Paper stars [ON HIATUS]

What would you do if you were given three wishes, what would you wish for? Maybe something that you desperately need to have.. or maybe make the boy you like, like you back.. But then after a while, you realize that you didn't really need those wishes, all you needed was patience.. because even miracles take a little time. [ON HIATUS]


1. Prologue

"Mum, I found this box at the attic" She showed me a medium-sized box with a UK flag design and a lock.

"Oh yeah" I replied smiling as I remembered everything I stored in that box

"Uhhh, what's in it? Can I open it?" She asked putting the box on the kitchen counter.

I stopped what I was doing and approached her. "You really want to know?" I asked chuckling "Yup" She replied

"Alright wait here" I said and went upstairs. I scanned my jewelry box for a necklace with a small key. I found it, I chuckled as I remembered all the memories that box holds. I went downstairs and I found her examining the box, real curious about what's inside

"What's in it?" She asked eagerly. I gave her a smile then I used the key in the necklace to open the lock. I smiled as I saw the box's contents. And she just gave me confused looks. I gave let out a small giggle

"What are you doing?" Her brother asked

"I found this box in the attic and it's full of.. this stuff" She showed him the contents of the box

"Mum, I don't understand a thing..." He said. I chuckled then kissed his forehead

"It's a long story dear" 



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