Paper stars [ON HIATUS]

What would you do if you were given three wishes, what would you wish for? Maybe something that you desperately need to have.. or maybe make the boy you like, like you back.. But then after a while, you realize that you didn't really need those wishes, all you needed was patience.. because even miracles take a little time. [ON HIATUS]


9. Chapter 8

*Harry's P.O.V*


We were backstage, at an interview. We just got our clothes and make up done, when I received a call from management.

Me: "Hello?"

"Yeah, Harry? Listen, if they ask about you and Chynna tell them that she likes you but you're not sure if the relationship is gonna work"

Me: "What??? No way, I am not doing that!"

"Yes you are, no buts Harry"

Me: "But she's gonna hate me for life! And it's not even true!"

"We don't care, now if you don't do that you know what we can do. You have to do it, alright? Bye" They hung up. What??? I can't just do that! 

Me: "I hate management!" I almost screamed 

Liam: "Woah, calm down mate, what's wrong?"

Me: "They want me to say that Chynna likes me but I don't think that the relationship is gonna work"

Zayn: "They can't do that can they?"

Me: "Apparently they can"

Louis: "Are you gonna do it?"

Me: "I don't know"

Niall: "She's gonna hate you for life if you do that"

Me: "I know"

Liam: "Don't worry. Let's just try not to make the topic come out, and if it does we'll try to cover you up" Liam gave me a small smile

Me: "Thanks mate" 

"One Direction" The producer called out "You're on in thirty seconds" She announced. We walked to the side of the stage, waiting for the interviewer to call out our names. 



*Chynna's P.O.V*


After about twenty minutes of being chased by paps, we finally arrived at my hotel. Luckily they weren't allowed to enter

Me: "I'm so sorry guys" 

Keith: "No biggie, that's how celebs live their lives anyways"

Me: "I am not a celebrity" I defended myself

Charles: "You're a celebrity's friend" 

Me: "Yeah, but they think I'm his girlfriend" 

Ash: "Well, that's how the media sees people...Hey where's Liz?"

Me: "I think she went grocery shopping?" 

We all sat on the couch, Charles scanned our kitchen for something to eat and he came back with a bowl of chips and some soda, then Jess opened the TV. The moment it opened we saw five boys sitting on their seats. 

Jess: "Oohh they're having an interview"


"So which one of you boys have girlfriends?" The interviewer asked and Louis and Zayn raised their hands. Harry, Niall and Liam didn't seem to pay attention, though.. 

"How are they?" 

"Well, they've just been very supportive and all. In fact, they'll be joining us on our concert at MSG" Louis announced

"How about you Zayn, how are dealing with the fact that Perrie will also be going on tours and all, are you afraid that she'll be away for some time?"

"I'm cool with that. I mean, she also has to focus on her career and I will also be going on tours as well, but we always remember to keep in touch." Zayn said "Even if it's only on skype or through texts"

"Okay, now Harry-" The interviewer was stopped by Louis. And all the boys were now paying attention

"In fact, Zayn wants to come visit Perrie on tour. And maybe we'll all tag along" Louis said slowly for some reason

"Alright, Harry" The interviewer started, and the boys had worried looks on their faces. What was going on?? They were all acting weird, especially Harry. I've known him for how many years and I know when something is going on.

"Yup" Harry said nervously

"You've been seen with a girl the other day" 

"Yeah, she's an old friend of mine" He said nervously again

"She's also a friend of ours now as well, this is the first time that we actually met her but we've seen her before" Louis said

"So are you guys only friends? or there's more than that?" The interviewer asked

"I-uhh.. ummm" Harry said nervously biting his lip

"They're uhh.. she's a good friend of ours and uhh.." Liam said nervously as well. Harry sighed heavily and said 

"She actually likes me but I don't think the relationship's gonna work though.." He said with no expression on his face


Me: "WHAT THE HELL???" I half shouted as I stood up

Jess: "Chyn, calm down" She said trying to get me to sit down


Ash: "I'm sure he has a reason Chyn, I mean he doesn't look like that kind of guy"

Keith: "Yeah, he wouldn't do that if it wasn't for an important reason"


Charles: "Oh c'mon Chyn, of course they don't"

I stormed out of my room and they all followed me out. Once I left the hotel I was surrounded by paps. They were asking some questions like 

'Are you using Harry just for fame?'

'Are you really his girlfriend?'

'What made you do this?'

"Do you really love him?'

I freaking hate them. They think they know everything and they spread it out on TVs, newspapers and on the internet for the whole world to see. Don't they even think that they can hurt some people? I mean, they can ruin someone's career! For some reason they stopped when I reached the park, and it was starting to rain. They're probably afraid that their cameras will get wet and all their precious photos will be gone. 

 I walked there alone but I can tell that Ash, Jess, Keith, Ryan and Charles were close by. Then someone grabbed my hand, I turned and faced Harry. Ash and Jess came running to us and Keith, Ryan and Charles tried stopping them, especially Jess. Who knows what she could do.

Jess: "Why the hell did you just do that!?!?!" She screamed as she tried to get out of Keith and Ryan's grip

Ash: "I thought you cared for her! But you made her look like a stupid slut in front of all the people in America!" She shouted as well and Jess finally got away from Keith and Ryan. But before she could do anything Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis went to stop them and guided them away from us, telling them something. I really couldn't hear them talking because of the pouring rain. 

I stood there and stared at Harry with anger and disbelief. I released from his grip and started walking again

Harry: "Chynna!" He called and walked in front of me, I ignored him and walked past him "Chynna!" He called again and stood in front of me 

Me: "What Harry?" I said annoyed 

Harry: "I can explain"

Me: "Explain what Harry? What did you even do to me? Besides humiliating me in front of millions of people" I stated and walked past him again but he stood in front of me again 

Harry: "I didn't mean that. Management just told me to do that" He said, I looked at him. I can't believe that!

Me: "And you did it anyways, even though you had the power not to? The Harry I knew would never do that to a friend. He would never do that even if someone told him to." I said him. "But I guess that Harry I knew is gone." I walked passed him again and this time I was a few meters away from him 

Harry: "I still love you Chyn." He said which made me stop walking "I always have and I always will" I looked at him with disbelief. 

Me: "You know what, Harry? Remember when I used to make thousands of paper stars? I made them because of one reason but I guess that doesn't matter anymore does it?" I said facing him then I turned away and started walking again

Harry: "Chynna.." I stopped again and looked at the sky

Me: "They say if you make a thousand paper stars you can make a wish, and that wish could come true." I said softly, my anger disappearing and tears starting to fall from my eyes "You wanna know what I wished for?" I asked as I looked at him "I wished that someday.." I looked away from him "..the boy that lived next to my house, would someday put his arms around me, kiss me gently and tell me how much he loved me.." I said, tears now falling "I wished that that curly haired boy would be the one that I would kiss in front of the altar as be both say "I do", and that he will be the one that I would grow old with" I looked back and I saw that he was also crying, even though it wasn't that noticeable because of the rain "They said it could come true. And I was so close to that, if only he asked me to prom then my life would be so much easier. But they didn't say that he would" I said before walking away again as I gently sobbed

I then felt someone grab my arm and pull me close. I looked up and saw Harry, I didn't know if I wanted to get away from him or not, I didn't know if I wanted him to let go or not. He put his hands on both of my cheeks, his thumb wiping the tears away. 

Harry: "I'm sorry but I don't do gentle kissing" He said softly before his lips touched mine. He moved his hands to my back pulling me closer, and with that I kissed back, my hands remaining on his chest. I swear I felt the flashes of cameras, I tried to pull back but Harry held me closer and I felt him smile while doing that which made me smile as well. 

I guess I still have feelings for him. I guess I still love him. I guess this is the kiss that I've been waiting for. I guess I never realized how much Harry loved me. 


And I guess...

My wish is coming true...

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