Let Me Love You

A One Direction Fan-Fiction! Makayla has had a troubling past, and now she's stuck with boy drama and trying to keep her Bakery up! After a VIC (Very Important Customer) orders a huge order, her life just keeps getting better. Does she have what it takes to live the dream?


12. The Wedding

~Louis' POV~
    We arrived in London around noon. Me and Niall were the only ones still awake. I looked over to Eleanor and Makayla, how could I be so lucky to be married to someone so gorgeous? As well as having a sister so smart and beautiful! I had already lived my dream, and now a Makayla was living hers. I couldn't be anymore proud. I knelt between the two girls, slightly shaking there shoulders. "Time to wake up loves, we're in England! Gotta get the cakes in the second van and head of to the hotel." El woke up looking like she was in pain. Her fatigue was so bad, it made my heart ache. Makayla sat up alarmed, always scared of being late. 
"Sshh, calm down Makayla. We have plenty of time." She had a horrible stare in her eyes.
    "I had the dream again Louis. They were there waiting for me. And I just stood there staring." She was horrified. Ever since the accident shed been having this reoccurring dream. It'd been haunting her for 6 years. All I could do was hug her and tell her everything was alright. She took a deep breath, just like mother had always taught her to do. "C'mon everyone grab a cake cart and lets get rolling." Did I mention how strong this girl was? Always putting others first. 
     "Come on El, we'll be in the car soon. Then in a just a few minutes we'll be at the hotel where you can rest." As I put my hand on her stomach to help steady her, the baby inside gave a firm kick. "Well aren't we feisty? We're either definitely getting a boy, or a kick-ass daughter." Fortunately Eleanor smiled. I loved seeing her smile, she looked so young and innocent. I kissed her forehead then helped her off the train before getting cake cart. 

~Harry's POV~ 

    After waking up I overheard Makayla's and Louis' conversation. I gave her a sympathetic look, knowing what had happened. Niall, Liam and me grabbed a cake cart and off we headed off the train. Louis came back after helping El off the train but I stopped him. "We have five cakes and seven people, you go help Eleanor to the car. Robbie will be waiting for us, he'll lead you to where the car is." He nodded in thanks and went to help her. 
    The train station was packed, it took forever just to get out of the train loading area! Then we got past the gates to find a path blocked off with a sign. 'H&M Pastries Only!' Well that's weird... I looked back to everyone and nodded for them to follow. Down the path we went, right to 3 elevators. "Okay Niall, Liam go in the first one. Makayla and Zayn go in the second one. El and Louis you're in the last one with me." As the doors closed we were lifted upward towards the surface. Where Robbie waited, between a van and a limo marked 'H&M Pastries' on the side. 
    We were being treated like celebrities. People staring and flashing photos of the cakes. Two guys came towards us, one said he would help load the cakes on the van. The second led Louis and Eleanor into the limo. Within an hour all the cakes were loaded and secured safely in the van, and we were all on our way to the hotel. There we would drop off everyone while me and Makayla stayed behind to go to the venue of the wedding. It was now about 1:30 we had three hours to get there and set up all of the tables and food. This however was the least of my worries. There was one person taking up almost all of my attention, and within the next hour I'd get to see her. Zayn was talking to me. 
    "Harry! Do you want a glass of  champagne or not?" Everyone was staring, I must've been deep in thought.
    "Yeah of course! Just one though guys, remember me and Makayla do have to still set up things!" Robbie joined in now.
    "Oh! That reminds me! What were you all planning to do while you were here?" He had a cheeky smile on.
    "We'll I believe we were all just gonna relax today and maybe go shopping around town." Liam answered.
    "Wrong! How could you dedicate so much of your time, and not come to the wedding?" He asked questioningly. Liam again answered.
    "Well we'd love to, but I don't think we'd want to be party crashers without an invite." Everyone nodding in agreement. I knew what was coming though. It'd been a secret from everyone for a while. I held back a satisfied laugh.
    "Ah, now that would be a problem. But you wouldn't be crashing if you were honored guests now would you?" Everyone including Makayla stared in awe at him. "My sister would simply not have the ones who made the cakes and desserts of her wedding unrecognized. And I do believe her friend Michaela had said she knew all of you quite well. Is this true?" Nobody spoke, including me. Michaela mentioned us? Mentioned me? She did remember. I smiled and about shouted.
    "Yes! Yes, yes yes! We know Michaela extremely well! She's an old friend from a few years ago!" Everyone burst into laughter except me and Robbie. 
    "Harry and her had this thing going on. We are so excited for the invites! Can't thank you enough!" Makayla laughed. 
    "Don't thank me, I'm just delivering a message. Thank you for helping make my sister happy!" He went around shaking everyone's hand just as we arrived at the hotel. Once everyone was inside the limo again went in motion. 

~Makayla's POV~

    Within 30 minutes we arrived at our destination. I got out to see Michaela Mindler and the Bride standing in front of Cafe De Paris. I couldn't keep my eyes in one place. How in the world did they afford this?!? The prince has partied here!!! Robbie's sister ran up to him squeezing thank you's and I love you's. "you're very welcome Sally, only the best for you." So Sally was her name. She was a very pretty lady. She turned to me then and grabbed me and Harry around the waist hugging us tighter than ever. 
    "I can't thank you enough for all of this! I just know it'll all be perfect!" She pulled away with tears in her eyes. 
    "It's our pleasure. Thank you for inviting our friends to your wedding. They are very excited." Harry replied. Although he had his eyes on Michaela. She was walking towards us now grabbing Sally's hand'
    "Come on Hun, let them get things set up. We gotta go back to get your make up and hair finished. No tears yet." With that she took Sally and led her up the steps. Without a single word to us, without so much as a look. Had she forgotten us? No, she's the one who suggested our service. Who had told Robbie she was fond of us. She was the wedding planner so she was probably just making sure everything was going as planned.
     I turned around to see Harry already unlatching the van, as the second one with the cakes pulled up behind him. Three other men came out of the building to help with all of the carts. They all took the cakes and rolled them through the doors on the side of the building. Me and Harry slowly rolled each cart of the cupcakes, donuts, and sticky buns down.  Once we got all of them off the van we quickly headed for the back door. The men were putting the last cake in the fridge and were heading back for the other carts. Within 20 minutes everything was in the fridge. We thanked the men as they left and headed out to the room where the food would be served.
    There were signs designating where the cakes and dessert would go. Two tables for the cakes, and 6 tables for the pastries. There were table cloths on top of the tables. They were light purple, but not quite a lavender. I went to unfold them with Harry who already had one table covered. He was ahead today, almost mad he was working so fast. As I laid the third table cloth down there was a voice. That made Harry stop and turn around in the blink of an eye.
    "Harry you have no idea how much I've missed you!" Michaela was running towards him. He couldn't move he just stood there smiling. She jumped into him being caught in a spinning hug. Laughing and smiling together it was like they never left each others company. He lightly set her down before he could speak she moved her head up and kissed him. Yep, like they never left each other. I laughed bringing her attention to me. "Oh my god Makayla! I've missed you too! I heard about the break up between you and Liam! I'm so sorry! Omg I've missed you all!" She couldn't speak fast enough. I looked to Harry who was still smiling. Me and Michaela started tearing up from everything, she was like my sister. Everything we'd been through played in my head. 
    "I've missed you too Mic, I can't believe you're best friends with Sally Williams!" She couldn't reply as Harry pulled her back to him.

~Harry's POV~ 

    She kissed me, after 3 years she still loved me! I was so excited I didn't let her finish the conversation her and Makayla were having. "Hey now, don't leave again, you're mine!" I embraced her again never wanting to let go. She had grown taller and still had her curves. Most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She pulled back and I cupped her chin, pulling her closer. Softly and sweetly we kissed again. Oh how I missed her kiss. Just as I was about to pull back she continued the kiss. Our lips moving as one, her tongue brushing my bottom lip easily being granted access. She always liked to be in control of things, our tongues fought for dominance but I won. I heard a giggle and pulled away. 
    "We have work to do you two. There will be time for that after the wedding party." Makayla laughed. 
    "Yeah I have to get back to Sally, you guys are the last part of the set-up that needs to be done so in an hour you need to be ready. See you soon!" She gave me one last hug and laughed walking away as I winked at her. I hummed as I worked, more slow and steady now. 

~Mic's POV~

    When I got to Sally, her and the brides maids were in line receiving their bouquets. They all looked beautiful. As the last girl got hers the piano started playing. I walked over to Sally. "You're gonna do great. Hold in the tears, no smudging make up. You look beautiful your brother did amazing." On cue Robbie walked up to walk his sister down the isle. Their father died a few years back. 
    Out one by one each girl went, meeting their groomsmen to walk down the isle. Sally going last. I snuck around the side of the wall and sat in the front row. The set up was so pretty. Bright flowers everywhere the main color scheme being purple and green. The bridesmaid dresses were full length, halter tops, alternating leaf green and light purple. Light beading around the neck line and small designs at the bottom of the dress. Down the isle Sally went. Cameras flashing, people already tearing up, and sighs and gasps in awe everywhere. When her fiancé turned around his eyes were full of love and wonder. Her dress was absolutely stunning!
    It was a very classic style that even had sleeves, but they hung low on her shoulders. Sweet heart neckline covered in jewels and beads all the way down the to the waist where it lightly curved out to a nice plain white. At the bottom the designed argyle beading went up to the knee. The train was only about 4 feet and it was plain. She looked so beautiful her veil was like a tiara with the material no longer than her chin. I was surprised at how simple she kept it, but she really stood out with her intricate set up. Sally looked gorgeous to say the least.
    She got to her fiancé, and the preacher began. The ceremony went by quickly. Faster than I expected, and already the last of the bridesmaids and groomsmen were back up the isle. I got up quickly and headed towards the party room to make sure everything was set up. 
    "Harry! Makayla! Is everything done?" I yelled before seeing the sight in front of me. A gasp escaped my lips seeing the bright colors and intricate patterns on the cakes. The thousands of pastries organized so simply it was beautiful. Those two really knew what they were doing. "It's wonderful guys, thank you so much. They'll be heading in soon. Get ready for a party!"

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