Let Me Love You

A One Direction Fan-Fiction! Makayla has had a troubling past, and now she's stuck with boy drama and trying to keep her Bakery up! After a VIC (Very Important Customer) orders a huge order, her life just keeps getting better. Does she have what it takes to live the dream?


9. Surprises!

~Niall's POV~
Alarm clock screaming, I jolted out of bed. It was my birthday and I couldn't wait for this evening! Every year since I was 18 the guys have taken me out clubbing for my birthday. I did however still have to help out at the bakery. The fact the Makayla would, obviously, be there made things better. Only Zayn and Harry knew of my crush... that is, unless Makayla told someone. We all knew of Makayla & Liam's break-up... eavesdropping is a powerful thing. I would somehow bring up the topic, lightly, and let her know im here for her as a friend. 
I created the scene in my head as I got dressed. I went to the mirror to adjust my look. How could Makayla resist me? Oh yeah, cus she was a beautiful angel and Im... Niall... Pop-tarts were my breakfast as I jogged to my car, anxious. I turned on the radio, and instantly my mood changed. I couldnt believe they still put the songs on!

~ Louis' POV~ 
I had just finished getting Lily's shoes on when her ,younger 3 year old, brother Jack cried for more pancakes. Eleanor sighed but I quickly stood up. "Love, I got it. You just go ahead in the car with Lilly and Andy."
"Just because im pregnant doesnt mean Im helpless! And Im telling you, Andy will be my Angelica!"
"Either way, I'll clean Jack up. Go on out." I kissed her belly before she walked out the door. "No more buddy, time to go see Aunt Kayla!" He cheered and I put my phone to my ear, cleaning Jack's face and hands. But stopped dead in my tracks hearing the song.

~Liam's POV~ 
You ever thought of a song, and then have it play directly after? Well I had been woken up my my radio Alarm. Only to be flooded with memories. I sent a text to Harry immediately. Then I shot out of bed dancing and singing along.

~Harry's POV~
Liam's text on told me what I had just discovered. I had come out of the shop with Niall's gift, gently put it in the back seat of my car and turned the key to my Toyota. The radio came to life with memories and new beginnings. I closed my eyes to picture the on girl that came to mind.

~Zayn's POV~
I had just pulled into the bakery as my favorite song ended/ I looked over to see Makayla still in her Chevy pick-up. She had a wide-eyed expression, smiling, but crying. The CD I had in ejected itself and before I could turn my mustang off, the radio stopped me. I understood Makayla's expression, for I took on the same one.

~Makayla's POV~
The tears wouldn't stop flowing. I looked to my left to see Zayn... crying as well... He must be listening to the same song. I opened my door, blasted the radio and grabbed Zayn's hands as he joined me outside. We started dancing like retards singing along.
"Oh, baby, baby, don't you know you got what I need. Looking so good from your head to your feet. C'mon, come over here, over here! C'mon, come over here yeah!" Harry pulled up. Jumped out and joined us.
"So tell me girl if every time we, tou-ou-ouch. You get this kinda ru-u-ush! Baby say Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" This continued the whole song. Like a video, the memories played/ The memories still played even as the music didn't.
As the music cam to an end, Zayn pulled me in, making me twirl. He supported my back and made my heat pound as he sent me down in a dip. Singing the last line.
"And let me Kiss You!" His voice so perfect. Just like the night he-my thoughts turned to anger as the night at the club came back. I stood up and tan into the bakery, flustered.

~Niall's POV~
I pulled into the bakery just as the song ended. Just as One Direction again became the past. and Just in time... to see Makayla in Zayn's arms. Emotions flew, happy to see her smile-sad to possibly be losing her-angry to see her in the arms of her, apparent, enemy- and shocked all together. I turned off my car as Makayla stood up. I didn't want to see the kiss that confirmed my nightmare. I moaned as my head fell to the steering wheel. "Happy fucking birthday Niall." I mumbled. My head hit with a bit too much force making the horn go off. Zayn and Harry looked to me Harry ran over, I avoided Zayn's stare.
"Hey Nialler, ready for today?" Harry chimed.
"Yeah! Cant wait for tonight!" I faked the excitement more than Id like to admit.
"Oh, yeah...about that... we have to work late tonight, since its already 11 am. Sorry buddy..." 
Great, no birthday fun, Zayn steals Makayla, and still no 'Happy Birthday' Fucking wonderful. "No, its fine. I understand. Don't worry." Harry gave an apologetic look before walking back to the building. Slamming the car door I put the keys in my pocket and walked to the door, passing Zayn. In the kitchen was Makayla, Harry, and now Zayn. Liam's car pulled up and I heard him run up the steps.
"GUYS! Did you hear?! Our song! They still play our songs!! Kiss You was on the radio!!" Liam's excitement didnt spread easily. Zayn was awkward, Makayla was confused, I was pissed, and Harry wanted no part.
"Yes, Li, was all heard! Made our day I believe." I smiled so he wouldnt feel the cold shoulder. Although he had already sensed the bad feeling.
"Well what'd I miss?" he sounded annoyed.
Makayla was pissed off. "Ask Zayn! He'll tell you!" and argument blew up suddenly.
"Excuse me? You were the one who made me dance with you!" Zayn retaliated.
"To have fun! You dipped me, trying to kiss me!" she yelled.
"I did not! Its a dance move! You think I dont remember what I did? I would never disrespect you again!!"
"Like I'd believe that, just because me and Liam are over doesnt mean you can hit on me!" tears threatened to spill from her eyes.
"Im not hitting on you!! Why cant you just forgive me?! I admitted to you-and Liam- who you were dating at the time-that we were drunk and I took advantage of you! I fucked up, and will never forget it! But Ive been working my ass of to get my best friend back! My amazing, talented, funny, smart... AND FORGIVING best friend!" Zayn now too had tears in his eyes. Louis' car pulled up.
"And Im trying to forgive you! But its kinda hard when I still havent forgiven myself! And you didnt even show an interest in me until the accident! How do you think that made me feel? To have my best friend ignor me?" she was hysterical. I kinda felt that this needed to happen to solve things though.
"Makayla, dont blame yourself. It is not your fault at all!" He moved closer to her, she didnt respond. "I didnt know how you would react. I couldnt handle rejection from you. I figured you would let me know when we would sort things out. It broke my heart not contacting you. Not seeing you tore me apart!" Louis walked in and was completely lost. Zayn held out for Makayla, and she fell into his arms. "I just tried to think of what was best for you. Im so sorry Makayla, so terribly sorry..." he had silent tears running down his cheeks.
"Its, its oka-ay. I forgive y-you. Can I please ju-ust have my best friend back?" She buried her face into his chest. Zayn pulled her away nodding his head. He wiped her tears still nodding.
"Of course. Sshh, calm down. We still have a party remember?" Makayla's eyes widened realizing I was in the room. She rushed over, thankfully no more tears shed. I hated seeing her cry.
"Happy Birthday Nialler! I cant believe you just heard all that on your birthday! Im so sorry! I can make up for it, I promise!"
I gladly hugged her. Finally, some recognition. I laughed though. "It fine love! I got a hug from my favorite student. Thats all I need!" she smiled and nodded at Harry who was to my left. He took Zayn, Liam, and Louis into the lobby as Makayla led me outside. I noticed and all to familiar car was sitting.
"You must be the birthday boy! Happy Birthday Niall!" I looked to Makayla, who just giggled. She got Robbie to come on my birthday! What next, a kiss?
"Yeah! Thank you for coming!" I shook his hand smiling like a kid in a candy store.
"No trouble at all! Shall we go inside?" He lead the was as Makayla took my hand. I looked down realizing we were holding hands. She gave it no attention. We walked into a dark lobby only to have colored lights flash on and hear everyone yell. 
There were streamers, and funny faced ballons, and Lily and Jack ran up to me blowing noise makers and throwing confetti giggling. My smile only broadened. 
"So this is working late Harry?" I yelled. He went to turn on the music laughing. I was hugged by Eleanor and Gillian. Damn, Gillian changed a lot since July! She was actually pretty good looking, Makayla was still my crush though. She spoke.
"Now pick! Food, presents, or games?" I looked at her like she was stupid. "Food it is!" I laughed hugging her again. Then racing to my cake, Harry and Makayla had out done themselves! 
I was handed the knife and cut in. Marble cake! I swear this was the best birthday ever! I served the cake and ice-cream. I noticed Makayla and Gillian walk up to a microphone as I sat down Gillian spoke.
"Kay, Makayla has a performance for ya Niall! Hopefully you will join in at some point!" She went to put in a CD and the music started. The very first song I ever used to teach Makayla her vocal lessons came on. Gym Class Heroes' song 'Stereo Hearts'. It was her favorite song, and a top 10 for me. I hadnt heard this song in forever.
"My hearts a stereo, it beats for up so listen close. Hear my thoughts in every no-o-ote!" Why was she taking singing lessons again? A microphone was handed to me as the rap came on. She stopped as I took over.
"And I apologize for any skipping tracks. Its just the last girl who played me left a couple crack. I used to-used to-used to-used to- now Im over that. cus holding grudges over love is ancient artifact!" Me and Makayla sang together enjoying every minute. Then came her solo.
"I only pray you never leave me behind, because good music can be so hard to find. I take your hand and pull it closer to mine!" at that moment our fingers entwined. "Thought love was dead but now you're changing my mind!!" She really had an amazing passion for music.


~Zayn's POV~
Niall's Party continued happily. He got a guitar-from Harry- a gift card for Nandos- from Louis' family- Tickets to go to London with 2 others- from me and Liam- and Robbie gave him 7 tickets to go to Hershey Park in February, for the 7 who worked on the pastries for his sisters wedding. Memories flooded back to me.
I drove home refreshed that night. I had a great time at Niall's party. Met up with Gillian again. and most importantly, I got Makayla back.
Walking in the door I was met by Bobo my German Shepard. "Hey buddy! No walk tonight, going to bed early. Daddy's tired." he whined and headed up the steps to the bedroom. I set my bag down, hung up my coat and ripped my shirt off. As I lay down in bed the summer of 2013 came back to me. Running out of the audience, handing back stage passes to a beautiful brunette. And singing at Hershey Stadium the day before her 15th birthday...


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