Let Me Love You

A One Direction Fan-Fiction! Makayla has had a troubling past, and now she's stuck with boy drama and trying to keep her Bakery up! After a VIC (Very Important Customer) orders a huge order, her life just keeps getting better. Does she have what it takes to live the dream?


6. Meeting Our Hero

~Makayla's POV~ 
    2 weeks since I've been discharged. I was back to school And having a hard time concentrating. I got a C on my physics test, I was hysterical about it and I never drawn a blank like that. It seems like  my memory is bonkers. Thankfully it isn't getting worse and I'm feeling a lot faster than predicted. I'm on crutches now, my leg will be out of the cast Sunday… Niall's birthday! He's turning 24! We were working on the finishing touches of the third cake. We finished the donuts and would be done with the sticky buns soon. We'd been running out of inventory money and had to re-open to the public. I was calculating profit now. 
    "Hey sweet heart! How's the project going?" Liam walked in.
    "Project? What project? I'm balancing the money for H&M Pastries!"
    "The project for Professor Shile! That's due tomorrow? On Columbus!" He sounded worried.
    I don't remember that! I've been working on everything for the bakery!" I was already overwhelmed, this was just more weight on my shoulders! I wanted to scream "what is wrong with me!?" I yelled.
    Liam hugged me and whispered in my ear. "I'll take care of this, you go and get started on the project love." 
    He wiped away my tears and I walked to the couch. I had a file named "Columbus" I opened it, and there was my 3 paged report. I had an email, from Prof. Shile! It was my grade. 110% because of the extra credit. When had I turned this in? I called Liam over. I needed to call Harry. He picked up on the third ring.
    "Makayla! I was just about to call you! The third cake is done! Somebody is here to talk to you!" He was ecstatic.
    "Hello! Miss Tomlinson? This is Robbie!" I about fell off the couch. "I was wondering if you could come over so I could meet you!"
    "Mr. Williams! Of course! Ill be there in about 20 minutes!" How do you like everything so far?" By now, Liam was sitting beside me his head by the phone trying to here the conversation. 
    "It looks great! But we'll talk more when you get here!" 
    "Of course, see you soon! Thank you!" I hung up and look at Liam. "I've gotta go. Ill be back soon!"
    "Tell me every detail!" Liam said while helping me with my jacket. I kissed him and left.
    I was so excited I was shaking. I arrived in the predicted 20 minutes. Before I got out of the car I took a deep breath, "he's just an ordinary customer. Calm down Makayla." I told myself. Taking another deep breath I stepped out of my car. I walked in hearing chatter, I was smiling now.
    "Good evening Mr. Williams!" I said, shaking his hand. 
    "Please, call me Robbie. Mr. Williams is my father." He smiled. The practical line you hear all the time.
    "So have you seen the 3 cakes yet?" 
    Harry cut in, "only the sticky buns, and donuts! He wanted you to see his reaction."
    "Yes, I figured you'd like to see the big reveal." Robbie chuckled. 
    My turn to do something. I maneuvered on my crutches over to the fridge and opened the door for Harry. As Harry pulled out the cakes I watched Robbie's face. It showed glee with the first one, second one made him gasp a little, but he still smiled. And the third, my personal favorite, Robbie about jumped for joy.
    It was an alternating background of black and brown. With white and grey argyle pattern the whole way up. "Would you like to put on the topper Mr. -uh Robbie?" I asked.


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