Let Me Love You

A One Direction Fan-Fiction! Makayla has had a troubling past, and now she's stuck with boy drama and trying to keep her Bakery up! After a VIC (Very Important Customer) orders a huge order, her life just keeps getting better. Does she have what it takes to live the dream?


16. The Love-able Fool

~Mic's POV~

    I wanted to cry. Makayla had taken Harry from me again. Her and the boys had to go back home because Niall was a dumb ass and cheated on Gillian with some slut at the wedding. I know I sound selfish but couldn't they have solved things when they got home!? I half believed they could've but then I realized what I was saying. Niall loves Gillian, and Gillian lives him. I love Harry, and he loves me. If this had happened he would've done the same thing. I would have to Skype him when he's home. 
    "Mic? Just wanted to ask about your vacation? You haven't set one up this year." It was my secretary Julia. I hadn't set up a vacation like normal because last year I ended up going so many a amazing places for the weddings, they were vacations all in themselves! I had an idea though. 
    "Oh, um sorry Julia! I guess I forgot to mark it. But um I'm going to take this week off. Going to visit a group of old friends in Kidlington! I'm actually leaving tonight. So I gotta go pack, I'm such a procrastinator." Lie." Love you Julia can't wait to get back home." Half lie. I do love Julia, she's like my sister. I can however wait to come back home. I want to spend every moment with Harry and the boys. Makayla and me haven't really talked much since her and Gillian moved away with the boys, leaving me completely alone. But still, it would be nice to get back together with them all. I ordered the ticket for the train that left in about 2 hours. Then I left locking the doors behind me, rushing to my car and speeding home. I texted Harry when I was in my drive way.
    To: Curly<3
Hey babes. I miss you too much so I'm using my vacation to spend the next week with you! Leaving in 2 hours!
    From: Curly<3
Love, you don't have to do that!
    To: Curly<3
I thought you'd be excited to spend time with me.
    From: Curly<3
I am! Sorry I suck at being social. I really love that you're coming! See you soon baby doll! Love you ;)
    To: Curly<3
Okay, love you too ^_^

I hopped out and ran inside. "Hi Max! Come help mommy pack! You are gonna go to daycare for a while!" My dog was not dumb and he hid when I said daycare. He hated me leaving him while I went on vacation. Normally I had someone to watch him but not this time. I went through my closet grabbed 10 shirts, a few jeans and some sweat pants, my boots and sneakers, a dress, and my under clothes. After that I grabbed my bathroom supplies and make-up I packed my laptop and iPod. Then I zipped up my bags and ran downstairs. "Come on baby! Lets go for a ride!" Max came reluctantly into his carrier. I grabbed my suitcase and bags ran to put them in the truck and came back inside. I cleaned the kitchen up a little and made sure all the lights were off in every room. Then I put on my coat and picked up Max's carrier locking the door behind me. "I'm coming Harry, they won't take you away from me again." 


I woke up to the trains breaks. "Kidlington Train stop!" Came over the intercom. I got up slowly, grabbed my suitcase and my two duffle bags, then walked off the train. 
    "I don't care Niall! You cheated on me! How could you!" I knew it was Gillian. Having her yell at someone who was like my brother, I couldn't stand it. I saw Harry staring at me, telling me to calm down. I ignored it and marched straight towards her.
    "Listen here bitch! I don't care what Niall did! He's like my brother! And your stupid ass caused them all to come back here, and take the only kind of family I have away from me, AGAIN! Maybe if you weren't so annoying and actually loved him he wouldn't have cheated on you! Maybe he's not happy with you! So you yelling at him-" Makayla slapped me. How could she! I was going to go after her when I saw Niall crying into Gillian.
    "None of that is true Gillian. Don't believe a word she says. Please. You are perfect I know you love me, I couldn't ask for anything more! You are my world. I can't live without you Gillian." She at first looked confused, but then she gave in. Tears of her own running down her cheeks, she hugged Niall.
    "It's okay Niall. I believe you. I can't let go of you, I need you you too. I love you Niall." I cannot believe what the hell was happening. He was seriously going to take her back?!? I felt a hand on my shoulder. Harry! He was angry I could tell in his eyes, but he smiled.
    "Micki." He whispered as he hugged me. "Why would you go off on her like that? That's not the sweet heart I know." I didn't know what to do, I just silently let the tears roll down my cheeks.
    "I was protecting my brother! I wasn't going to let Niall crumble! I didn't mean to be a bitch about it." He smoothed my hair.
    "I understand, it's okay. Shush." He looked to Niall I'm assuming then. "You two go ahead back to your place. So you can talk by yourself, you haven't left this spot since lunch Gil." I heard Niall agree and two set of feet walking away. I turned around to see Louis holding Eleanor and Zayn holding Makayla. Liam was next to Harry looking at me concerned. "Can the rest of them get hellos? The past 5 minutes didn't happen." Harry wiped away my tears and nudged me towards Liam. 
    "Hey there! Long time no see!" Liam chuckled. He hugged me so tight I couldn't breath!
    "Yeah I was starting to forget about you!" I joked, turning back to my normal self. Then I turned to Makayla. I really hadn't had time to talk to her, and I collapsed into her arms. "Girl I missed you. You left me all alone in Pennsylvania and stole my boy and my brothers!" She hugged me just as tight as I hugged her.
    "I'm so sorry Micki, I missed you too. So much. I love you girly! I felt horrible about leaving you today, it's just Gillian is like my sister too. And I honestly thought you were still upset with me." I pulled away and sniffles back any more tears. I normally didnt cry, but Makayla has been there for me through a lot, and she made me all girly with my emotions. I looked to Zayn gave him a hug then hugged Louis and Eleanor, receiving a kick from her baby. 
    "So when's this little one due?" I asked her
    "Well to the date it is October 2nd and we don't find out if its a girl or boy until the 22nd. But it's due February 10." She said, sounding exhausted. I kissed her very large tummy and giggled as Harry pulled me back into a hug. 
    "So how about we all go to Longhorn for some cheese fries!" He suggested. Makayla jumped around yelling.
    "YES! Woo!! LONGHORN STEAK HOUSE!!" I couldn't help but dance and jump around like an idiot with her. For once in a while I didn't have to be formal and professional. And I liked it. I loved it.

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