Tori as my own, once again. Another plus side is that we both grew up there together, and my mum has always loved her. I just hope she’ll agree to go along with me.

I run a hand through my hair and yawn slightly, which actually sounded more real than not. I was surprised none of the other lads said anything by my actions.

“Well, I think I’m going to go to bed, tired from today,” I say and feel four pairs of eyes on mine as I rise up from my seat on the couch.

“Mate, you know it isn’t even dark out yet, yeah?” I hear Liam say with a slight laugh. “It’s only a quarter to seven,” he looks at me.

“And your point is? I’m knackered, mate, if I want to go to bed, I will,” I reply before I turn to make my way toward the stairs that led up to my room.

“Alright, Lou,” I hear Liam speak up again.

“Sure ya don’t wanna play a round o’ COD on the Xbox, Lou? You’ll be missin’ out,” Niall asks when I make my way to the doorway that led toward the stairs in the front. I turn slightly so I could look back at him along with the other lads. Each of these lads knew that I can never turn down playing a game on the Xbox.

A sigh escapes my lips as I turn to face the lads, “Guess so, one round then I’m headin’ up,” I say as I begin to make my way back into the living room where the guys were. I take a spot beside Niall and reach for one of the controllers no one was using. Niall and I soon get into our game. It goes on for a half hour or so, our game, before I finally decide to go up for the night. I tell the lads goodnight before I head up the stairs to my room.

Just as I make my way to the top of the stairs, I hear my phone begin to go off. My brows furrow as I pull my phone out. Who was calling me at this hour? Tori? I think as I press the home button on my iPhone 5. I was quite surprised to see my mum’s name across the screen.

“’Ello?” I say into the receiver as I answer the call and hold it up to my ear. “Mum, you there?”

“I’m here, love. Just checking in, Louie. It’s been a while. How are you, Lou?” I hear mum’s voice on the other line.

“Been alright, mum. How ‘bout you?” I ask as I walk down the hall toward my room.

“Been okay, Louie. Miss you lots, we all do. Are you still planning on coming home a few weeks? Hope to see you then, love!” she asks in a happy yet tired tone. I can only imagine how tired she is, in a way I understand, since the lads and I are on tour most of the time and nonstop on the go, so that leaves us exhausted most the time. It’s nice that we get the time off that we get, because it’s good every once and a while that we can actually relax and have time for ourselves and not be in the spotlight 24/7.

“Yeah, mum, I am! You’ll never guess who I ran into at the show last night!” I mutter as I walk in my room and shut the door once I walk in. I slowly make my way over to my bed and lie down, letting a relaxing sigh escape my mouth.

“Who, love?”

“Tori, ya ‘member her? Victoria? She was at the show last night; she and her friend got backstage passes. We sat and talked a bit. ‘Twas nice and I went and hung out with her a bit earlier today,” I tell her.

“Tori – Victoria? Susan’s Victoria? The one who used to live down the street from us when you were little? Speaking of her, they still live down the street from us. I remember you lot were joint at the hip, Louie, when you two were little, always getting into mischief. Such a sweet girl. How is she?” my mum asks as I lie back on my bed.

“She’s good, living in the same flat building as I do,” I say as I lean back on the pillow.

“That’s grand, happy for you, babe. You know, Lou, ya should ask ‘er if she’d like to come along with you when you come here in a few weeks? I’d love to see her, and I’m sure she’ll want to see her family as well,” she says.

“Yeah,” a yawn escapes my lips, “I’ll run it by her next chance I get,” I tell her as my eyes slip shut. Man, I was tired.

I sit and chat with mum for a few more minutes before I tell her I was going to head off to bed. She tells me goodnight and I tell her to give each one of the girls plus Doris and Ernest my love and that I’ll see them soon before I end the call. I decide that I’m just going to wait until tomorrow to let Tori know about me going to Doncaster in a few weeks from now. I’ll save that thought for tomorrow. I am soon taken off into darkness by the time I turn my light out and shut my eyes falling into a deep sleep. Images of Tori played in my mind, of me and her, as I fell asleep and all our happy times together and what I hope for us in the future.

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