Let Me Love You

A One Direction Fan-Fiction! Makayla has had a troubling past, and now she's stuck with boy drama and trying to keep her Bakery up! After a VIC (Very Important Customer) orders a huge order, her life just keeps getting better. Does she have what it takes to live the dream?


20. Continue On A Path

Wednesday December 3

~Niall's POV~

    "I know I've said this before but you've heard her sing! She's popular now! She has millions of viewers on YouTube! She has a shot now, come on." I was begging him on the phone.
    "Niall, I believe you but will she be successful with her own music? Who's gonna write her songs, what genre does she sing? You don't think these things through!" He had a point.
    "She writes songs a lot, Ive seen them. When she needs help me and the boys are there! She sings what we did! And she can rap, sing super high and lower than most girls. She can really experiment and make good music. Simon just listen to me! She performs at noon in the pub Friday's, come listen to her. Please, uncwe siiimooooon pweeeaaaase?" He hesitates but then I hear him sigh and I know I've won.
    "Okay Niall, fine. Ill be out there in two weeks and view her on Friday. If she's still good ill sign her." 
    "YAY! Thank you so much! Don't. Tell her though. I want it to be a big surprise when she gets signed on! That'll be my Christmas present to her! See you soon Simon!" 
    "If she makes-" click. I hung up before he finished, by accident of course. I couldn't wait, I knew she'd make it! 

Thursday December 18:
    "SIMON! I've missed you man, how are you?"
    "I've missed you too Niall, I'm doing well and you?"
    "Amazing now that you're here and actually going to sign Makayla on!"
    "If she's good Niall. Her voice might've changed through the years, she might sound too different to make it." Why so negative?
    "Simon, I know that she'll make it. If she doesn't then I won't eat more then a sandwich every day for only three meals." I wasn't giving in. I had this gut feeling she'd make it.
    He laughed then spoke again. "You always were determined. Ill hope for your stomach's sake you're right."

    The next morning I was at the pub an hour early, I was so excited. I picked three of Makayla's best songs that were hers and then one that she was just absolutely great at singing. Of course she made a huge crowd. Close to 100 people inside. If looks could kill I'd still be in torture for making her sing her songs. The crowd absolutely loved them, like I knew they would. Then Adele came on and I slid a keyboard up to her. She began to play and then sing Someone Like You. Her voice was like angles. I loved hearing her sing. I looked over to Simon, who was actually smiling. I knew right then and there my feelings were correct. And Makayla would be having an amazing Christmas present.

Wednesday December 24:

    ~Makayla POV~

    We were all headed up to Mic and Harry's..... Or as most people know it, Harry's cabin. Mic was planning on telling everyone today about the engagement. We all decided to not buy anyone a present over 20 pounds, if any present at all. I was riding with Zayn, Gillian with Niall, Mic and Harry were already there, Louis and his family, and then Liam with his girlfriend of almost 2 months Danielle. As we all arrived I noticed Dani with a lot of little bags. Harry came out and ushered everyone inside and said he was the first one to give a gift.
    "Well, actually I already gave Mic her gift about a month ago. But only Niall and Makayla knew what it was. So Micki come here in front of the tree and lets see who finds out what the gift was first." Mic obediently stood up and walked over the the beautifully decorated Christmas tree, wearing her ring on her finger. Zayn looked at me questioningly then to Mic's stomach then to Niall. Liam was looking from her to Harry. Then spoke.
    "You bought this cabin for her?" He guessed, unsure.
    "Well, close. We bought this together. It's our cabin." Harry answered, then El cut in.
    "Well why would you do such a silly thing? You aren't even mar-" she noticed the ring and so did everyone else. "YOU GOT ENGAGED?!?!" Mic was bouncing up and down as Dani, and El attacked her and was looking at the ring, squealing the whole time. All the guys, except Niall of course, went and hugged Harry congratulating him. Then everyone switched and the girls were squealing at Harry and the guys were congratulating Mic. Then they looked to me and Niall. And El yelled again. "How did you two not tell us?!? Makayla you must've been about exploding with excitement!! How'd it happen?! Niall how'd you find out?!" I looked to mic and Harry. 
    "Can I tell them or do you two want to?" Harry took over and explained, Mic cutting in every now and then. I cut in once to explain the treat and Mic's expression. And Niall laughed the whole time, I loved hearing his laugh. After the story Dani handed out her little goodie bags which were filled with peppermint and Yorkshire tea, along with chocolates and a tea candle. I got Rolos and a Pomegranate candle, how'd she know I loved them?!  Zayn gave me a present that was just a card. But it was what it said that made me scream. 
    "So you remember how you can explain a chinchilla in 6 seconds? Well now you don't have to explain it, you can show your friends. At the house in a cage awaits your furry little friend. 
                                            Merry Christmas,
    "YOU GOT ME A CHINCHILLA?!?! HOW?!? That's way more than the agreed price! What the hell?! I freaking love you. THANK YOU!!!!" I squeezed him until he gasped for breath. He handed me a picture and I was jumping like a little kid squealing as the picture was passed around. Then Niall stood up.
    "You may not want to stop squealing yet. Simon?" What the hell was he talking about? Then in walked Simon. I get to see Simon for Christmas? 
    "Uncle Simon!! How are you!! Merry Christmas!" 
    "Hello Makayla! I'm great, Merry Christmas. But I'm not the surprise. I'm signing you a contract deal Makayla. You're gonna be a star. Niall as your manager, you and the boys write the songs. Your first concert is in London, On January 17." Did I hear him correctly? Yeah I think so. 
    "Seriously?! I... What?!" I looked at Niall for confirmation and he nodded with a huge grin. "Oh my god thank you! Thank you so much!!" I ran over and jumped into Niall's arms squeezing his neck. "You're the best. I freaking love you. I can't believe this." I let go and kissed him on his cheek several times." Then I ran over and hugged Simon as tight as I could. My future is beginning. Gillian spoke up just then.
    "Soooooo, Harry and Mic are getting married. Makayla is the newest pop star, with a chinchilla. Me and Niall have a new chocolate lab." She paused and winked at Niall. I'm guessing that was his Christmas present. "Liam and Dani have been dating for a while now. And Eleanor and the baby are both healthy. I don't think there's a better time to drink then now. Well Eleanor gets virgin piña collates." Everyone agreed and she left to the kitchen with Niall to get the alcohol ready. 
    "Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks for coming. It means a lot to have the whole family together." The voice was Harry's. I looked over and Mic was cuddled under his arm. Eleanor was sitting in a recliner while Louis started the fire. Danielle was laying on Liam's lap on the couch. I sat next to Zayn on the floor and layed a blanket over us. Gillian came back with Niall and the drinks and passed them out. Then they sat down on the love seat with Gillian in his lap. 
    "Merry Christmas. Happy Birthday Louis. Thanks for everything today guys." I said yawning. I woke up in bed, next to Zayn. So I just closed my eyes and snuggled in closer to him shirtless, warm body, and soon fell back asleep.

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