Let Me Love You

A One Direction Fan-Fiction! Makayla has had a troubling past, and now she's stuck with boy drama and trying to keep her Bakery up! After a VIC (Very Important Customer) orders a huge order, her life just keeps getting better. Does she have what it takes to live the dream?


14. Flashbacks Explain Everything

*7 years ago February 20, 2012* 

    "Mom! Tell Annabelle to give me back my phone!" I screamed.
    "I'm just seeing what her and her friend are texting!!" Anna yelled back.
    "Annabelle Maria! Give your sister back her phone! You two better knock it off or no pizza!" My mother yelled. Anna glared at me but tossed me my phone. She was the bitchiest 16 year old I knew. 
    Me and my boyfriend, Anna, my mom, and my dad were all heading back from skiing to go to some pizza shop. I loved pizza more than anything, well except my boyfriend. We'd been dating for a year and 10 days. My dad blasted the radio after hearing a song that he loved come on. Barracuda by heart. Good job dad, you made me fall for your old folks music. We all, well except for Anna, started jumping around dancing in the car. I quickly got dizzy from going down the mountain and leaned over to my boyfriend, Alex. He stopped and held me close. A rare thing when we were around other people. However my dad was still dancing. Out of no where I hear an 18-wheeler blowing its horn. Breaks squealing, my mom and Anna are screaming. Alex has me squished into his arms and I felt the world to upside down, then black.
    I woke to sirens and people shouting. I sat up alarmed only to be pushed back down by a pair of string arms. "Makayla, calm down." What the hell, where was I? In an ambulance. I remembered suddenly, we had just been in a crash. Alex was next to me, scratched, with a few bandages, but okay. "Makayla you're fine, only a few scrapes. Your dad however.... He has a broken leg and a major cut to his head. He was air lifted to the hospital from here." I started panicking but Alex shush'ed me back to a calmed state. "But....Makayla..... Your mom and Annie. They.....they died on impact. I'm so sorry Hun. I'm so terribly sorry." Alex, had just told me what I never wanted to hear. And my strong boyfriend, my rock... He was crying. I couldn't. I just lay there, staring at the roof of the ambulance. My dad. Rushed to a hospital, me and my boyfriend were perfectly fine, but my mom and my sister. Dead, gone, never to be seen. And the last thing we'd done? Fight. I could never go to sleep being mad at someone, and now my mother and sister are gone. I felt the tears stinging in my eyes. I quietly sobbed hoping Alex wouldn't notice, but he did. "Come here babe, shhhh, I know. Shhhh" he had picked me up and cradling me in his arms. Me crying into his shoulder, violently shaking, 
    "I-we-the last thing we did-was yell-at each other. And now-I can't even fix-things!" I shuddered. I didn't even bother to stop when the officer came to tell us that the car was totaled, my dad was at the hospital safe, and to tell me what I already knew. They would take us back to the hospital and let us see my dad. We'd arrive within 2 hours. Alex thanked the officer and then pulled me away to look into my eyes. Alex was still crying, I'd never seen him cry, only known him to twice. He was so hurt from his childhood he never showed emotions. But now, here he was crying over my family. 
    "I'm so sorry Makayla. You don't deserve this." He kissed my forehead and tucked hair behind my ear. "My little girl. I love you, I'll be here every step of the way. Always." Again he kissed my forehead, and then let me back to his shoulder. Still shaking while I cried. 

*4 months later June 17, 2012*

    "Babe, are you okay?" I heard Alex ask. I was standing in the door of my dads room. Reading the note he left. I felt Alex walk up behind me. 
    'Makayla, I love you. Always remember that. I screwed up to bad to live with myself. Call your aunt Sharon and uncle Hugh right away.' I looked up to the window in front of me. Then realized my fathers bathroom door was shut, and the light was off. He always kept his door open. 
    "Dad? Are you okay?" No reply. I inched closer to the door. Turning the nob. "Dad?" The door hit something, so I squeezed inside. There I saw a chair, on it's side. And hanging from the ceiling, was my father. I let out a blood curdling scream having Alex rush to my side and stopping dead in his tracks. "DAD!!!!!" I screamed. Falling to the floor crying. "DAD!!" Was all I could yell. Alex was dialing 911, talking as calm as he could. The note he left made sense now. Alex put his hand on my shoulder, but I refused to leave, I grabbed into my fathers legs crying desperately. Hoping somehow it would change the situation. Again Alex touched my shoulder but he picked me up this time carrying me to the living room. Me kicking and screaming and crying the whole way.
   "Makayla! Look at me! Please calm down, you're gonna hurt yourself!" How the fuck could he say that when I just walked in on my dad. Dead! Hanging from the fucking ceiling! 
    "NO! Your look at me! Four months ago my mother and sister died! Just when things were becoming okay again my father kills himself! And you expect me to CALM DOWN?! NO! FUCK YOU!" As soon as I screamed it I collapsed into Alex's lap. I know he just worried about me. The police arrived and Alex directed the, to the bathroom. "Why would he do this! He left me on my own!" Alex couldn't answer to he just smoothed my hair kissing my head repeatedly, cradling me like a child. Thirteen years old, and I'm orphaned. I grabbed my phone and dialed my aunts number. 
    "Aunt Sharon? Dad.... Dad killed himself...... He's hung in his bathroom..... I need you to come here now please." She panicked yelled at her husband and hung up. 

*July 6, 2013 at Hershey Park Stadium*

    I was at a One Direction concert. Waiting for the show to begin. With my aunt and uncle, my god parents. I wasn't as excited. For my dad was supposed to be here. And Alex. But my dad was gone, and Alex. We broke up just yesterday. He was moving to Michigan. To live with family. He couldn't handle a long distance relationship. So I was crying all night, and now I'm exhausted. But then, the crowd screamed and the boys were coming down my aisle! I saw Zayn and immediately screamed "ZAYN! My beautiful king!" 


"Why didnt anyone tell me?!" I screamed! I was pissed an overjoyed all at once. Louis, Aunt Shanon and Uncle Hugh weren't sure what I was. "I'm related to a hot brother and he's in a boy band! Do you know how amazing that is?! But why the hell wasnt I told?! Where have you been?! Why weren't you ever in my life?!" I asked pissed off at Louis. He was my brother. My biological brother. 
    He had contacted my parents when he was 18 and I was 11. But nobody told me. They were planning to have a family get together on my 14 birthday, but Louis got a call about the accident. And thought everyone had died. So he never tried to call. He was put up for adoption, my parents were way to young, with no jobs or a high school diploma. So Louis was adopted by his family in England. Funny how he never mentioned this in any interviews. I was weirded out that I had a huge crush on someone who was really my brother.
    "I'm sorry Makayla. I'm just glad to know you're alive. I, I was really depressed for months after the accident. Then when Aunt Shanon here called. The boys thought I went crazy. I had to explain everything before the concert yesterday!" We'd been hugging the whole time. He was crying and laughing at the same time. But he never let me go. No matter what I screamed or asked or tried to do. He just held me close. And I didn't want to be let go. "So I guess you know who we are. And now we know a bit about you. But tell me-us more! I haven't seen you other than in pictures!" So I went on telling them about the past year. Just what had happened. 
    Then I stretched and I felt a pain in my wrist. Louis had grabbed it. 
 "Makayla! You, why?! No. I'm not letting this go on! Why would you cut?!" I was crying the moment he had grabbed my wrist. Still he held me but now at my shoulders looking me dead in the eyes. "I know things are hard, I know you feel hurt. But please don't do this ever again! You can find other ways to relieve the pain. Promise me, Love. Please, I can't have my baby sister cutting." I nodded silently into his chest, still crying. Aunt Sharon knew, so she was quiet. At that point though, I somehow felt things would be better. Things would always be okay in some way. "Sharon, I want to discuss something with you." He reluctantly let go and took our Aunt and Uncle away to talk. But as soon as Louis was gone I felt another pair of arms around me. 
    "You're too beautiful for that. Please don't break your promise." My heart was in my throat. Zayn Malik was holding me. He just told me I was beautiful, again! Wait..... I'm.... I'm part of the One Direction family now. Perrie and Zayn broke up two months ago! I... I might have a chance. Well when I'm 18... I sighed then gasped realizing Zayn was still holding me. I turned around and saw his eyes, his beautiful chocolate eyes. Just inches from mine. And his lips, his perfect lips. Withing seconds of staring into those eyes, I felt him kiss my nose. I just got a kiss on the nose from Zayn Malik! I smiled like a little kid and hugged Zayn close.


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