Let Me Love You

A One Direction Fan-Fiction! Makayla has had a troubling past, and now she's stuck with boy drama and trying to keep her Bakery up! After a VIC (Very Important Customer) orders a huge order, her life just keeps getting better. Does she have what it takes to live the dream?


15. It's Not The End

~Zayn's POV~

    I awoke to a pounding headache. I stretched, accidentally hitting a person. Wait, what? I look over to see Makayla cuddled up next to me. Fuck, it happened again. I can't believe I did this. No! She, she's never gonna talk to me again! "Fuck!" I shouted, instantly covering my mouth. Too late. 
   "Zayn what's wrong?" She was barley audible, eyes still closed. 
    "I um.... Makayla? Do you remember last night?" I couldn't lie, not to her. She opened her eyes. 
    "Of course. Did you really think I was that drunk?" She knew!? And she wasnt mad? Wait was she?
    "Kinda. So, you-you're not upset right?" I sounded retarded asking. She laughed though. 
    "No! Haha, Zayn you're my boyfriend! And you're pretty amazing!" I felt a wave of relief wash over me. 
    "Thank god." I mumbled, kissing her on the top of her head. "We're gonna go shopping today, Love." I sat up slowly. Ugh I really need to stop drinking so much. "Makayla you aren't hungover are you?" She shook her head and sat up as well. "We'll that makes one of us. I'm gonna get some coffee and aspirin. You wanna make us some breakfast?" 
    "What am I? Your personal cook?" She giggled. I loved her laugh, it was so cute. She got up and started walking towards the kitchen. I moved slowly to the bathroom. I felt like my head was going to explode. "Zayn! You're coffee is ready!" Makayla yelled. 
  "Thank you, I'm coming." I said, I dont think she heard me though cus she walked into the bathroom. 
    "Babe, your coff- oh Zayn, you look horrible. I mean, your face is so drained. You really got shit faced didnt you." I wasn't sure if she was being a playful bitch or all motherly. So I just shrugged and followed her out of the bathroom.

~Gillian's POV~
    I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. It was Niall. 
    "Hey Nialler!"
    "Gillian! I'm so sorry. I can't, I did something horrible. And I understand if you're mad. But it was the wedding, and alcohol, and I'm so sorry." What was he talking about?
    "Niall. Please calm down, it'll be okay. I prom-"
    "I slept with another girl last night Gillian. She just, she took advantage of me, and she left right after everything and it didn't mean anything! She's actually not even good looking." He was crying. I could tell by his sniffle.
    "Niall. You-you cheated on me? We were just about to tell everyone about us. And you cheated on me?" And let the tears begin.
    "She means nothing I don't even remember what she looks like, or her name, she didnt even leave her number. So she used me and I let her and I'm so sorry!"
    "I...but.... Why Niall!? What the fuck was going through your head!? I trusted you!!" I was hysterical now, he was barely audible he was so upset. At least I know he feels bad, Niall never cries unless he really is hurt.
    "I know! You can hate me, you can never trust me again. I don't blame you! But please, don't leave me. I need you Gillian." 
    "We've been dating for 3 weeks, only 3 weeks! You haven't even slept over at my house yet, and you cheated on me Niall!! Apparently you don't need me that bad!" 
    "It was a weak point, I should've known better than to drink that much. Please, you know I need you. You make me smile when all I want to do is crumble. You helped me stay friends with Makayla after everything." That set me off.
    "MAKAYLA!? So I helped you after Makayla!?! So I'm just a rebound!?! FUCK YOU!! Don't ever talk to me again Niall Horan!!"
    "NO! That's not what I-" click. I threw my phone across the room, only to retrieve it and call Makayla. It was about 10 in the morning, so she'd be up. If Niall was drunk, Zayn was drunk. And that means Makayla probably drank a good bit too. I love knowing the logic of Makayla's life to know she got lucky last night. She picked up after 3 rings.
    "Gillian! What's up girly?" I had been holding back the tears, but they just burst out of me again. "Gil! What happened? Are you okay!?"
    "No! Me and Niall were dating for 3 weeks and he cheated on me last night! He told me this morning! Then he said I had helped him after you, and I think he just used me as a rebound! And we were gonna tell you guys when you got back but I can't talk to him anymore. I'm too upset."
    "Gillian! Omg I'm so sorry! I should've known. You need-" there was a knock and Makayla yelling "IT'S OPEN!" She gasped and screamed when the person must've walked in. "NIALL JAMES HORAN!!! You have explaining to do! Gillian stay on the line!" I heard Nialls sweet voice through the phone, she put me on speaker. Zayn came running in asking what had happened. 
    "I'll tell you what happened! Your friend here cheated on me last night! After 3 weeks of dating and he cheats on me! Then I find out I'm just a rebound for him after Makayla rejected his sorry ass!" I was screaming and crying at the same time.
    "No! You are not a rebound Gillian!! You know god damn well that's not true!" Niall yelled at me. 
    "NO! You don't have the right to yell at me!! You cheated, YOU did! NOT ME! You listen to me Niall Horan!"
    He was still crying, or he began again. I wasn't sure. 
    "Gillian please, don't leave me. I know I fucked up beyond words. I'm so sorry! Please. I know, it hasn't been long. But to me there's something different. It like I'm supposed to be with you. Please."  I couldn't answer, I just sat on my floor crying. I knew what he meant, I felt it too. I'd only felt anything similar once before with someone. I never had a real relationship afterwards. 
    "Gillian?" It was Zayn's voice. "Gillian, sweet heart. We are coming home. We'll see you in a few hours. Let me get everyone together ill tell them it's an emergency for a friend. We'll be packed up and ill order the tickets and we'll be home in 3 hours tops." I started to reject but Makayla stopped me.
    "No Gillian. You need us. You and Niall need to talk face to face. Ill see you in a few hours. I love you babes." I said okay, and hung up. 3 hours. I would see my baby....... Was he anymore? I told him to never talk to me, but that didnt last long. I wanted him in my life. But how could I let him if he's not even going to stay loyal?  I pulled myself off of the ground and headed to get a shower. I'd at least look decent before they'd get home. I needed to go shopping anyways.

~Makayla's POV~ 
    She hung up and I looked directly at Niall. "What the fuck is wrong with you Niall!?!" He just collapsed into me crying. He squeezed me so tight I couldn't move. "You were shit faced werent you honey." He just nodded, crying still. "Come on, lets go get you packed up. Boys go, now. We need to be ready in an hour. Zayn you order the tic-"
    "Already on it love." I nodded and led Niall back to his room to get packed. 
    Sometimes I forget its a hotel we're staying in, it was like a house. I found his two suitcases, opened his drawers and neatly grabbed stacks of clothes moving them to the first suitcase. After I got everything in I zipped it up and looked over to find Niall zipping up the second one. "There you go Nialler. Just much on some chips on the couch until the rest of us are ready." I gave him a hug and went to check on Zayn. "You get the tickets?" He looked at me. 
    "Um there's some that's for a train that leaves in thirty minutes. Or one that leaves in three hours." I pointed to the one that went in 30 minutes. 
    "HURRY UP EVERYONE! We have a half an hour to get ready and go to the train station!!!" With that Zayn closed his laptop after ordering the tickets, unplugged the charger and me and him headed back to our rooms to hyper speed pack. I grabbed my clothes and tossed them into a suitcase in no specific order, threw my shoes and bathroom supplies into it zipped it shut. Gathered the rest of my things threw them in my carry on bag double checked every space to make sure I didn't leave anything, grabbed my phone and left my room. 
    I went out to find that everyone was ready and cleaning the room. I checked the time. We had 15 minutes to get to the train state and board. "LETS GO!" We ran down the steps, not wanting to wait for the elevator, out the door and jumped into the van that we were given by Robbie. Liam hopped into the drivers seat and once we were all in he sped off. We made it to the train with 5 minutes to board. Once inside we all sat down exhausted. "We're coming Gillian. I'm on my way." I whispered to myself.
    Niall must've heard, for he leaned into Zayn crying again. He really did love her. I've never seen someone cry so much. I went over and sat next to Niall and Louis. I took him into a hug, smoothing his hair and rubbing his back. "Shush. It'll be okay Nialler. We know you love her." He nodded into me not even attempting to cease the tears. "She loves you too honey, otherwise she wouldn't have reacted the way she did. It'll be okay, Gillian is very understanding. Just talk to her when we get home. Shush, everything will be okay. I promise." He pulled away and looked into my eyes, I wiped his tears away, only for them to be replaced by more. He wasnt sobbing anymore though. He wasnt shaking as bad. He was just crying now. 
    He leaned back in his chair and I leaned onto his shoulder. "Everyone has a happy ending, if you aren't happy, it's not the end." I whispered, quoting Gillian's saying. Zayn put his arm around Niall and pulled him into a hug, I leaned against Niall again. Eventually I fell asleep, along with Harry who had been ripped from Mic again. I felt horrible about it, but Gillian needed me, and I promised to always be there for her.

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