Let Me Love You

A One Direction Fan-Fiction! Makayla has had a troubling past, and now she's stuck with boy drama and trying to keep her Bakery up! After a VIC (Very Important Customer) orders a huge order, her life just keeps getting better. Does she have what it takes to live the dream?


10. A dream and Reality

*Flashback- 6 years ago*

~Zayn's POV~
"This is my favorite concert yet!" Niall said. I rolled my eyes but nodded.
"Its the land of chocolate Niall! Every little thing is chocolate inspired." I gawked. Niall was practically drooling.
We were all in our dressing room messing around. It was July 6, 2013. Being crazy, calms our nerves before a concert. I dont know why but I was really, very, excited for this one. So many fun things were going to happen! Confetti, beach balls, and Plus we were singing a song from our third album! So far the Take Me Home tour was going really well. A knock on the door caused Liam's and Louis' teasing of Harry to pause.
"Five minutes everyone!" I heard the security gaurd call. We all yelled 'okay' or 'yeah' back. I nervously fixed my hair, noticing the guys doing the same. 
"You ready? Who's going to hand the lucky fans the VIP passes?" Paul spoke. Me and Liam raised our hands. "Okay go into positions! Good luck boys!" He yelled after us. We were going to run to the stage though the crown. We walked to the entrance and at our cue we ran out.
The audience went crazy realizing we had come out. I went through and heard a voice to my left. "Zayn! My beautiful king!" It was cheesy but sweet. I stopped looked and saw a girl about 14 or 15 with pleading eyes.
"Love! Come here!" Her parents smiled, pushing the shocked girl forward. "How would you like two backstage passes?" she was stunned. Nodding vigorously she accepted. "Do I get a hug?" I finally heard the beautiful American accent this girl had.
"I love you so much! You are my inspiration! Thank you for everything and making me smile!" she hugged me so tight, it was very sweet.
"You're welcome sweet heart! I gotta go, enjoy the show!" and off I went. Liam to was saying good-bye to a fan. We ran up on stage took our microphones and began singing Live While We're Young.
Hey girl Im waiting on ya, Im waiting
on ya! Come on and let me sneak you out!
And have a celebration, a celebration!
The music up the windows down!
The music video played on the screen behind us. We would preform two other songs before our twitter views. The girl I gave the passes was stuck in my head as I sung my solo.
Hey girl its now or never! It now or
Never! Dont over-think just let it go!
And if we get together, yeah get 
together, dont let the pictures leave
your phone!
by this time everyone was singing along. I ran to the front and grabbed a girls phone. Niall did he strut pose. Liam just went into the camera, Harry blew a kiss, Louis sung into the camera and I turned it to me making retarded faces. I returned the phone to its owner and touched some fans hands. The second song began.
Hello, Hello I know its been awhile but 
baby! I got something that I really 
wanna let you know, yeah something that 
I wanna let you kno-oh-oh-oh-oh!
Louis really liked this song. he thought it was funny how a happy beat was about a depressed guy begging for his girl back. I looked out to see everyone dancing and singing. I loved the rush that was gathering in me. This song ended quickly. I got to say the intro.
"Good evening Pennsylvania!! How are you all today?" I paused to let them scream. "Well I dont know about you, but im gonna be up for quite awhile! Lets stay Up All Night!" The sirens went off and the lights went crazy on the stage. I loved the intro to this song. absolutely amazing. 
It feels like we've been living in
Fast forward. Another moments passing
by! The party's ending but its now or
never, nobodys going home tonight!
The next part we changed. And the audience erupted at our new lyrics. "The only band to make parodies of their own songs" theyd say. I loved seeing the fans catch on to our 'games'
Dont even care about the table breaking
We only wanna have a laugh! Im only
thinking 'bout this girl im seeing,
I hope she'll wanna kiss me back!
I winked at a pretty ginger after my solo. She was stuck between crying and fainting. It made me feel special i had that affect on people, but it worried me. Niall spoke when the song ended.
"Good evening everyone! How about we take a look at twitter?" The response was a mess of screams. "Okay! So Clara, in section L seats 25&26? 'I wanted so bad to be a water bottle, Id have a better chance to meet you! #Kingsley' Where Clara at?" 2 girls were jumping and harry pointed them out.
"Okay my favorite was, 'What always makes you smile no matter what?' Harry's voice was low as he looked to me and Louis. "This works for most situations." he then put on a cheeky smile moving his hands to under his chin. "CUPCAKE!!!" he said in the girliest way ever! I lost it along with the Louis. I laughed till I gasped for breath, along with Louis and Harry.
We proceeded with the tweets and Liam's turn came. Okay, I don't think this fan knows it, but I've been following her on twitter and have been watching her videos. she tweeted 'I cannot wait! No meet/greet and no the best seats, but I'll hear your amazing voices in person!' So Makayla, who's sitting in section K seats 38-40. Could you come up to the stage?

~Makayla's POV~
I started crying when he read my tweet. I was still now. Did he just ask me to go up on stage? "Makayla love, don't be shy." Liams voice was calm. My feet slowly learned their job again.
"Excuse me, can I get through?" I barely whispered. I got out in the isle and slowly walked up towards my inspirations, my life, the 5 boys who saved me without knowing me.
"Makayla is that you? Wave to let us know." I stuck my hand high in the air. Girls around me started screaming, and a light was on me, and my face on the big screen. My pace sped up to a jog and Liam's hand extended to help me up. I just touched Liam Payne's hand! I'm on stage with One Direction! I pinched myself, wincing I confirmed this was reality. "I can assure you, you aren't dreaming." Liam chuckled as he hugged me.
"Well beautiful, Liam;s kept you a secret! Tell us about yourself!" Oh Louis, could your voice get any more sexy? I had his mic now.
"Uh-I..." I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. "Im going into the 10th grade, I love drawing, cooking, and singing. I turn 15 tomorrow!" I stopped, wondering if they wanted me to go on. I squealed as harry picked me up in a huge hug.
"Happy Birthday!!" One Direction just wished me a happy birthday. Best. Gift. Ever! Niall came up next to me. "You like singing? How about singing a verse or two for us?" And cus the stuttering again.
"I-uh-dont know... Im not the best-um..."
Liam cut in, "I've seen you videos! You have a wonderful voice!" Can I faint yet?
"Um...Okay..." Liam whispered something to Niall, who went to grab his guitar. He immediately started playing, Beautiful by Christina Agulera! I smiled and waited to start. "Every day is so wonderful, but suddenly, its hard to breath. Now and then I get insecure! From all the pain, feel so ashamed. I am beautiful no matter what they say! Words cant bring me down. I am beautiful in every single way, yeah words cant bring me down. Oh no! So dont you bring me down today." Did I seriously just do that? In front of One Direction at Hershey Park Stadium? I suddenly couldnt breath. I smiled, but closed my eyes. Luckily Niall was next to me. I grabbed his wrist to steady myself.
"Whoa! Calm down. No need to be nervous!" Niall's words were distant but my lungs opened again as I was embraced into a Horan Hug.
"You really do give the best hugs! I managed a giggle. Zayn cam up to me then. He really was beautiful.
"Well you're one lucky girl! You got to sing on stage, and you got back stage passes!" I remembered the tickets as my hand slapped my back pocket. Zayn laughed. Oh my god, how long I'e waited to hear that in person. I was in heaven.
"And I met you first. Are you guys sure Im not dreaming?" They all nodded laughing. "Well I want you to know how much you've helped me. All i have to do is turn on a song and Im happy." I couldnt believe what happened next. Zayn kissed my forehead, harry picked me up and sat me on a stool. They started singing their new song. TO ME!

*Present Time*

~Zayn's POV~
My phone ringing woke me up. "Hello?"
"Zayn! No work today, Im coming over in about 2 hours!" Makayla's voice woke me up.
"Thats great! What time is it?"
"I just woke you up? Haha, its 10:30!"
"Perfect! We're going to lunch then! So dont eat!" She giggles and we hung up. I'd done it, I got my best friend back! I remembered my dream and was shocked already 6 years had gone by. I started to hum as I made myself a bowl of cereal.

The door opened and closed. i heard Makayla's light footsteps run to the kitchen. Then when she found I wasnt there, she slowly came to the living room. I was watching Friends and I acted like I didn't notice her presence. Then as she wrapped her arms around my shoulders I grabbed her waist and pulled her to the couch. She knew what was coming next and tried desperately to get out of my grip. She squealed and laughed as I tickled her sides. One good kick to my stomach and I stopped. She may not look the part, but she's pretty strong.
"Im gonna get you back Malik!" She ran to the door as I chased after her. I grabbed her arm and pulled her into a hug. I felt her hands travel down my back to my boxers. She grabbed hold and gave me a huge wedgie! "Dont tickle me and that wont happen next time!" She grabbed her coat and ran out the door. I adjusted my clothing before slipping on my shoes and grabbing my keys. 
"Hows Pizza sound?" I asked, she loved pizza more than anything.
"Perfect! Ive been craving Pizza Hut's bread sticks!" She buckled and turned on the radio. Every now and then she would sing, but she mostly looked out the window. Enjoying the familiar landscape. It didnt take ling until we arrived. "Im gonna get some piz-za! na na na na na-na!" She sung, hyper as always. I chuckled as I held the car door open. "Thanks!" Before I could say anything she ran to the door and disappeared inside. Okay, who gave her sugar? The girl is crazy! She looked to me as i entered and lead the way to our table. "We are getting pepperoni and black olives!"
"Okay, whatever you'd like!" We ordered and just talked. And talked, and while we ate. We talked. About our family, our jobs, problems, and just everything. I missed doing this. I missed her. I'm so glad I got a second chance.

~Makayla's POV~
I ate more than half the Pizza. I couldnt resist I love Pizza! i stood up as Zayn paid for the bill. He helped me with my coat and held the door open for me. Still the gentleman I remembered. Only, now he was mature... and extremely handsome. Well he's always been. I could just never tell him. Until the night at the club, but now I had a new plan. "Zayn?" 
"Yes, Love?" he turned to face me and i brought my lips to his. He kissed back holding my waist, not wanting to let go.


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