Let Me Love You

A One Direction Fan-Fiction! Makayla has had a troubling past, and now she's stuck with boy drama and trying to keep her Bakery up! After a VIC (Very Important Customer) orders a huge order, her life just keeps getting better. Does she have what it takes to live the dream?


11. Back To Work

*2 Weeks Later*
~Makayla's POV~
So I woke up to my alarm and phone going off. I answered Harry's call.
"Makayla! Where the hell are you? You're two hours late! We need to get everything to London and set up! We leave in two hours!" 
"Fuck! Harry I'll be there as quick as I can!" I bolted out of bed to the dresser.
"Hurry!" He hung up, I threw my phone on my bed and pulled on a shirt. I put on a pair of jeans, put my hair into a messy pony tail and a hat. After brushing my teeth I grabbed my train ticket, keys, and jacket. Luckily there was no traffic so I was at the bakery in 20 minutes. Everyone was huddled around the van. Robbie insisted that he hire someone to drive the 3 hours. London was only 2 hours away, but this guy had to go slow to prevent any damages.
"Thank God you're here! Come help!" Harry was worried. When he's worried, he gets stressed, which makes him angry and scary.
Before anything could be loaded, the van had to cool down enough so nothing would melt. Inside the bakery was a maze. Carts of the donuts and cupcakes and sticky buns were lined up between the counters and sinks. Liam pushed a cart of cupcakes into place.
"Last one! We're good until the van is ready!" Liam looked over and smiled. We were still awkward, but we were friends. "Hey Makayla. Sleep well?" I could only laugh.
"Yeah, I needed the extra z's! It was nice!" I pretended to stretch but squeaked when arms wrapped around me from behind.
"Damn, you didnt invite me? I missed out on 2 hours of cuddling with you!" My boyfriend's accent made me smile 'til it hurt. 
"If you were with me, you'd wake with bruises from me kicking Zayn!" I turned around to receive a gentle kiss.
"Oh get a room!" Louis' voice came from across the room.
"Hey bro, hows your family?" I shouted being retarded.
"Lily is good, Jack is a bundle of energy. El is not feeling well, fatigue is hitting her hard." He kind of slowed his speech. I know how much he hates seeing El in pain. She most likely made him come today. Niall came in then.
"Van is ready! Start loading before Harry pops a vein!" Zayn and me lead out the first rack. Slowly we rolled it to the door. Down the ramp onto the asphalt, up the ramp in the van. It took five minutes to load each one! So, about 5 cupcake, 4 donut, and 6 sticky bun carts, it took close to 30 minutes. The van was filled!
"Wait! What about the cakes? We cant fit a single one!" I stared wide-eyed at Harry.
"We get a whole train cart to ourselves! Along with 5 rooms!" He smiled, then explained."So we'll load the cakes into your truck slowly go to the train station! Where we load each cake onto our assigned car. Me, you Zayn, Liam, Niall, Louis, and Eleanor will then ride to London where we'll meet a second van to drive us and the cakes to the venue!" Everyone hooped and hollered then. Harry seemed distracted but it was probably just stress.
"Louis, is Eleanor going to be able to go? Who would watch the kids?" I wondered if we could bring them.
"I was told ahead of time. El is coming and her mom is watching the kids." He smiled. Getting this break was just what he needed, and Eleanor. I did the calculations then stopped. 
"Harry, wouldnt we need 6 rooms? El and Lou are the only ones sharing!" Zayn again hugged me from behind. 
"What about us? We are also sharing!" After only 2 weeks and they expect us to share a room. It didn't bother me any! I mean Zayn has spent the night before we started dating, but I was still surprised. I just smiled and kissed Zayn's cheek.
"Okay love birds, help load the cakes up!" Niall chimed in. I felt horrible about how Niall loved me... he was cute but he was like a brother... he seemed to be coping just fine.
I walked up the steps and went to the fridge where Harry rolled out the first cake. Being extra careful we didnt mind take a full hour to load all 5. My suitcase was already in my truck so we all headed to the train station. After all the cakes were on the ground, each was rolled onto the train. I was amazed non were damaged.
I hugged Harry then sat down between Zayn and Eleanor. "Makayla! Give me your hand!" I didnt hesitate. "Baby, your aunt Kayla is here! Can you kick for her?" Almost on signal the baby inside of her pushed against my hand. 
"Eleanor! How long has it been doing this?" I couldnt help but smile and continue to feel her tummy.
"Niall's birthday was the first 'for sure' kick I felt. But she's been moving around for about a month." Louis jumped in then.
"Hey! We dont know whether its a boy or girl until October 22nd! I told you it gonna be Andy!"
" I want a girl! Angelica.... or April!" she seemed to ask me, more than tell Louis.
"I like April more. Lily and April are a perfect match!" I stated. Louis just shook his head, but sat down in defeat. It wasn't long before Zayn's arm snaked around my waist. I gave in and laid my head on his shoulder. "Can I take a nap?" We hadn't been on the train for 15 minutes yet and i was already tired.
"Sure beautiful, I'll wake you when I see some pretty landscape." I smiled at how he still remembered how much I loved nature. I felt him kiss the top of my head and soon the smooth sound of the train lulled my to sleep.

~Zayn's POV~
I kissed her head and joined into the conversation between Niall and Louis. "Where's the wedding being held, exactly?"
"Don't really know. I do however, know who the wedding planner is!" Louis practically yelled. "You remember meeting some friends at Makayla's 18th Birthday party?" Harry seemed to find interest. We all said 'yes' or nodded. "Remember Michaela Mindler? She's some famous wedding planner now and is best friends with the bride."
"WHAT?! We get to see Mic again?!" Harry blurted out. He had fear and happiness in his eyes. "Dang, havent heard a word from her in about 3 years... wow" Camly his last sentence came out.
"Harry be quiet, the women are sleeping!" Niall punched his shoulder. "So Michaela pickedH&M Patries then, and sent Robbie. How strange..." I tuned out falling asleep, pulling Makayla closer.

~Harry's POV~
I was going to see Mic again. My little Mickey. Before Makayla moved to England with Gillain, Mic and I really liked each other. We never had an official relationship, but it was close enough. We had dates, and kissed, and even had a song. She insisted it being 'Kiss You' she loved it. Anything to make her smile, to see her eyes light up. I missed her so much my heart ached.
We came out of a tunnel into beautiful hills and valleys. Already 30 minutes had passed. The rocking of the train car put me to sleep after a few moments.


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