Let Me Love You

A One Direction Fan-Fiction! Makayla has had a troubling past, and now she's stuck with boy drama and trying to keep her Bakery up! After a VIC (Very Important Customer) orders a huge order, her life just keeps getting better. Does she have what it takes to live the dream?


18. A Dream Unfolds

~Makayla's POV~

    I woke up and looked at the clock. 9 am. I sat up and walked to my dresser. I picked out a light pink crew neck that hung on my body, and had short sleeves. Then I had boot cut jeans that fit me perfectly. I slipped on my sneakers and walked into the bathroom.   My hair was an absolute mess. Since I only had to be at the bakery today I put in into a messy bun. I yawned and turned on the warm water to my sink. Blindly I opened the medicine cabinet and reached for my Clean&Clear face wash. I never had really bad acne but this made sure any stayed away. I could feel the tingle of the soap cleaning my skin. The smell woke me up. The warm water felt amazing and made me smile. After rinsing off the soap I patted my face with a towel, breathing in the freshness. Looking in the mirror my smile didnt last. Just a plain girl, chubby face. Awkward smile. I was short, and had flab on my stomach and thighs. Now don't get me wrong i am a pretty cute girl. But no where near as beautiful as anyone else. Just then I get a text from Harry.

From: Harold
Hey you on your way darling? 

To: Harold
Yes, I'm walking out the door now!  

From: Harold
Kay! See you soon :)

    Walking down the stairs I grabbed my recipe book. I was planning on, attempting to, cook my grandmothers braided bread. She had wrote down her exact recipe but it never turned out right. So ever so often I would retry it adding different amounts of one thing or less of another, or studying the instructions more carefully. I set the book down on the stairs while I put on my coat, recollected it along with my purse and walked out the door, keys in hand. 

~Harry's POV~

    About 45 minutes after texting Makayla she showed up and immediately I knew what she was after. The red and white checkered book in hand. Bookmarked pages with sticky notes all over the place, it was her recipe book she put together over the years. She only brought that on one occasion, because she memorized everything else. "So braided bread on the menu again?" She smiled half heartedly and then walked into the kitchen. Setting her stuff down she stopped realizing that there was already a crowd around the newly built stage area. "Niall's out there with his laptop, you know what songs you're singing today?" She shook her head, eyes wide.
    "Niall said he's picking 3-5 songs that he's positive I know. But he wouldn't tell me which ones!" Niall gets on the mic and announces her arrival. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Seems to be what she has to do so her nerves calm. Then she heads towards Niall. 
    "And here she is now! She will be singing 3 songs today of which I chose. So lets see how she does." He winks at her and hands her the mic.
    "Umm, hey everyone. Sorry if I stumble the nut here didnt tell me what he chose..... But how are you all this morning?" The crowd of about 50 people all replied with various answers of "good" of "tired" or "excited to hear you!" This made her smile, her eyes shining. Makayla was like my little sister. I loved seeing her happy, I loved seeing her dream take off. Niall started the music to what she'd sing just as my phone vibrated telling me I was getting a call. I walked out to talk to my girl.

Wednesday, November 12:

~Zayn's POV~

    It was about 10:30 in the morning, which meant Makayla was already awake and at the Bakery. She'd be leaving in an hour for her show at the pub. I had decided to be extra awesome today, cus' I'm just that amazing of a boyfriend. Okay, okay, I'm not that awesome. 
     But she had been doing so well with her little performances I decided to get her a bouquet from a little flower shop her and her grandmother used to visit all the time. Macy, the owner, new exactly what Makayla would like so she set up the bouquet and I was on my way to pick it up. I had left the house about 20 minutes ago and I had another 5 to reach my destination. 
    I could drive there with my eyes closed, I'd been this way so many times. Makayla hasn't been in almost a year, the last time she went was to get a bouquet of roses. Her grandmother had passed away, and she just couldn't bring herself to go back. She tried about a month ago and she broke down as soon as she got in the car. Her grandma was still really young, only 64 and she had passed away from cancer. It hurts knowing how much pain Makayla is in when she thinks about her. But I know she missed the flower shop and Macy missed her horribly. I pulled up to the curb outside of Poppy Floral and took my key out of the ignition.
    "Zayn! How are you?" I heard Macy's raspy voice from the back of the store. "I got your bouquet back here, come!"
    I walked towards the back where reserved bouquets were on display. I saw so many different colors and flowers. One had green and black and purple roses with a few, I think, baby's breath. Then I saw another with Stargazer Lilies and these orange and white tulips, and German Statice. The last one that caught my attention had so many different flowers. The Stargazer Lilies, 4 of them in corners. German Statice to fill the holes. Roses that were yellow and had hints of pink took up the majority of the bouquet. Then all around the edge were Bleeding Hearts, a flower that Makayla always kept in her garden, and had always caught my eye. I knew instantly that was the bouquet Macy made for me to give. 
    "Well if you're so sure it's hers pick it up and go!" Macy was putting together another bouquet full of daisies and other flowers. I pulled the bunch of flowers that were Makayla's out of the refrigerated shelf and pulled out my wallet. "Honey go, I don't need any money. Karen and little Kayla left me with so many memories I couldn't put a price on, just go." She stopped her work to look up and smile at me, I could see that she missed her old friend dearly. I smiled back saying 'thank you' and 'I'm sorry' in a silent look, then left to go see my angel.

~Makayla's POV~

    I was on my way to the pub when I saw a familiar car. At the stop light I pulled out my phone.

To: My Baby
   Hey hot stuff, ill beat you to the pub! Hint, look left.

    I watched him take out his phone smile then snap his head to see me and he waved like a five year old good ball. Then he turned to his phone and within 10 seconds I got a text.

From: My Baby
    Winner gets to choose tonight's events ;) 

    The light turned green and me and Zayn sped off I moved into the turning lane and swerved into the parking lot, parked, pulled out my key, unbuckled, and noticed Zayn was opening his door. "Oh no you don't!" I yelled racing him to the door, running with all my might. I was gonna lose I knew. He's on the side walk, if I could jump the railing I'd win, just 5 more feet. I'm gonna make I- 

    "Not this time!" I hear him yell, and he opens the door walks in and waits on me. He barely ran to the door, his long, tone, beautiful legs beat me by a mile. I hadn't noticed until now he was hiding something behind his back. That's when the smell of an old memory hit me. Eighth grade, Exploratory Ag class, Mr. Byers room always filled with dried out plants. Oh how I loved the smell of it, and I loved the flowers especially German Statice. Where did Zayn get them from? The only place around here was at Poppy Flora- 
    "Zayn you didn't." I whispered, already feeling my eyes tear up. I wasn't upset, I was hurt. And happy. I love that he went to get me a bouquet from my favorite flower shop. But it hurts remembering who I used to go there with. 
    "She would be so proud of you Makayla. Seeing that one dream came true, and you're fulfilling another. She right by your side smiling." Zayn whispered drying my tears with his thumb, kissing my cheek.
    Oh how I missed her, I called her Nanny always, even when I became an adult. She was so happy when I got my bakery, and I loved that she moved to England just to be with me and enjoy it. I could always feel her next to me telling me I would make it, I would be successful. I could still remember her house that had my first princess bed as I called it. It had the draperies around it, I still remembered all the cakes we made, and the garden outside, how she was the one who taught me how to drive when I was there. It just hurt so bad not having her here. 
    Zayn pulled the bouquet from behind him and handed it too me. I realized at once Macy's handiwork, she picked the flowers, but that's not what caught my attention. It was the design, it was the summer just 2 years ago and Macy had let me make my own bouquet. She took a picture and it hung behind the counter ever since. The bouquet I had, was an exact replica of what I made. I would've started crying more but I couldn't. I just laughed, and laughed. My Nanny practically forced her to let me make a bouquet and Macy was so impressed at my work, she'd never hush about it. My Nanny was watching out for me, she was with her old friend as well. For the first time in a year I was happy and smiling while thinking about her.
    "Thank you Zayn, so much. This is just what I needed."

Thursday, November 13:

~Gillian's POV~ 

    "WAFFLE HOUSE WE GO!" Makayla yelled down the steps. I had spent the night. Well kinda, I came at like 1 in the morning. Makayla delayed when I came over, it was obvious that Zayn got laid last night. 
    I heard about how he bought her the flowers after her performance yesterday. Right after she finished telling me Zayn came up with 3 drinks called windshield fluid. Allergen toy it was red bull, with vodka, and some other kinda blueberry drink. It tasted amazing though. When he had sat his drink down I jumped onto his lap. "You're taking care of my lover, and I'm glad. You get to keep your balls. Keep doing what your doing, she's really happy." Then I kissed his cheek and went back over with Makayla, who had already downed her drink. Damn she was a party girl. "Wow, wow, wow. No more for you, party hasn't started yet." She didnt listen, she left drunk. I drove her and Zayn to his house and then went home until Makayla texted me to come over.
    "What are you gonna sing today Makayla? Cus I was thinking maybe some Michael Jackson?" I was waiting for her reaction.
~Makayla's POV~

    By now I was down stairs in the living room with Gil getting my coat on. I about choked on my own saliva when she asked that. I stared wide-eyed. "Dude, what? You hate Michael Jackson!"
    "I don't hate him! I just don't favor any of his songs..... Other than We Are The World." I rolled my eyes and began to sing exactly when she did.
    "There comes a time, when we head a certain call! When the world, must come together as one! There are people dyin, and it's time to lend a hand, to life. The great gift of all!" Then Gillian sung by herself.
    "We can't go on, pretending day by day, that someone somehow will soon make a change!" Then I sung.
    "We are all a part of, God's great big family. And the truth, you know love is all we need!" And then as we walked out the door and to the car we sung together for the chorus.
    "We are the world! We are the children! We are the ones who make a brighter day, so lets start giving. There's a choice we're making! We're savin our own lives! It's true we make a better day, just you and meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee." We always hung on to the last note to see who would win. As always I did..... Okay, okay I don't always win, but I did that time. We giggled and drove off to the Waffle House.

Sunday, November 16:

~Mic's POV~

    I had promised Harry I would go to the Bakery with him. I didn't think Makayla was performing on Sundays but apparently there was a huge surprise I needed to hear. He would pick me up at about 2:30 so the lunch rush had died down. A lunch rush where they sell pastries who would have thought. As of right now it was 2 and all I needed to do was put on a coat and grab my cell phone. Suddenly I got a text.

    From: Curly
Hey ill be there in a few moments! Xxx

    To: Curly
Kay :) ill be waiting! Xoxoxo

    Just like he said he was there in moments. I opened the door and walked out. He took my hand as I reached his car and kissed it delicately. Then he lead me to the other side of his car, holding the door open for me, then carefully closing it. He hopped into the drivers seat and turned the radio up slightly. Once he found a station he thought suitable he spoke.
    "So how's business been?" Random question.
    "Um good, haven't been focused. I'm still sorting out everything at the house remember?" I had decided to move in with Harry, I couldn't stand being away.
    "Oh yeah. Sorry I haven't been much of a help, Bakery gets busy. I promise to help this evening, just direct me to where I need to go." His accent deepened as he sounded like a butler. He squeezed my hand slightly as I laughed. 
    "How's things at the bakery, by the way? Makayla figured out anything new?" His beautiful smile appeared, showing off his dimples.
    "Yeah, she finally figured out that braided bread. You know it's been 3 years she's been trying to perfect that?" Really, that long? I didn't see how bread was that hard to make. 
    "Her performances been working out?" He nodded his head.
    "Yeah, the audience is about 50 people. Half of them show up 20 minutes before she does! I love watching her." His voice was sentimental. Normally I would've been jealous, but I knew that Makayla was like a little sister to Harry. 
    "That's amazing Harry. Little Kayla is following in her big brothers foot steps! D'awwwwllll." He chuckled and pulled into the bakery. "So what's the big news that you made me come to hear." 
    "Well. Makayla made these new pastries. And she wanted you to try them, see if maybe you'd want them in a wedding or something." I nodded slowly, walking through the door. 
    "Hey Makayla! How's my vanilla cupcake?" I said hugging her before I sat down. 
    "I'm doing amazing! Now I have a what I'm calling the Galaxy Delight. I baked what you'd use for cinnamon buns, only without the cinnamon. Then I put the icing on, with raspberry filling dripping off. Then a few blueberries around it. Giving the purple-ish color that would remind you of a galaxy. I wanted you to try one, and maybe have it in one of your weddings?" Niall had brought out one of the most delicious looking treats I've ever seen. Harry was sitting in a chair at the table next to me. 
    "Of course. My mouth is already watering haha!" Then I lifted it up with my fingers, and took a bite. Delicious absolutely heaven. It was the warm soft bread, and the sweet fruit. And the creamy mixture of the icing and filling. I took another immediately hearing Makayla giggle. But this time I was stopped by something really hard. "Ow, what's this?" I looked and saw something metal. I pulled it out and immediately my eyes widened. A silver ring, one big diamond in the middle with two smaller ones to the side. I snapped my head to the right to see Harry on his knee. He took my right hand. My eyes watered.
    "Michaela, I love you more than you will ever know. I never stopped loving you. When I had to leave you, my heart was in pieces. I can't explain how overjoyed I am to be back with you and to have you sleeping next to me in my bed. Your smile, your eyes, your laugh, everything about you is perfect to me. Would you do me the favor of becoming Michaela Styles? Would you marry me?" 
    I slowly took my hand away. Wiped my hands, and my face. Then looked back to a confused Harry. Then I smiled. So wide my cheeks hurt. I nodded my head and giggled. "Yes Harry. Of course I'll marry you! Yes, yes, yes!" His dimples returned and he picked me up in a hug, spinning me around. He kissed my cheek then slipped the ring onto my finger. Then he looked back to me and kissed me so delicately. So passionately. I loved this man, I always had. And now, I'm going to marry him.



~there you go!! Chapter 18 is up! I'm back! Ill be writing! This story is far from over.

~chapter 19 I'm hoping will be up soon, it'll be a bit shorter than this one, but still long haha

~Love you all! I have over a thousand readers between the two websites I have this on <3 I'm so happy!

~Comments and reviews are welcomed! See you soon!

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