Let Me Love You

A One Direction Fan-Fiction! Makayla has had a troubling past, and now she's stuck with boy drama and trying to keep her Bakery up! After a VIC (Very Important Customer) orders a huge order, her life just keeps getting better. Does she have what it takes to live the dream?


13. After Party(read at your own risk)

~Zayn's POV~

    It was about three hours into the party and I was already pretty drunk. What was I even drinking? Oh yeah vodka, Schmernoff vodka mixed into some kinda drink. I couldn't care less about the taste, I was busy watching the dance floor. There was a hug crowd dancing but I was focused on one girl. One amazingly beautiful and sexy girl dancing like she didnt have a care in the world. I drank the last of what was in my cup and headed towards her. I had a plan, and I was gonna make sure it worked.
     I snaked my arms around her waste and pulled her close. She responding gladly grinding into me, she was just as drunk if not worse than me. Makayla had always been a light drinker, but one hell of a partier! The bass dropped and she put her hand up moving her hips to the beat. I could feel my pants tighten, and she must've to cus she put one hand around my neck as I started leaving kissing on her neck. Her other hand held my body close to hers. Her lips parted as I found her sweet spot, right under her ear where her neck and jawline met. Whether any noise came out was unknown for the music was too loud for me to think. Suddenly she let go, and started walking away towards a door, swaying her hips more than usual. I easily caught up keeping her body close as I followed her out. I told the man to pull our car up. I looked over and saw Harry and Mic together as well as Niall and some blonde girl. I couldn't help but laugh knowing what they had in mind as well.
    "You're going to have the night of your life, be prepared." I whispered seductively into her ear. Feeling a shiver go down her spine.  I heard two doors close, me and Makayla were now alone on the sidewalk. I was again kissing her neck, making her silently moan and gasp. As the limo came up I didn't even question, I just followed after Makayla in, attacking her lips.

~Makayla's POV~ 

He attacked me with kisses! I could feel his bulge against my leg as my fingers went through his hair. It was so soft, I loved it! Zayn's hand started trailing up and down my stomach as the other tugged and twisted my hair. I held him close grinding our hips together. His tongue glided across my bottom lip, easily gaining access. He let out a groan as I pulled his hair. I giggled realizing where this was going. He slowly trailed kisses down from my lips, to my cheek, onto my neck. I gasped as he began to suck, leaving his mark. I would hear from it in the morning from the boys. His hand was still on my waste, moving down to the bottom of my shirt when the Limo stopped.
    "We're at the hotel." The driver said. Zayn reluctantly pulled away. As soon as I stepped out onto the ground, my feet were lifted up as Zayn carried me bridal style through the door of the hotel, then to the lift. He pressed the number 7, the top floor. Our room was right next to the lift doors. He still held me up as I slowly began kissing his neck, receiving a satisfied moan from Zayn. The doors opened, we exited, and he fumbled in his pocket to get the key. As soon as the door was open and see we're inside, he let me down but immediately pushed me against a wall. My hand glided up and down his toned abdomen. I lifted his shirt just enough for him to tear it off in the blink of an eye. 
    "Your turn." His voice so low it was almost evil. 
    "Work for it." I whispered into his ear. He responded by reach for the bottom of my shirt. But I slipped out of his reach running behind him towards the living room. He slowly followed me so I kept going, just walking now. Straight to the bedroom area. Our rooms were huge it was amazing. I suddenly found that Harry's room was right next to our as I heard quite a loud scream.
    "OH MY GOD! HARRY!" She shouted. Was that... Mic? I burst into laughter. I only continued as Zayn snuck in throwing me over his shoulder and laying me on the bed. His hand was over mine to cease the squeals. Then his hand was replaced by his lips. He got on top of me letting his lips do the work and allowing my hands to glide all over him. Before I realized, my shirt was off my body and being pulled over my head. My breath hitched as his kisses traveled down my neck and to my chest. 
    He pulled me into a sitting position un-latched my bra and pushed me back down. He slowly moved to my breasts. Massaging my left one, while he licked around and nipped at the nipple on my right. I moaned in pleasure, pulling a fist of his hair. I needed him further down. But when he started kissing down my stomach, I teased him and pulled him back up to my lips. 
    "Babe, don't tease me. I know what you want." I could feel my panties soak even further at his words. Again he started kissing down my stomach. This time I let him. He slowly rubbed over the cloth of my panties. "Well someone wants me, now don't they?" I only moaned in reply. His fingers wrapped around the edges pulling my panties down from under my skirt. His breath was warm on my legs. I felt his lips glide over my thighs. Leaving hickeys, and love bites. 
    "Zayn, please." I moaned. Needed to feel him. To my surprise he obeyed. His tongue went to my flaps, licking up all of what I'd leaked. He put my legs on his shoulders. Using his thumb to put pressure on my clit. "Oh, Zayn, yes." I gasped. His tongue went in and out of me. I had never felt this good before. Ever, as of I was a virgin, and Zayn knew it.
    "I'm gonna go two fingers Makayla, just tell me if I need to stop." And with that his lips were sucking on, and humming on, my clit. I felt two long fingers being inserted into me. Slowly he started, in and out. He looked to me to see if I was okay. I gasped as I felt his fingers curl inside of me, twisting as they went out and back in. He smiled knowing he made me feel this pleasure. I was shaking it felt so amazing. 
    "Zayn, now! I need you!" I pleaded. 
    "I'm right here,  babe." He cheekily smiled. He withdrew his fingers, me whimpering at the loss of his magical touch. He stood up nonchalantly. I sat up confused.
    "Zayn!" I sat up on the edge of the bed. I noticed the bulge again in his pants. "Don't you want to be free?" He was close enough to where I pulled him closer, wrapped in my legs. I let my fingers unbutton his pants and assist him in taking them off.  I really wanted him, but I also wanted to please him. So I stood up, and pushed him onto the bed. He tried to sit up, but I quickly straddled him, kissing him back into the bed. His hand found my waist and slid my skirt down my legs. I kicked it of and went down his abs. Oh, how his body amazed me. I reached the top of his boxers and took them in between my teeth. Tugging at them playfully. His fingers were entangling in my hair now. I took the boxers in my hands and pulled them down his legs. Showing his erection up against his stomach. "Holy shit Zayn! That's huge!" He smiled at my words.
    "Your big mouth should easily fit it though." He liked it rough and dirty. 
    "Oh I definitely could. It would fit perfectly. Feel it warm in my mouth, have it down my throat. Making you cum all over me." I smiled as he cursed in pleasure. I took his length in my hands one slowly rubbing the base, the other at the top, thumbing over his red tip. 
    "Fuck, Makayla. Are you sure you've never done this?" I took away my hand from his band, cradling the balls. Slightly squeezing at them. Zayn couldn't stop moaning. I licked up his huge dick, stopping at the tip. I sucked like a Popsicle on it. Hearing in groan in pleasure distracted me and he bucked his hips, sending his full length down my throat. "Shit, sorry!" But I kept going. Fitting as much as I could rubbing what I couldn't. "Oh my god. Makayla, I'm, I'm gonna cum" after a few more strokes he twitched and a salty substance was in my mouth. I swallowed and licked the rest up, not leaving one drop. 
    "You taste pretty good Zayn, but I think this belongs somewhere else." I said rubbing his erection as he rode out his orgasm. Only a soft groan was my answer. Then out of now where he pulled me up and flopped me onto the bed and was on top of me. "Give it to me baby, every inch of you. I need you now!" I said half way moaning, half pleading. I felt the tip by my entrance, slowly it entered. A sharp pain came to me but it was bearable. 
    "Hold on, it'll be better soon." Zayn told me. He kept going slow, until there was no more pain. And I started moving all over the place. 
    "More Zayn, Harder!" I groaned. Oh my god it felt amazing, he hit my G-Spot every time I screamed in pleasure. Forgetting the neighbors next to us in the other room. "ZAYN! I'm. Gonna. Cum! OH MY GOD!" I felt my walls tighten. But Zayn was yelling at me to hold it. I tried and tried, and right when I was about to give in, he pulled out. "What the fuc-" before I could finished he rammed up my ass. I shrieked in pain, but after a bit it felt a little better. 
    "Touch yourself Makayla." I was confused but I was to pleasured to show. He took my hand and pulled it to my area. I understood and obeyed. After I started he pulled out and went into my entrance, then out and into my ass. Back and forth hitting my vulnerable spots every time. Again I felt my walls tighten, but I wasn't told to wait. I gave in and cummed all over his dick who twitched and released inside of me. He kept going riding out our orgasms together, them he collapsed to my side. "You're pretty amazing at this." He said, pulling me close. 
    "You're not to bad yourself." He smiled and kissed my forehead, we were both out of breath. So we cuddled up, with his arms around me, and soon fell asleep.

~Harry's POV~

    "Hold it Mic! You slutty whore, hold it!" I shouted. I wasn't allowing her to orgasm until I was at my peak. She was nothing but moans and whines. She was still just as good as I remembered. With three thrusts I let go. "Almost. There. NOW!" I shouted, and we let out together, completely soaked in each others juices. I rode out our climaxes then went down to her area. "You taste so amazing Micki" I said while licking up every last drop.
    "You're work is down there too you bastard." 
    "Watch it. I may just have to punish you." I said, as menacing as I could.
    "Oh yeah? Go ahead!" She shouted. I flipped her over with one swift movement, grabbed her ass and put her into doggy style. I jammed my dick into her butt all the way, going in and out, in and out, as fast as possible. She screamed and groaned in pleasure and pain, I kept going, harder. "MORE, NOW!" She screamed. I grabbed her hips and started pushing and pulling her with me to go faster, and I myself went faster. I didn't think it was even possible to go this speed. With one last huge thrust into her I orgasmed for the second time. "Oh Harry, I should misbehave more often!" She breathed. I kissed her check and pulled her close. Her back to me, I pulled the covers up. Soon her breathing had slowed I to even breaths and I knew she was asleep. She was so beautiful. I really did love her, and after 3 years, it's like nothing changed. Soon I myself drifted to sleep.


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