Let Me Love You

A One Direction Fan-Fiction! Makayla has had a troubling past, and now she's stuck with boy drama and trying to keep her Bakery up! After a VIC (Very Important Customer) orders a huge order, her life just keeps getting better. Does she have what it takes to live the dream?


19. The Baby Shower

~Makayla's POV~

    Me, Gillian, and Mic were all in Gillian's red Corolla headed to the one person I knew could help. She pulled up to the curb and we all stepped out. 
    "This is a cozy little store, how long has it been here?" Mic asked me.
    "For as long as I can remember. It was here the very first time I ever came with my grandma." We all walked up to the steps, a little bell ringing as we opened the door. I heard some rustling of flowers, the clanking of vases, and then all movement stopped.
    "Karen?" The woman asked me. The tears came, I shook my head.
    "It's me Macy, Kayla." The older woman slowly came towards me, then embraced me in a hug. "I've missed you May-may." I called her that as a little kid, and it just stuck. 
    "I've miss you too darling. How have things been? I heard about the bakery for the huge wedding. And I've been to a few of your little performances as well, you always were a beautiful singer." She had seen me sing? How'd I not seen her, when did she come? I wasn't surprised she heard about Sally's wedding, it was on the news, in the paper, magazines. Kidlington Post had H&M Pastries on the front cover for weeks. "So what brings you here Kayla?"
    I had completely forgotten. "Um my sister-in-law Eleanor is Pregnant. Due in February. We are planning her baby shower for the end of November, the 22. We need flowers, and I knew you could help with the planning." Macy had 3 kids, 2 daughters and a son. All married all had kids of their own, Macy was a master of planning parties.
    "Oh my of course! That's delightful! Boy or girl?" 
    "Girl. Named April Elizabeth Tomlinson." I answered with pride. 
    "Okay, that's a beautiful name. We need balloons, pink and white. Um how many people?" I counted in my head. Niall, Gillian, Liam, Danielle, Mic, Harry, Me, Zayn, Louis, Eleanour. That's 10. Plus Eleanor's Parents, Louis' adoptive Parents, that makes 14. 
    "Fourteen, just a small party." I answered.
    "Delightful! So we'll have 2 cakes. A plain one, and then one in the shape of a Lilly." I would make the cake look like a frozen Lilly since the baby is due in February.
    "And a diaper cake of course. Funny since Lilly is the name of Eleanor's oldest. Sounds good. What about snacks?" 
    "Pretzels, those mint things you made for me once. Chips. A vegetable and fruit tray. Cookies. Then cupcakes!" Sounded simple enough. "You'll need streamers matching the balloons. Um games. One is where you put a bunch of items on a tray, then ask what the mother was wearing. Another is take diapers, and put different mushed up food or things like chocolate syrup in them and let the people guess what it is. Another is have clothes pins and everyone starts with three, everytime they say 'Due Date' 'Baby' 'February' or 'April' then they lose one, the person who catches them saying it gains there clip. Have little door prizes for those who win." I looked to Gillian who was writing everything down. 
    "Okay and then flowers. You can Handel them right?" I asked.
    "Oh yes, where will you be holding the shower?" I stared, I did even think of the venue. Oh my go-
    "Me and my fiancé bought a little cabin by the lake, we're gonna have it there since its all cozy." This was coming from mic. I threw her a look telling her we'd talk later.
    "Oh wonderful! A little bungalow will make the mother so happy." Macy exclaimed. 
     "Macy, would adding another person change anything?" Gillian asked.
     "Why, no as long as the guest list stays below 20 you're okay." I knew where she was going, and so did Mic.
    "Well that's great, we're inviting someone else as well." Mic said.
    "May-may? Would you come to the baby shower?" I asked quite childlike. She look at me, then Gillian, then mic, and back to me. 
    "Well of course! It'd be my pleasure!" Again I embarrassed the woman from my childhood. I really had missed her. 

Saturday November 22

~Mic's POV~

    Everyone but Louis, Eleanor and her parents were at the cabin me and Harry bought. Eleanor didnt even know we had planned the baby shower. She actually thought that we'd forgotten to plan her one. She thinks we're having a small dinner since me, Makayla, and Gillian still like to celebrate Thanksgiving. I heard a car pull up and went out to greet Eleanor, Louis, and Mr. And Mrs. Calder. "El! Lou! Mr. And Mrs. Calder! Thanks for coming." I threw a wink at Louis and helped him guide the very pregnant Eleanor inside. 
    "Of course. Can't wait to see the place Harry bought." I almost corrected her, but then remembered something. Nobody but Makayla, Niall, and Gillian knew I was engaged. We were gonna tell everyone at the party we were throwing for Louis' birthday and Christmas. It was killing me not to tell anyone. Not even Sally knew, and I used to tell her everything. We were inside and everyone had given El a hug then she shouted. "Move out of the way, pregnant lady comin through, full bladder. Harry! Whe-" 
    "First door to the left down that hall." Harry cut in. 
    "Thanks love!" And with that everyone rushed to pull out the decorations and the food. The food was out in only a few moments. The streamers were up in five minutes. Damn how long did it take for a pregnant woman to pee? The balloon bouquets were pulled out put on the porch, by the table, next to the couches, and hanging out of the windows. Then the door opened. Gifts! Where were the gifts? I turned to see Niall bring them out of the closet. Thank god for that boy. We all turned to Eleanor.
    "SURPRISE EL!!!" She looked confused, then saw the diaper cake and the 'Its a Girl' banner. I expected tears, but she just squealed and giggled like a little kid. 

~Makayla's POV~

    "I KNEW IT! I so called it! Thank you everyone!" She was still giggling. She came over and gave me a hug. 
    "You should be thanking my friend Macy, she helped us plan everything. And then Micki and Gillian helped to get all the decor." I spoke in a horrible french accent for the last sentence. El looked over at Macy and started another giggle fit. 
   "Thank you for this, it means a lot to me. It's beautiful." We all sat down and chatted for a bit, munching at the veggies and fruit. Then one by one we all got up and ate some cake and cookies. 
    We started the clothes pin game and Eleanor was helpless. Every time she got one she'd immediately lose it. As of now, Louis was winning. Well then again, Niall was tied. They both just kept eating so they didnt talk on purpose. 
    We all went out and opened gifts. A bunch of onesies and burp clothes from Gillian. She got lots of wipes and diapers from her parents, including an electric blanket. Niall got her a few bibs, one saying "Uncle Niall spoils me" another saying "Can I have food now?" I got the baby a bunch of little toys and then a boppy for Eleanor to help with the feeding. After everything was opened Louis disappeared with Harry. They came out with a huge box. El opened it and screamed. It was a crib, a little pink and purple crib with Eeyore and Piglet bed set. She loved Winnie the Pooh and hadn't had a crib even picked out yet for April. 
    "For the mommy of my third child." Louis said proudly. "Also known as, the beautiful woman I married 7 years ago." He said giving her a kiss on the cheek. Everyone was saying 'awwwl' then Harry cut in.
    "Oh get a room. She's already prego so have fun." I turned and so did Mic and Gillian. Me and Mic punched his arms while Gillian bonked his head. "Kay game time!!!" We played a few other games and ate the rest of the cupcakes. Afterwards we all went to Longstreet for dinner. Me and Zayn didn't get home until almost 11:30! Oh yeah, have I mentioned? I moved in with Zayn just last week, after 3 months of dating. I seriously was beginning to think I loved this man. Or a better question, had I ever stopped loving him?



sorry its short!!

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