Let Me Love You

A One Direction Fan-Fiction! Makayla has had a troubling past, and now she's stuck with boy drama and trying to keep her Bakery up! After a VIC (Very Important Customer) orders a huge order, her life just keeps getting better. Does she have what it takes to live the dream?


21. A New Life Begins

Chapter 21 A New Life Begins ~Makayla's POV~ I was sitting in a chair looking into the mirror with my outfit on. I was wearing black slack and vivid purple tank-top. On top of that was a black leather half-jacket. I had silver hoops in my ears, I few brightly colored bracelets, and a necklace I had just been given by Zayn. It had a silver chain, and half a heart that said "I love you." He had the other half that was gold and fit perfectly with mine. His has 3 small diamonds in the corner. It was beautiful I absolutely beautiful. My make up consisted of light pink lip gloss, natural eye shadow, mascara to make my lashes long, and a bit of blush. I wasn't huge on make-up anyways. I had two new songs, and was gonna sing like 10 covers of other songs I knew. I was beyond nervous. There was a crowd of 10,000 people. My first concert and it was 10,000. I was starting to panic when Niall came over. "You look beautiful, Makayla. Calm down, you'll do fine sweet heart." I looked at him through the mirror and gave a slight smile. "Just don't think about anything, just have fun and be you!" I took a deep breath, stood up and gave Niall a hug. Then he nudged me towards the stage. "Knock em dead girl." He said in the most horrible American accent ever, I couldn't help but laugh. I walked out slowly and held my mic tighter than necessary. Cautiously I spoke. "Hey everyone." A loud roar echoed back. "Are you all as excited as me?" Again a loud roar. "Well I guess we should get started then! Here we go! This is my new song Louder Than Life." They cheered and whistled and then died down as I started. Singing the first verse and chorus before letting the music take over. I miss you, you say i miss you too I miss your eyes, you say you miss my smile I Love your soul, you make me whole I love your touch, i cant give you much I hope your the one, we always have so much fun I hope you'll always be mine, we'll make it time after time Without you I'd be lost, so confused in life I don't quite think you realize what you've saved me from Thoughts fill my head, but then i see you, and im perfectly fine I looked to the crowd as verse one ended and saw a wave of hands waving. Heard cheers around me. And see the smiles of every face pointed to me. I continued with a new found strength. It's was really a beautiful thing. I still have the rose you gave me, and ill never let it go I remember your kiss, like i remember my first snow I see you everyday, but im still not in your arms Its amazing what you do to keep me from harm I have flaws, but you say thats why im perfection From the moment i met you, I knew we had that special connection I've been patiently waiting for about three years When you were finally mine, it brought me to tears Monday was seven months, and now im thinking back If I explained them on paper, id have a towering stack You are my heart, my voice, my life And hopefully someday, maybe you can call me your wife. I sung the covers of songs like Hey Soul Sister, Because of You, Drops of Jupiter. A few from Skillet like Yours to Hold, The Older I Get, The Last Night. Of course some from One Direction, Tell Me A Lie, I Would, Little Things, and lastly Irresistible. "So that's all for tonight. Unless you want one more?" They screamed various 'yeahs' and 'Encore' and other responses I couldn't quite make out. "Okay, it's one I just finished yesterday. So I don't really have it ready, and it's a different kind of song... but if I can get a keyboard..." Niall came out with a keyboard I kissed him on the cheek and he left me alone again. "Thanks Nialler. Okay, here it goes." I swear I'm happy, I promise I'm fine. Don't worry about me, Because ill never tell. Whether I'm upset, Or just not in a happy mood. Whether everything's wrong, Or nobody is even there. Don't worry about me. This is how it goes, The confused mess that I call a life. I have an exciting day, I see glorious new wonders. Then I leave the site of wonders, I go back to the same cycle. Everything is the same as always. The place I'm at the most, The place I never want to be, Should be a place of safety, And a place of joyful laughter. Don't worry about me, Because ill never tell. Whether I need a friend, Or just need to scream and cry. If I can't find a single light in the dark, Or if I'm falling off a never ending cliff. Somehow ill pick myself up, Ill push on in life like always. Ill rejoin the same thing that hurt me. Hope that it'll be different. Someday ill go without fear. Someday ill win the ongoing battle, In one way, I will feel relief. Even if possibly that day, Will be the day I leave this life. One day I will win, Don't worry about me. Really I could never write songs, I always wrote poems. One day I just finally was able to make songs and find the write tunes to make music out of them. I thanked the audience bid them goodnight and walked off stage. I was attacked by Niall who picked me up off the ground, spinning me around. "You did absolutely amazing Makayla!! I'm so proud of you. They really love you!" He set me down and I gave him a hug back. "Thanks Nialler, where's Za-" I didnt even finish because I felt his arms around my waist and his soft kiss on my cheek. "Did you see me? They were actually listening to me! They actually like me! It was so perfect!" He nodded and smiled. "I told you you were something special. Now do you believe me? We all told you you had a beautiful voice, do you believe us now?" I smiled and nodded. Then Harry came in smiling, with mic on his arm and Gillian close behind. "You did fantastic Makayla! I don't think I've seen anyone get that into a song in a long time! You really are something special." He spoke slow and true, the way he always did. Then Mic and Gillian suddenly burst into squeals, hugging me and jumping around. "Girls, gosh, calm down! You're gonna make us all deaf!" I burst into laughter at Harry's remark. "So who's ready to go back to my house and party?! Micki, we have an engagement party for you and Mr. Styles over there!" She smiled and jumped back into me for another hug then replied. "And WE have a party for your first successful concert! Champagne, punch, and ice cream for everyone!! Louis, Liam, Dani, and El are already at the house preparing the food." She took my hand, as Gillian took my other. Niall and Zayn took my feet and I was being carried to the limo we had gotten from Simon. Harry followed out shaking his head and laughing to himself and then started singing I Gotta Feeling as we exited, everyone else joining him after a few seconds. We sung this and a few other song the whole way to my house. ~Louis' POV~ Me and Eleanor had just finished putting all the snacks out and tying the last of the balloons. She turned on the music, and I pulled out a cake we had bought as a surprise. We heard the limo pull up and voices singing Party Rock Anthem. Well Niall singing it and undoubtedly doing the dance moves. I looked out the window to see the crew and went to let El know. They came in and Makayla immediately came and jumped into me, I just barely caught myself from falling to the floor. "We're you there Lou?! Did they record anything?! You should've seen me. It was amazing! I felt this buzz run through my body, they all were singing along to the songs, and interacting! They were shouting my name Louis!" She was practically yelling but also kind of whispering. I let her back onto the ground and hugged her properly. "I saw little sis. You did amazing. You have such an amazing talent, learn from the best." I smirked only to receive a punch on the arm. I pretended to wince and rubbed my arm. Then looked at my little sister. My fully grown, beautiful woman my sister has become. I took her face into my hand. "Mom and dad would be proud of you Makayla. Annabelle would be too. They would love to know their little Kayla grew up to be so talented, and beautiful." She smiled but I could see the tears brim her eyes. I was so proud of her too, more than she would know. I pulled her in for one last hug until El and Danielle came in to steal her. It was a typical party we played a few games of would you rather, and truth or dare. We all sat down to eat some cake as we all talked it was a lot of fun. Mic and Harry were inseparable, I was happy for my mate. He was finally marrying the girl of his dreams. Gillian and Niall were constantly teasing each other, it was cute. Zayn was just lost in his own world, completely dough boy eyes, all over Makayla, but she was the same way back. Then I heard her say "Zayn? Do you really believe you'll be at the end of the aisle waiting for me one day?" He stopped, stepped back, took her face in his hands, looked directly in her eyes and said "I do." She let a tear fall and fell back into his arms. That was I think one of the most romantic things I have ever seen. We started dancing after the food was gone, just having fun. It was about 9:45pm. A slow song came on suddenly, so we grabbed a partner and just swayed back and forth. El had her arms around my neck, our foreheads touching. When I felt the baby kick. "We'll see you soon little girl." I said, rubbing the spot she had kicked, or punched. The song ended and El had pulled away quickly. She had fear in her face. "El..... You okay?" She shook her head slowly at first then grabbed my arm. "Louis....... It's time." She whispered. My eyes widened. "Are you sure?! It's a month early!" I yelled. She nodded her head and squeezed tighter on my arm. I took her hands into mine. "Louis, my water just broke. We nee-" I didnt let her finish. "EVERYBODY TO THE CAR NOW!!! THE BABY IS COMING!!" ------------------------------- Kay that's all! Look out towards the middle of August for book two: Isnt She Lovely Have a great last few weeks of school, and hope your summers are amazing! Ill miss you guys! Love you!! Until next time- Auf Wedersehen!
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