Let Me Love You

A One Direction Fan-Fiction! Makayla has had a troubling past, and now she's stuck with boy drama and trying to keep her Bakery up! After a VIC (Very Important Customer) orders a huge order, her life just keeps getting better. Does she have what it takes to live the dream?


3. Very Important Customer

    I absolutely could not believe what I was hearing. Niall! Loves me? He was still talking, "I'm sorry if I upset you, especially right after this accident, but..." The nurse came back in then.
    "Sir, I have to ask you to leave, visiting hours are over." I was surprised to find it was already 9 pm.
    Niall packed up his guitar kissed me on the cheek and left with a simple, "Get well soon."
    The next morning I awoke to Liam talking to the doctor, "She is very lucky, Friday we will discharge her, but she will have to be on bed rest for a full 30 days." The doctor left and I could tell Liam had been crying again. Although, when his eyes caught mine he faked a smile.
    "Hello darling! How are you feeling?" He asked with a sniffle.
    "Better now that you're here.... So bed rest the rest of the month, huh?"
    "Yep, unless you heal faster. Poor Harry is gonna be all alone." As if he'd been summoned Harry Styles walked in just then with one of his brilliant cheeky smiles on. I could tell he had news.
    "We'll, I guess I'm in charge now until you feel better?" He meant the bakery.
    I smiled back, "I guess so!" I gave him a hug and continued. "Looks like you're about to burst! Hopefully you aren't this happy because of the acc-"
    "Guess who visited H&M Pastries this Morning!!!!" He cut back in without giving me time to think. "ROBBIE. WILLIAMS!!!!!!!!" I lay there open mouthed before he went on. "His sister is getting married and he gave us an order worth 90,000 pounds!! Enough to pay off the bakery and then some!" He handed me the receipt. 5, 10-Layered wedding cakes; 2,100 sticky buns; 3,600 cupcakes; and 50 dozen donuts!!! I noticed the dead line.
    "Harry we only have a month! Ill be in bed the whole time! How are we gonna make all this with only you?" His smile turned into a frown. 
    "I don't know exactly. But we have to try! Well close the business until we're done! Do you know how many customers we'll get afterwards!?"
    "Yes Harry.... Ill have to get a wheel chair and your cripple helper." I chuckled, but Liam jumped at that.
    "No way Makayla! It'll slow the healing process!" He was so sweet.
    I looked at Liam as if I was a other reassuring my child. "I'll be fine hunny. If it really bothers you, I might be able to get some employees..." This made Harry upset.
    "Makayla, we've never had employees! Just you and me! Hence the name H&M Pastries! I know we can do this. Ill work 24-hour shifts if I have to!" He whined.
    I didn't let him speak anymore. I really didnt want employees, but how else we're we gonna make this order in time? Liam looked at me with sad eyes, but suddenly looked excited.
    "You don't need employees! You just need friends, and family! Me and the lads can help! Me, You, Harry, Niall, and Louis!" He exclaimed.
    "What about Zayn?" Louis appeared with the boy he mentioned. Zayn Malik. Just the name made me hiss. How could Louis bring him? He knows what happened! But Louis must have a good reason.... He's not that bad of a brother.
    "Um, hi Zayn. Louis I believe we have enough people." I wore the most obvious fake smile ever.
    "Well what about Eleanor?" And that's where he got me. Eleanor, Louis' wife. Expecting wife of 3 months actually. She always loved helping in the kitchen. She meant the world to me. Always been there for me, since everything started... 
   I sighed defeated. "Of course El can help Louis, you know I ca-"
    "The Zayn can help too." He wasn't giving up. I glare at Zayn then Louis' smart ass smile.
    "Harry, is this alright with you darling?" I asked, avoiding eye contact.
    "Yeahs I guess friends and family are okay!" I could sense his smile.
    "Welcome to H&M Pastries everyone..." What the hell was I thinking?


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