Paper stars [ON HIATUS]

What would you do if you were given three wishes, what would you wish for? Maybe something that you desperately need to have.. or maybe make the boy you like, like you back.. But then after a while, you realize that you didn't really need those wishes, all you needed was patience.. because even miracles take a little time. [ON HIATUS]


10. Chapter 9

*Harry's P.O.V*


Me: "Thank you" I whispered as we pulled away. My hands we still around her as I pulled her close and she wrapped hers around mine as well. 

Chynna: "You're welcome" 

Me: "I don't expect you to forgive me, but let me make it up to you. Will you go out with me?" She was silent for a while

Chynna: "Of course" She replied sweetly. I kissed the top of her forehead and muttered a "Thanks". We walked back to the others, who were staying at the garden pavilion. Chynna's friends came to hug her and make sure she's alright and the boys came to me and did the same. 

Louis: "You alright mate?"

Me: "Yeah..just sort of wet"

We met Chynna's friends, they're actually pretty cool and I can tell that they really cared for her.



*Chynna's P.O.V.*


Me: "Whatever Liz"

Liz: "Oh c'mon Chyn, HARRY FREAKING STYLES is in love with you"

Me: "Well to me he's just Harry Styles"

Liz: "C'mon Chyn, I know you have their songs in your playlist"

Me: "What?" I asked surprised

Liz: "I also know that you write about him in your diary"

Me: "Wha-wha-woah.. You read my diary?"

Liz: "Not really, wait, so you don't deny that you wrote about him?" 

Me: "Look Liz, Harry and I are best friends. We've known each other since like we were kids and at some point I developed a crush on him but everything changed after prom. All of my friends had boyfriends or girlfriends and they focused more on their relationships than on their friends, which is me, and being left out I focused more on school. It's sort of a good thing actually, then Harry became famous. On my graduation he came and listened to my speech and that night was when I told him the truth. And I guess we were both in the same situation. He told me everything, that he also had a crush on me but at that time I thought he really changed. I thought being famous had changed him, and with the help of paps and all I thought he was a player. When I moved here and met you I planned on never seeing him again. That's why I tried my best getting away from you when you're in your 'Directioner state'. Now, I'm still having a bit of a hard time processing everything that's happened, plus being busy with college." I explained slowly so that she's finally shut up

Liz: "Dang girl.. But just one more question.." I gave her an approving look "Did you really compose 'I Wish'?"

Me: "Yeah.. Well, one time Harry invited me over and I scanned through his stuff in his desk and I found his notebook, his personal notebook which I am the only one who has seen, and I saw some lyrics. That song caught my eye because when I read the lyrics I thought of Harry. I took my guitar that I kept in his room and started playing a tune then I ended up composing it with Harry singing"

Liz: "You know he really does love you" She said. I gave her a 'not so sure' look and she just gave me a smile. The same smile that she gives me when she wants me to think about things. She then left to get the door, once she opened it Charles, Ash, Jess, Keith and Ryan barged in with worried faces. 

Me: "What's wrong now?"

Ryan: "How do you know something's wrong?"

Me: "It's like 7 in the morning, why would you go to my place at 7 in the morning"

Keith: "Good point"

Me: "Alright now what's wrong?"

Charles: "Remember last month? When the principal talked to us in front of the school?"

Me: "Yeah when she asked us to decorate the stage for the semester bash"

Charles: "Yeah, remember what else she told us?"

Me: "No, not really.." I said trying to remember that day

Charles: "Well she said that she picked some students to perform at Central Park?"

Me: "What the hell.. How could I forget?!?!?!"

Jess: "Yeah well they called this morning and said that they have a dry run in like nine days!"

Me: "Oh my gosh..." I said in frustration.

Keith: "Well we could do the one for school?"

Ash: "We can't that's only for six minutes, we need to have at least a fifteen minute performance"

Ryan: "So I guess 10 hours a day?"

Charles: "Yeah I guess.. Just until we finish fifteen minutes of the performance then if we still have a few days we could add some more"

Me: "Alright I'll just change" I rushed to my room and put on some sweats and a tank top then left. Liz went shopping, as always, then we went to rehearse at the park. 

For some reason there were a lot of people at the park. There were kids playing, families bonding, couples taking a walk and other stuff other people do. We didn't really mind rehearsing in front of many people, I mean we do it all the time at school. We claimed our spot near the tree so it could be a bit cooler and the tree would give us energy if we get tired, all we had to do was hug it... 

Jess: "Alright which playlist are we going for?"

Ryan: "How about the one where we have lines and stuff?"

Keith: "No that's too long.. Let's just go with the one with the story"

Charles: "Yeah and that's exactly fifteen minutes! That's perfect!"

Ash: "Alright guys let's get started.. So the first song is 'The Impossible Dream'....."


*Harry's P.O.V*


Niall: "Can we pleaaaaassseeee go now?!?!"

Louis: "Why are you so excited?"

Niall: "Do you know how many food they have?" 

Louis: "Well you seem more excited than Haz"

Harry: "Shut up Lou.. I'm just nervous"

Zayn: "Woah-woah-woah, did he just say that he's nervous?"

Liam: "I believe he said 'Shut up Lou..I'm just nervous'.." He said imitating my voice

Louis: "You've gotta be kidding Hazza.."

Me: "Look guys, Chynna's isn't just some other girl. I've loved since second grade and I still love her now. I tried everything just to get over her because I thought if I told her the truth and she didn't feel the same we wouldn't be friends anymore. I even got a girlfriend, still didn't work. I mean I haven't seen her in like two-three years and I still haven't gotten over her"

Liam: "And you're worried about the date?"

Me: "Yeah a little bit..I haven't even started on that, I have no idea where to take her.."

Zayn: "Relax mate, we'll help you"

Louis: "And of course a special girl needs to be taken on an extremely special date"

Niall: "And a special boy needs some special attention because he wants some special food!" He whined

Me: "Alright let's go"


We reached their room and before we could knock, Niall just barged in and went to the kitchen. Liz was on the couch and noticed us but she was busy filming something, I think. We went in and watched as she was making a bracelet made of some chains and stuff. Once she was done which was like after ten minutes, she asked why we were here

Liam: "Well Niall wanted some food" She nodded slowly while fixing the mess she made from all those cutting and stuff

Zayn: "What was that video for?"

Liz: "Oh I'm gonna post it on YouTube, me and Chyn are YouTubers actually but were not really like super famous or anything. We just do it for fun.. just those stuff"

Louis: "Hey, where is Chynna?"

Liz: "Oh she went to the park to rehearse for their upcoming performance. Which reminds me I have an appointment at the Nail Salon... Just lock the door when you leave" She said then slamming the door shut. After about a few minutes we all just stayed there waiting for Chynna and then just did some random stuff while waiting. 

After about five minutes Zayn came running around the living room screaming then everyone else started screaming as well but I didn't really pay attention, I just kept my attention to my phone. 

Liam: "HARRY! GET UP!" He shouted

Me: "Whyy???" I whined, not wanting to get up

Louis: "Get on top of the table Haz!" He ordered

Me: "And why would I want to do that?" I asked turning my attention to them, I noticed they were all on top of the table, except for Zayn who was on the kitchen counter. 

Niall: "Because there is this freakin large dog that wants to kill us!" He shouted

Me: "What??" I ask sort of confused. The only dog I know that's large is Cookie. And he wouldn't hurt anybody.. 

Liam: "Get on the table Harry before that dog comes back!" He said, and Cookie came running in, trying to jump on the counter probably to lick Zayn's face or something. And the boys just started panicking, I started laughing.

Louis: "Harry get on top of the stupid table!" 

Zayn: "Ahhh get away for me dog!!" 

Niall: "Where is Chynna?!?!?"

Liam: "Shouldn't Liz be back by now?!?!?" 

I laughed at them then made my way to the door. The boys tried to follow me but Cookie ran around the table, meaning the boys were stuck there. I started to walk through the hallways and I decided to call Chynna. I dialed her number and she picked up after a few rings. 

Me: "Hey, where are you?"

Chynna: "At the park. We have a performance in nine days and we totally forgot about it"

Me: "So you guys are probably gonna rehearse all day"

Chynna: "Yeah..."

Me: "So what time are you gonna get back? We hung out at your place and Liz went shopping so we're kinda bored.."

Chynna: "It's been like four years and you still call me when your bored..." 

Me: "Yup"

Chynna: "Well I'm gonna be home late, we're gonna get some dinner as well probably"

Me: "Alright, bye" I hung up. I spotted a vending machine around the corner, I bought a drink and walked back to Chyn's room. 

As I opened the door the boys were still on the table, Cookie ran to me barking then jumped on me and the boys started panicking and all. Luckily I didn't fall this time.. 

Me: "Ha.. I didn't fall this time boy" I said while petting Cooke's head and he barked "You always jump on me and I always end up on the floor, but not this time" I rubbed it in Cookie's face.. Then the boys gave me confused looks and Cookie growled at them for some reason. "You know what boy? They think that you're a mean dog.. They said you wanted to kill us" I said in a very soft voice. Cookie looked at me then looked at Niall, saying that I should go to him or something like that. I walked to Niall and Cookie stood up on his paws and started sniffing him, and Niall acted all nervous and stuff. Cookie then growled and Niall started to get really scared. After a few moments I noticed that Cookie was talking about the bag of food Niall was holding. I took the container from him and opened it, inside was meat or something, I guess he was planning on cooking these. Then it hit me, Cookie was talking about the food! It was his favorite he always had those when he was little and when Niall took the meat Cookie got sort of 'mad'. "Why'd you take his food?" I asked Niall

Niall: "What?"

Me: "The food in the container, it's Cookie's favorite"

Louis: "Cookie?"

Me: "The large dog that wants to kill us" I closed the container and I let Cookie observe them and by observe I mean sniff. He took the container and put it in the fridge then he sat on the couch and played with the pillows.

Liam: "Man, that dog is smart"

Zayn: "Wait, so all this time you knew this dog and you didn't tell us that he was kind and not trying to kill us?"

Me: "Well you guys didn't ask" And they started to get off the table and the counter. 

Niall: "It would have been nice if you told us about the stupid dog"

Me: "Actually he's really smart"

Louis: "And freakishly large!"

Me: "He wouldn't hurt anybody guys, I've known him since he was a puppy"

Liam: "And you didn't bother telling us..."

Me: "You guys didn't ask" I said, I can tell the boys were pissed and all but after a few minutes they'd be back to normal again. 

Niall: "WOOOAAAAAHHHH..WAIT..So I've been eating dog food all this time?!?!" 

Me: "Not really, Chyn baked those cookies and they're edible for humans to eat as well. I'm pretty sure she still uses the same recipe 'cause Cookie can tell if it's a different one and no matter how good it is he won't eat it"

Niall: "So those extremely delicious cookies were doggie treats?" 

Zayn: "Well that must be a damn special dog" 

Me: "Yeah, he is.." I said slowly. Cookie is very special to me, Rhi and especially Chynna. He was there when we left her, he was there to comfort her, keep her company, make her feel better, he was always there. He never left. I remember the night of prom, I went to look for Chynna and I found her at the park crying, Cookie was comforting her. I wanted to come to her but knowing Chynna she would want to be left alone. "Cookie loves Chynna more than anything else. He would always be by her side no matter what happens. He's the only one who loves Chynna more than he loves himself" I said sincerely

Louis: "You think Cookie loves Chynna more than you do?" I sighed and nodded slowly "What makes you think that?"

Me: "I hurt her Lou, so much that I don't deserve her forgiveness. I left her all alone and didn't even bother talking to her anymore. I ignored her for like a year then showed up at her house randomly, I left her for two years. Cookie would never do that to her. During the times I was gone sometimes when I look out my window I see Chynna sitting on the bench in her backyard reading a book, she looked very lonely. And Cookie would take the book from her and she would chase him with loud giggles escaping her mouth. Cookie always found a way to make Chyn happy, even if he just sat on the couch. He loves Chynna more than anything" I said heading over to the couch and sat next to Cookie. I patted him gently and he rested his head on my lap. The boys kept quiet, probably didn't know what to say.  

After about a few minutes Liam came to me and sat beside Cookie. 

Liam: "Are you alright mate?" 

Me: "Yeah.. "

Liam: "I just got one question.. Do you love her?" He asked and I faced him

Me: "Yes, I've had ever since second grade and I always will" I told him

Liam: "Then just don't mess up"  He got up then left. Great advice Liam... Liam does give great advices and it helps us a lot but sometimes he just gives like riddles and you'll have to find out what he means. I turned to Cookie who was chewing one of his chew toys 

Me: "Wanna see Chynna boy?" I asked and he replied with some happy barks. I took his leash and put in on him 

Niall: "Hey, can I come?" He asked suddenly

Me: "Yeah, sure"

Liam: "Where are you guys headed?"

Me: "The park" Liam nodded and carried on eating. 


*Chynna's P.O.V*


I don't need no parachute baby if I got you, baby if I got you I don't need to parachute

Cheryl's voice echoed around the park as we danced our own version of tango to it. It's Argentine tango with a twist of hip hop, and Parachute was the right song to dance to it. The crowd around us was every pleased, you could see it in their faces which means we did a good job finishing a whole routine in like five hours. I did my final spin and landed in Ryan's arms, as the tempo changed into a faster one he moved behind me, or I moved in front of him. This was the last song and we were already close to the end. As we finished, the music stopped and everyone applauded. We all thanked them then collapsed on the grassy and shady part near the tree. Charles and Jess handed out drinks and as I was about to catch the bottled water Jess threw to me, I was tackled to the ground and was licked on the face. It took me like thirty seconds to process all of this and notice that I was tackled by a dog and that dog was none other than my beloved Cookie. 

Me: "What are you doing here boy?" I asked him and sat back up. He jumped on me again and I was left lying on the ground as Cookie tackled Keith to the ground. I just stayed there and watched the clouds but I was interrupted by Harry's face in front of he, he was standing behind me and bent over to give me a kiss. "So that's why Cookie's here" 

Harry: "Yeah...Niall's here too" He said looking around finding him "..somewhere here.." he added as he couldn't find him

Me: "Probably buying some food..." I said and he sat beside me 

Jess: "Hey Chyn" Jess called out and threw the bottled water to me. I caught it and replied "Thanks" 

Harry: "That was really something" He said 

Me: "What? Our performance?" 

Harry: "Yeah it was amazing. I really really liked it.. I didn't even know that you could dance"

Me: "Well thanks we worked hard on that.. And I don't really remember when I started dancing"

Ash: "When we got trapped in the cafeteria, we all started dancing together then" She reminded 

Me: "Ohh yeah, I remember... and then we continued on ever since" 

Ryan: "Hey... how come no one noticed Harry Freakin Styles in this park??" He stated and we all were confused as well. How come no fans are here?

Harry: "I actually don't know..." 

Keith: "Don't complain! It's better to have some quiet time than have teenage girls surrounding you screaming things"

Ryan: "On second thought..."

Ash: "Eeeeey shut up Ry!"


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