Let Me Love You

A One Direction Fan-Fiction! Makayla has had a troubling past, and now she's stuck with boy drama and trying to keep her Bakery up! After a VIC (Very Important Customer) orders a huge order, her life just keeps getting better. Does she have what it takes to live the dream?


8. Goodbyes and Hellos

~Liam POV~
    I went to go wake up Makayla around 8:30 am. We didnt have to be there til 10, but she had to go shopping. I shook her shoulder lightly. She was so adorable asleep. "Ready to meet Robbie?" She mumbled. I nodded and kissed her forehead before leaving.  I was making eggs and pancakes for breakfast. I figured I would satisfy her stomach, before talking to her. You see, ever since she started college we haven't been as close. I wanted to either find a way to fix the emptiness.... Or just be friends...
    "Hun, are you okay?" I hadn't realized she was next to me. 
    "Yeah... Just thinking." I sighed. She looked unconvinced. "Fine. You caught me... Can we talk?
    "Liam, today's supposed to be happy... I'd rather not talk about this."
    "I know, but we can't keep avoiding it! We aren't nearly as close as we were a year ago! Don't you remember the dates? The fun, the talk of our future?!" 
    "Yes!!! Of course I do! But college is more important, along with the bakery! You have a job too!" I didn't want to yell back, but she was so ignorant!
    "Makayla! If you would learn to balance your life, maybe you wouldn't be as stressed! Ever since your stupid accident, you couldn't give a shit less about anything but the damn bakery!" I wanted to take it back as soon as I said it. "I'm sorry, I know you couldn't hel-" 
    "NO. Whatever, I can't do this anymore... We're over Liam." She was crying now. She got up, walked to the door, grabbed her stuff, and left. I could feel tears fall when I heard her car drive away. This is all my fault.

~Makayla's POV~
    It was taking every ounce of my strength not to start bawling my eyes out. I knew we were growing apart, but I though we could've fixed things. I was heading to Walmart to get some party supplies (balloons, streamers, candles, etc.) So I wiped my tears and swallowed the heart ache. I would deal with this later. Today everyone, besides Niall, was meeting Robbie! I got a text as a pulled into the parking lot of Walmart.
    *Gillian: I see you o.o * 
I about squealed! I hadn't seen Gillian in almost a year! She had been visiting family in Australia. We had a whole scrapbook full of our adventures. I looked up just in time to be rammed into. 
    "Makayla! I fucking missed you so much! What's up bitch?" That's always how we greeted each other. So close, we threw curse words to show our love.
    "I've missed you too Gil! I'm great! Robbie Williams' sister is getting married and H&M pastries is making the cakes and such! Robbie is actually coming today to help-" 
    "Decorate for Niall's party. I know! Harry told me, I'm so happy for you! How are you and Liam doing?" She just had to ask.wasnt her fault, she didnt know. But that broke me, having her here I just lost it. Not even trying to hold back the tears.
    "Gillian, there is no more us anymore. I broke up with him this morning. He was blaming everything on me, even the accident! I just couldn't handle it any more!"
    "Omg Makayla I'm so sorry! You know non of it is your fault right?" She was holding me close like Liam used to, which didnt help. "Take a deep breath babes, it's all gonna be okay, alright?" I nodded, and took a deep breath as I was told, and took the tissue I was offered.
    "Gillian? Would you like to come help decorate for the party?" I really needed her since Liam would be there. 
    "Of course. Here ill help you shop too. Shall we?" She held out her arm and I took it. We were acting 14 again and couldn't care less.
    We got green, blue, and yellow balloons. A 'Happy Birthday' banner. Green and blue streamers. And number candles for 2&4. We also got a nice big hat saying 'Birthday Boy' on it. Gillian's choice.
    Finally, me and her arrived at the bakery. Harry, Zayn, and Robbie's cars were here. I walked in to have Gillian's hand squeezing mine. She stared at Robbie. "Gillian don't call him Mr. Williams, and act normal." I whispered. She seemed to calm down a bit.
    "Hey!! Makayla... AND GILLIAN!!! We've missed you girl! How you been?!" Harry yelled giving her a hug. I noticed Louis, El, and Liam standing behind him. I avoided eye contact with Liam.
    "I'm good, but could you let me breath Harold?" She giggled.
    "I don't believe I've heard of you, are you a friend of Makayla's?" Robbie cut in. Gillian froze shaking his hand nodding.
    "Y-yes, w-we are like s-sisters. It's an h-honor to m-meet you!" I face palmed.
    "No need to be nervous, any friend of Makayla's is a friend of mine." He smiled. "Can you confirm Makayla's singing ability?"  Um what? Why is he so bent on that?! Gillian turned back to normal.
    "Oh my yes! Been in so many advanced chorus groups! She's amazing!" She had her arms around my shoulders. I was busy being embarrassed when I noticed Liam pointing towards the kitchen. 
    "Uh, yeah... I'm gonna go unload these in the kitchen. Ill be right back." Luckily no one followed me except Liam.
    "Makayla... I'm so sorry about this morning. I know I don't deserve you. But can we please at least end on good terms? I couldn't stand not taking to you." His voice cracked and his happy brown eyes were full of sorrow. I sighed.
    "Okay, I would like that. Just like we were in high school? Best friends?" I ran and gave him a hug. I could feel him nod as he held me close.
    "Makayla? Can I have one last kiss, as a goodbye?" He whispered. I looked up into his beautiful eyes. I went on tiptoes and felt his soft lips against mine. As soon as it happened it was over. "I will always be by your side." I could see tears in his eyes as I felt them down my cheeks. I wiped them away before giving Liam one last big hug.
    "Okay, let's get everything out and give them all jobs." I tried to sound chipper, but failed. We grabbed the streamers, balloons, and banner.
    "Me, Eleanor and Zayn are doing the balloons!" Louis yelled.
    "Me, Gillian, and Robbie can do the streamers and banner." I heard Liam say. He was really good at covering his feelings.
    "That leaves me and you for the cake and such Makayla. Just like old times. Harry and Makayla alone doing what they love." We laughed realizing that sounded wrong.
~Nobody's POV~
    So everyone got to work. Louis blew up the balloons, Zayn doodled on them, and Eleanor placed em around the room. Gillian and Robbie put up the banner before the three started putting streamers, EVERYWHERE! Makayla and Harry made a shamrock shaped cake, along with a green hat cake to go on top hanging off the side of the shamrock. It was a marble cake, Niall's favorite. They all finished by 8:30pm. Goodbyes were said and everyone went home. Something else happened different though. Zayn actually got a goodbye smile from Makayla, along with a face full of flour. He slept good that night, knowing his old friend was slowly coming back. 



okay I seriously cried witting this chapter 

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