Paper stars [ON HIATUS]

What would you do if you were given three wishes, what would you wish for? Maybe something that you desperately need to have.. or maybe make the boy you like, like you back.. But then after a while, you realize that you didn't really need those wishes, all you needed was patience.. because even miracles take a little time. [ON HIATUS]


8. Chapter 7

*Chynna's P.O.V*


Me: "Liz will you please lower the volume!" I shouted. She was listening to some One Direction songs, and when she does the volume is like 100%

Liz: "Oh I love this song!!" 

"He takes your hand, I die a little" She sang along

Me: "What..." I said shocked. He recorded the song? The song he wrote and I composed? He recorded it.. "What song is that?"

Liz: "I Wish, why? You like it... You like don't 'ya? Oooohhh your becoming a Directioner!!" She teased me

Me: "No I'm not"

Liz: "Then why did you ask about the song?? You never asked about any other songs I played before"

Me: "That's because that's the first time I heard of that song.. I mean, I didn't know they had a song like that"

Liz: "Is that only it??" 

Me: "And because that song means a lot to me, it's special" I admitted but I'm 100% sure that she won't believe me

Liz: "Special? That's the first time you've heard of it"

Me: "First time?" I chuckled "I composed it" I stated, leaving her shocked and all. She then started saying that I'm joking and stuff and that she doesn't believe me and stuff. Once she stopped she just started squealing about what she saw on her computer, probably a shirtless picture of One Direction.

Me: "Liz, will you please stop!" 

Liz: "I told you before Chynna, I can't help it!"

Me: "Whatever"

Liz: "Hey will come with me to their concert?"

Me: "Whatever"

Liz: "I'll take that as a yes"

Me: "Whatever"

Liz: "Whatever" 

Liz is my room mate, and best friend. And she's also a huge Directioner, which bothers me so much. It's been about two years since I last saw Harry. I moved to America, and I live in an apartment with Liz. She doesn't know most of my past. She doesn't know that I live in Holmes Chapel, all she knows is I'm British and I lived in the UK, she doesn't know anything about Harry and she doesn't know that I loved him. Yes, I used the word loved, I finally moved on. Three months after my last talk with Harry he's been seen with many girls, some he dated for a while and some for his one night stands. He's really changed now, and it sort of helped me moved on. He did say that he'll always love me, but he lied. In some interviews he confirms dating some girls and says that he loves them more than anything, or whatever, he lied. He's more of a player now, the Harry I knew was gone. Or at least that's what the media thinks of him.


Me: "What??"

Liz: "They're coming to America!!!"

Me: "Which part??"

Liz: "Well, they're performing at MSG"

Me: "Madison Square Garden???" I asked amused "Well that must have been a dream come true for him" I mumbled 

Liz: "Well that's the one we're going to"

Me: "We're what??"

Liz: "C'mon we can stay at a hotel.."

Me: "But I want to-"

Liz: "Pleeaaasseeee"

Me: "Fine but I'm not coming with you to that concert"

Liz: "Whatever. C'mon let's pack"

Me: "We're leaving now??"

Liz: "Yup"

Me: "But, says here.." I looked at the tour dates "The concert's in like three weeks"

Liz: "So? We can walk at central park or go to the zoo or take Cookie for a walk or whatever"

Me: "Fine then" 




Liz: "So what hotel do you think they're staying at?"

Me: "I don't know and I don't wanna know"

Liz: "Just because your not a Directioner doesn't mean that you have to ignore them and think like they don't exist"

Me: "I just don't want to know anything about him-them" I corrected hoping that she didn't hear my mistake "And I have no plans on meeting them either"

Liz: "Suit yourself"

Me: "Look just sit on the bench and enjoy your latte" I said while taking a sip of my latte and making myself comfortable on the bench. I tied Cookie's leash on the bench as well, he's pretty big now and if I just wrap the leash around my hand, he could drag me to where ever it is that he'll drag me to.

Liz: "OH MY GOD..."

Me: "What is it now??" I noticed Cookie look into the direction Liz is staring to and I just put my attention back to my phone. Then all of a sudden, Cookie removed himself from his collar then ran away. "Cookie!!" I ran after him leaving my stuff with Liz who was now striving to prevent the lattes from spilling. Sometimes I hate it that that dog is so smart... 

I saw Cookie jump over a man, I stopped from my tracks and I was about to apologize when the man started laughing, and hugging Cookie. 

"Aww I've missed you, boy!!" A familiar voice said. Oh hell no... Cookie ran back behind me, the man stood up and looked at my direction. "And I've missed you" He added slowly

Me: "Hey.." I said not pleased. The plan was go to collage, live a happy life, and not see him again. I repeat, not see him again. 

Harry: "Hey" I tied Cookie on his leash, and tightened his collar "Well, he's all grown up"

Me: "Yeah.." He bent down and started petting him, and Cookie returned it with jumping on him and licking his face 

Harry: "And you've..changed"


*Harry's P.O.V*


Chynna stood there, looking stunning as ever. She was wearing a loose pink sweater, skinny jeans and brown boots, and her hair was a little bit shorter and had blonde and caramel highlights. I thought I forgot about her but I think I'm wrong, I still have this feeling inside that I only feel when I'm with her. 

Chynna: "Is it good change or bad change?" Her mood seems to lighten a bit 

Me: "Definitely good. I mean, since when did you get so much better at fashion than Rhi?" I joked and I saw a small smile appear on her face

Chynna: "At least I don't fight old ladies over a pair of shoes" She said which reminded me-us of the old times. 

Me: "We used to have so much fun together"

Chynna: "Yeah... Prom sort of ruined everything"

Me: "Yeah.. But Rhi did get a boyfriend after prom"

Chynna: "Yeah.. you got a girlfriend as well. And you guys focused more on your relationships than on your old friends, and with that I focused more on my studies and graduated valedictorian in high school" She said and we were silent for a moment. She then started tearing up, I pulled her in for a hug "I'm sorry"

Me: "Why?"

Chynna: "I'm just... I'm sorry"

Me: "I'm sorry too.."

Chynna: "Why?"

Me: "Because of everything I did to you. I-I hurt you Chyn, I hurt you for so many times. But you just stayed strong and ignored all the pain, you still cared for me, even though it hurt. Thank you... "

Chynna: "You're welcome.."

Me: "And I'm not kidding, I really miss you Chyn. I missed all those movie nights, all the food you cooked, all the things we did to annoy Rhi. I miss those walks with Cookie, those trips to the mall, I miss talking to you. I miss going to your house because I'm bored." She lightly chuckled as she remembered those times, memories flooding back. She started tearing up again as I mentioned Rhi. She missed her.  

Chynna: "I miss those too." She said wiping her tears "I miss you and Rhi and all the things we did together" She admitted. I put my hands on her shoulders, then put them on both sides of her face. 

Me: "I miss you too" I planted a small kiss on her forehead the wrapped my arms around her again, and she pulled me close as she gently sobbed. Cookie also decided to join our hug, he stood up and rested his paws on mine and Chynna's sides. I released Chynna from my arms and picked Cookie up. "Oh he's heavy.." I said, I was surprised because last time I held him in my arms he was still a puppy and he weighted almost nothing. Now he's all grown up, big and heavy. 

Chynna: "Yeah.. He's my big boy now" She ran her hands through his fur and kissed his head. 

Me: "He's your ONLY big boy??" I said emphasizing the word 'only' and pouted 

Chynna: "No, your both my big boys" She crossed her arms and smiled. "I'm not kidding Harry, but I really thought you've changed" I put Cookie down 

Me: "I changed? For the better or for the worse?"

Chynna: "To be honest, for the worse. I think the press sees you as the flirt of the band and I really thought you became a player and all, which I still sort of believe... But I was wrong, the Harry Styles that lived next door to my house, is still behind all of that" She used her hands to emphasize 'all of that'. 

Me: "Well he still is" I assured her. "And he still has this huge crush on the same girl ever since second grade" She looked at me with a sad look in her eyes 

Chynna: "Things have changed Harry. And I'm not sure if I still have a crush on that boy, but if I do, things are different know.." She said and my heart sunk

Me: "But it can still be the same" 

Chynna: "I-I don't know.."

Me: "Well, can we have one more of our walks with Cookie" I changed the topic

Chynna: "Of course" We walked to where she was sitting a while ago "Damn, I forgot" She muttered then a girl with short blonde hair started bombarding her with questions. Then started squealing as she saw me. "I'm sorry... " She said annoyed by her friend "Liz please shut up" 

"How can I shut up when Harry freaking Styles is standing right in front of me!" Then she started blabbling about other stuff. 

Chynna: "You're sort of causing a scene now" With that the girl calmed down a bit "You wanna stay at our place?" 

Me: "Yeah sure" 

We reached their room, they were staying at a hotel not far from where me and the boys are staying. I introduced myself properly to the girl, whose name was Liz. 

Me: "You guys don't live in New York?"

Chynna: "Actually, we live in Brooklyn"

Me: "Well what brings you guys here then?"

Chynna: "Liz wanted to go to your concert"

Me: "Ohh...You're a Directioner then?" I asked Liz

Liz: "Yup, and I'm having a hard time breathing right now.." I chuckled 

Me: "I wonder if Chynna feels the same" I said looking at Chynna with a smirk 

Chynna: "Actually yes, could you pass me my inhaler" She said stating the obvious. I took the inhaler on the table on my left and passed it to Chynna.

Liz: "How come you treat him like a servant? He's Harry freaking Styles!"

Chynna: "Yeah well to me he's just Harry Edward Styles, from Holmes Chapel, the guy who needed a lot of help growing up" 

Me: "Hey, I never asked for help" Chyn gave me 'are you kidding me look'

Chynna: "Let's see umm, homework, umm, waking up, food, cleaning the mess you made"

Me: "Yeah, well what mess did you clean?" I said trying to make myself look innocent, which I don't think will work

Chynna: "That cat you and Cookie chased when Rhi was on a shoe fight with some lady and the cops chased you guys"

Me: "Alright fine, maybe I did need some help" She put on her victory smile then went to the kitchen "So Liz, you wanna meet the boys?"

Liz: "Are you kidding me?? Of course!" I texted the boys to come over, they said they'd be here in a while, after they escape from the hotel that was surrounded by hundreds of girls. Chynna came back with a glass of orange juice, apple juice and a can of Coke. Liz took the orange juice, I took the apple juice and Chynna took the can of Coke. 

Me: "Hey Chyn, where is Rhi?"

Chynna: "I'm not sure, last time I saw her she was at collage back at home.."

Me: "Aaaahh..."

"HEEEEEEYY!" The boys barged in

Me: "Really? Just open the door and say 'Heeeeeyy'?"

Louis: "Yup" 

Me: "What if you were in the wrong room?"

Louis: "What's your point?" 

Me: "Whatever"

Chynna: "Hey, I'm Chynna-"

Niall: "Oh, we know who you are.." He said in a weird tone

Chynna: "You do?" She asked confused

Liam: "Yup"

Louis: "Haz went to Holmes Chapel on your graduation just to see you." Chynna gave me a questioning look

Me: "How do you guys even know that?"

Zayn: "Oh please Harry, like we didn't follow you to the auditorium that day"

Chynna: "Well this is Liz" For some reason Liz was calm and we all got a proper introduction with each other




*Chynna's P.O.V*


Harry and the boys just left, and Liz started screaming.

Me: "Shut up Liz!"

Liz: "How could you now tell me that?? How do you know him?? Tell me everything! NOW!"

Me: "Alright.. Well Harry lived right next to my house in Holmes Chapel, I went to school with him, he's my best friend and I had a crush on him, and I didn't know but he also had a crush on me, we told each other the truth when I graduated high school and I planned on never seeing him again after that"

Liz: "What the hell is wrong with you? Never see him again after that?? How could you even think that?? Woah, woah, woah, woah.. He had a crush on you??"

Me: "Yeah.. he said he still has.."

Liz: "OH MY GOD... AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I would have killed you if you weren't my friend"

Me: "Whatever" Liz then started blabbing about random stuff, mostly about Harry and his band. We ate dinner, then I took a shower and headed to bed. 




I woke up, then I took a shower and changed into some sweatpants and an off shoulder top. I walked out of my room and went to the kitchen to make some breakfast. 

Me: "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" I screamed, I saw someone cooking some food and eating a sandwich. He turned around, I calmed down, it was just Niall.

Niall: "Hey" He said happily

Me: "What are you doing here?"

Niall: "Cooking some food"

Me: "Why?"

Niall: "Cuz I'm hungry"

Me: "Why can't you cook at your hotel?"

Niall: "Management doesn't want me to.. They said I should take a diet and they told the hotel not to give me extra food"

Me: "So you're eating here.."

Niall: "Exactly"

Me: "Can I have some.." I sort of asked as I took a bite of his pancakes

Niall: "Uhhh ermmm..." He said unsure

Me: "Well I already took some, so you have no choice" He groaned in defeat, and four other boys barged in. They all passed me and said 'hey', Harry giving me a kiss on the forehead, like before, then sat on the table. "So you guys are eating here too?"

Louis: "Yeah.." 

Me: "Well then, I have to go to meet some of my friends in five minutes. So.. bye" I took my bag then went outside, I went to one of my friend's house. We were going to practice our performance, I'm part of a dance crew in our school and we're gonna do a performance once we get back. That's why I'm going to my friend, Charles' house. He's half Canadian, and he's a great dancer. He has brown hair, that's a bit long and he's the best in doing stunts like back flips and stuff.

I walked to the door, and knocked. Charles opened it and smiled 

Charles: "Hey girl"

Me: "Hey" I said as he let me in

Charles: "So I've seen pictures of you..and Harry Styles.."

Me: "Oh yeah.." I said sarcastically then I took my wallet, I had a picture of me and Harry there. I have a lot of pictures in my wallet, mostly about me and my friends back in Holmes Chapel. I showed him the photo and he was a little shocked.

Charles: "You knew him?? All this time??" 

Me: "Yeah.."

Charles: "Well that's awesome!" Charles isn't that much of a Directioner, but he does like them. He likes their songs and he said I'd be an honor if he had the chance to meet them. He likes how in their songs, they put what they want to say to girls and stuff.

Me: "Yeah.." 

Charles: "Whatever. Alright, Jess and Ash are at the backyard, Ryan and Keith should be here too"

Me: "You know they're always late for some strange reason-" I was stopped by the door quickly opening and shut. "So what happened now?"

Ryan: "We were chased... by.. a dog" He said catching his breath

Keith: "An old woman, two girls-"

Ryan: "hot girls" He added

Keith: "And several little kids" 

Charles: "Why?"

Ryan: "Well we were buying ice cream, I ordered the last strawberry ice cream, turns out the kids loved that flavor and they were furious that I got the last one. Keith tried apologizing, but I got tired of it so I got all sassy. Then they started chasing us"

Keith: "We passed by the park and there was a tent there so we decided to hide there. But it was a bad idea 'cuz it was a dressing room, they were shooting a commercial and we didn't know, Ryan here bumped into the clothes rack and some clothes were wrapped around him so now we were chased by girls and little kids."

Ryan: "Then we bumped into an old lady and her dog chased us and she chased us as well" I left the room and went to the backyard. Jess, Ash, Keith, Ryan and Charles are all part of our crew. Jess is also British, she lives in Liverpool, she has long blonde hair that had blue highlights, she's really sweet but when someone does bad things to her friends or family she can be pretty harsh. Ash is from California, she's a total fashionista. She has blonde hair as well and she has a weird obsession with teddy bears. Ryan and Keith are cousins, Ryan has brown hair but he dip dyed the ends red. He's the best in doing illusions while we dance and he can play the guitar as well. And Keith is more of the leader of the group, not really, he's just the most mature out of all of us even though he is the youngest. 

Jess: "There's the famous Mrs. Styles" 

Me: "Whatever Jess"

Ash: "Oh c'mon Chyn, we've seen you hugging him at Central Park"

Me: "Alright so you guys would shut up, I'm telling you guys everything. Harry was my best friend, he lived next door in Holmes Chapel, I went to school with him, I used to have a crush on him, I really liked spending time with him, but prom changed everything, I focused more on my studies, he focused more on his girlfriend." 

Ash: "Alright.... We'll shut up"

Me: "Thank you" Ryan, Keith and Charles entered the backyard and sat on the grass with us

Keith: "So what's up Little Miss Harry Styles" 

Me: "Look-"

Charles: "Harry is just and old friend of hers" I gave him a thankful look. So far everything everyone wanted to know was my relationship with Harry. 

Me: "Alright, let's start?" 

We rehearsed for about two hours, taking breaks from time to time. Then we went to the mall to watch a movie and have some lunch. 

Keith: "So what are we gonna watch?"

Ash: "I dunno.. how 'bout.. I dunno.. there aren't any good movies to watch right now"

Me: "Then let's have lunch first" We all headed to McDonald's, where we usually have lunch. Charles ordered for us, and we just sat on the table. We just sat there talking about random stuff then all of a sudden there were camera flashing everywhere. Then they asked all sorts of questions like 

"Are you Harry's new girl?"

"What's your name?"

"Who are you in Harry's life?"


What the hell?? 





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