Paper stars [ON HIATUS]

What would you do if you were given three wishes, what would you wish for? Maybe something that you desperately need to have.. or maybe make the boy you like, like you back.. But then after a while, you realize that you didn't really need those wishes, all you needed was patience.. because even miracles take a little time. [ON HIATUS]


7. Chapter 6

*Chynna's P.O.V*


It's been about six months after prom, and a lot have changed since then. Harry and Jessica are in a relationship, Rhi also has a boyfriend, I don't really remember his name, and I also changed. I mean, they've all been very busy with their relationships so we haven't hung out much. I don't think we all have been in the same room ever since prom... Well it's also sort of a good thing for me because I got to focus more on my studies. In fact, I mostly got As or Bs in most of my classes now. My mum and teachers are also proud of me, my teachers said if I continue this I may actually graduate Valedictorian or Salutatorian next year. And also, Harry entered the X-Factor, I wonder how that went... 

I went downstairs and turned on the TV, the X-Factor was on, I sat on the couch eating some chips and drinking coke while watching people audition. I got a little bored, I still haven't seen Harry's audition. So I decided to read a book while waiting. I walked to the bookshelf and took a good book to read, then I went to my room to get my glasses, my doctor said it's better if I use glasses while reading but I can still read without it, then I got a glass of orange juice from the fridge. 


*Harry's P.O.V*

I sat on my bed...Jess went shopping with her mum so I was alone. Usually I'd go to Chyn's place but a lot have changed these few months. So I decided to just stay in my room and look at my stuff. Then I noticed Chynna's guitar, I think she forgot that she left it here. I wanted to give it back but I think I wanted it to stay here. After about ten minutes I got bored so I went outside for a walk. I passed by Chyn's house and I noticed Cookie outside digging on their front yard. 

"Hey Cookie!" I said as I approached the dirt covered dog. Their gate was open so I let myself in. He noticed me and jumped on me, making me fall to the ground. "Who's a big boy now??" I stood up and brushed off the mud on my shirt. "Did you miss me??" He barked jumping around. "I missed you boy" I messed with his dirty fur then he ran to the backyard. I decided to pay her a visit, maybe it won't be that bad.. I knocked on the door and after a few seconds she opened it. She was wearing a black off shoulder sweater and denim shorts, she also had her glasses on. She changed-a lot. The way she dresses and all, she wears glasses, her hair is now longer, and I think she lost a few pounds. 

Chynna: "Hey" She said after a few seconds "Come on in" I went in then sat on the sofa and she sat beside me, still keeping a bit distance between us. Man, I miss this place. "Uh.. What brings you here?" 

Me: "I got bored.."

Chynna: "Right" 

Me: "So what are you doing?"

Chynna: "Well I wanted to see your X-Factor audition but it's not yet shown so right now I'm reading a book"

Me: "Oh... You know, I dedicated that song to someone special"

Chynna: "Your audition song? Let me guess, Jessica?"

Me: "Nope.."

Chynna: "That girl you've had a crush on since second grade?"

Me: "Sort of.."

Chynna: "I see you haven't moved on.."

Me: "It's hard.. I mean, I love Jess, I really do but I still can't forget about her.."

Chynna: "Yeah.. I know the feeling.."

Me: "Your first crush?"

Chynna: "Yeah.. I tried really hard, but seeing him with this girl he's dating.. Hurts me a lot.."

Me: "I wonder who that could be.."

Chynna: "Good luck finding out who, a lot of the boys of our class are dating someone now.."

Me: "Yeah.."

Chynna: "Oh there you are!" She pointed to the screen excitedly. I looked at her as she watched me sing 'Isn't she lovely'. "Oh you got through??" 

Me: "Yeah"

Chynna: "Oh my gosh.. Congratulations! Wait, what are doing here then shouldn't you be- what??"

Me: "Yeah I know.. I'm leaving in a bit actually" I said standing up, I forgot I have to pack my bags.. How could I even forget that??

Chynna: "Alright, good luck" She walked me to the door then gave me a small hug before closing it. 



Me: "Hey Paul! I..uhh.. need to go somewhere later"

Paul: "Where?"

Me: "I need to go home, in Holmes Chapel"

Paul: "I don't think that's a good-"

Me: "Don't worry I'll be home tonight and we don't have anything to do tomorrow"

Paul: "Fine"

Louis: "Hey Haz, why are you going to Holmes Chapel all of a sudden?"

Niall: "Probably to visit his ex-girlfriend"

Me: "No! I just..uhh.. want to see something"

Louis: "Well I'm coming.."

Niall: "Me too!" I walked to Zayn and Liam's room 

Me: "Hey you guys wanna come? I'm going home, to Holmes Chapel"

Zayn: "Sure mate"

Liam: "Alright" 


*Chynna's P.O.V*


It's been a year since I've last seen Harry. He did visit every once in a while, one time he even visited school. But he didn't bother talking to me. I noticed he also changed, right now he's a part of a world famous boy band, One Direction. And he and Jess also broke up once he got through to the X-Factor and almost never showed up. When he visits I can tell that his attitude has changed, the way he dresses, his hair also grew longer, and well, he became older and he looked different now. Well, in a few hours I'll be graduating high school as the class valedictorian.. I worked really hard to earn that. And my dad will be sending me to the U.S. for collage. 

After a long shower, I curled my hair and put some make up on. I took my purse, which contained my phone, my wallet and my speech then went to school. Mum and Dad weren't able to come, they were in America for a job conference. I went to the designated area for us graduates. I put on my toga and the hat, then in a few moments the ceremony will be starting.


*Harry's P.O.V*


I drove us to Holmes Chapel and I was kinda late. I want to see Chynna. I heard she's the class valedictorian, and I want to hear her speech. Once we were there I parked the car in front of school and headed to the auditorium, the boys didn't want to come so I left them there. When I got there I just stayed at the back and I arrived just in time to hear Chynna's speech. It was about her journey, everything she's been through. At the middle of her speech, she said something about the changes that happened, her friends, and one time she saw me. She stared deeply in my eyes as she said "and..some of us changed... some of us disappeared from out lives and never came back.." those words went through my heart like a bullet. She said it sincerely but with no emotion appearing on her face. "But, who knows, maybe it's for the better" She continued. That hurt me more. I've missed Chynna. She's my only true friend who knows me better than myself. 

I watched as she received numerous awards, and once the ceremony was over I walked back to the parking lot and sat in the car. 

Louis: "What happened mate, you seem to be feeling..down.."

Me: "N-Nothing.." I looked to my right and saw Cookie, he was all grown up now. What is he like 2? 3 years old? I went outside and approached him. "Hey boy!" He noticed me and barked. He was in a car, probably Chynna's or her mum's. This wasn't the car that they used before. "How are you?" I stuck my hand inside, surprisingly it fit through the small space opened by the window to give him some air. He then started licking it and barked. 

"Hey" I heard someone say. I looked and saw Chynna. 

Me: "Hey"

Chynna: "What are you doing here?"

Me: "I wanted to see you. I wanted to hear your speech, see you finish twelve years of school" 

Chynna: "Well, it's nice to see you too. Now, I have to get going" She opened the car door and put her things inside then she walked to the driver's seat 

Me: "Chyn, wait" I grabbed her hand stopping her

Chynna: "What?"

Me: "I miss you" I admitted. And she just started tearing up but she looked annoyed by me. 

Chynna: "You know what Harry. There's something about me that you didn't know.. The only thing that you didn't know.. My first crush. And the only thing  that I don't know about you is that girl you loved since second grade" 

Me: "You want to know who?"

Chynna: "Alright then, let's be completely honest with each other. This is probably gonna be the last time we'll see each other anyways. Truth is Harry, my first crush, I started liking him since fourth grade. I tried getting over him but I couldn't. He knew me, but he didn't know that I liked him. I spent some time with him but he never did notice me. He was fun to be with. When prom came, I wanted him to ask me but I remembered that he didn't like me and he liked a different girl. Senior year came, I realized that I loved him very much and I couldn't forget about him-" She stopped, tears now streaming down her face "even though he left and almost never came back" She said looking at me deeply in the eyes "He had curly hair and beautiful green eyes. But now he's changed into a completely different person" She added. And now I started tearing up 

Me: "You know, the girl I loved, she had long brown hair, and I've known her all my life. She helped me become a better person, and she didn't want me to skip school. She helped me with my homework and I always came to her house. She kept on asking why and I keep on telling her that I'm bored but I just wanted to see her. For years I tried to forget about her but I realized I can't. When prom came, I wanted to ask her out but then I thought that she only sees me as a friend. She helped me sing a song that she composed, and her voice was amazing. She's also really smart too. In fact, she graduated high school as the class valedictorian." I stopped, tears streaming on both of our faces "She's about 5"4 in height. She has long brown hair and the most beautiful green eyes. She's the girl that Cookie loves more than anything. Her name starts with the letter C then H then Y then N and another N and ends with an A. She's the girl I have always loved ever since. And the girl I WILL ALWAYS love, forever" I told her deeply. She pulled me into a hug and I wrapped my arms around her as she sobbed into my chest. 

Chynna: "Thank you... But like I told you, this will be the last time we'll be seeing each other.." She said as she went to the driver's seat and started the engine. "Goodbye Harry" She said then drove away. What am I doing I should go after her! But I didn't I just stood there and watched her leave. 


"Hey you alright mate?" Liam said 

"Yeah.. I'm fine" It took me a few seconds to reply. I went back to the car and I refused to answer any of the boys' questions. I told them that I will tell them everything in the morning. I drove back to London and as I passed by her house I remembered all the memories I shared with her. Then I remembered something. I went to my house and took her guitar.  I'm thinking of recording the song, the one I wrote and she composed so I took my notebook as well. Mum wasn't home, she was on vacation in Hawaii. Once I got back to the car, Niall wanted to borrow her guitar but I told him and the other boys not to touch it. 


She told me we'd never see each other again. I didn't want that. She's the only girl I've loved like this. And someday, I'll meet her again and I'll never let her go. Because I had my future all planned out. And she's a part of it.



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