Paper stars [ON HIATUS]

What would you do if you were given three wishes, what would you wish for? Maybe something that you desperately need to have.. or maybe make the boy you like, like you back.. But then after a while, you realize that you didn't really need those wishes, all you needed was patience.. because even miracles take a little time. [ON HIATUS]


6. Chapter 5

Prom is in like a few hours and me and Rhi just got our hair done. She's probably at her house, getting ready while I'm here in my room listening to music. 

"Hey, you coming to prom?" Someone said. I looked up and saw Harry entering my room. 

Me: "I'm not sure"

Harry: "Well, you should. Plus, you already got your hair done"

Me: "I don't know.. I don't think I'm gonna have fun there anyways. How 'bout you?"

Harry: "Well, I missed my opportunities to ask the girl I love to prom so I don't think I'm gonna come"

Me: "C'mon Harry. How 'bout this, if you come I'll come"

Harry: "Alright"

Me: "Alright, go get ready" He left my room and I walked to my closet and put on my dress. I went back to the bathroom and put on my make up, then went downstairs. I put on my shoes then got attacked by mum's camera. "Mum, please stop"

Mum: "Alright.." She hugged me, I took my purse then I went outside, I saw Harry walking up to our door. I pet Cookie goodbye and went to Harry.

Me: "So"

Harry: "So"

Me: "We're walking to prom?"

Harry: "Yup" I giggled

Me: "Alright let's go" We walked for about five minutes and I didn't even notice that Cookie was following us! "What are you doing here, boy??" I picked him up 

Harry: "Well at least now you have a date to prom" I giggled

Me: "You wanna be my prom date, boy?" I asked as I hugged Cookie. 

"Woof!" He barked

Harry: "Now you have a date to prom" He said as he removed his bow tie and put it around Cookie. I giggled, then he snapped a photo of us and posted it on twitter.

Me: "Alright let's go" We walked for several more minutes then we reached the school grounds. It was all covered in beautiful lights and other decorations. We reached the entrance and there was a photographer there and since I came here with Harry-and Cookie I'm having my picture with both of them. It was our turn and we stopped for the photo.

"You really brought the dog?" The photographer said

Me: "Sort of" I said then he took our picture, Harry and I chuckled then we sat on our table

Harry: "So.. now what?"

Me: "I don't know.."

Harry: "Well, I'll leave you here with your date, I'm going backstage" He went out of his seat and went backstage, then Rhi came over

Rhi: "Heeeeyyy!!!!" She said all excited

Me: "Hey?"

Rhi: "So where's your date??" She said as excited, I giggled

Me: "Right here" I picked Cookie up and showed him to Rhi

Rhi: "Cookie? Cookie's your date to prom?"

Me: "Yup"

Rhi: "What about Harry?"

Me: "Oh no, I said if he comes to prom then I'll come"

Rhi: "Oh, alright then, I'll leave you here with your date" She left then went somewhere. I looked around and saw a lot of couples making out, dancing or whatever, I also spotted Jessica and Jake. So they are dating... I also saw Harry at backstage acting all nervous and stuff. He gestured for me to come, I tied Cookie on a leash then went over to him with a confused look.

Me: "What's wrong?"

Harry: "I'm supposed to perform tonight!"

Me: "You what??"

Harry: "My friend organized this whole thing and one time she was talking to me I didn't really pay attention and I didn't notice that I agreed to perform and I also forgot about everything!! Please help me"

Me: "Uhh do you know what to uhh, sing? or something?"

Harry: "No.. I have no idea what to do.."

Me: "How 'bout that song you wrote?"

Harry: "No, no ,no, no"

Me: "C'mon it's better than nothing. Actually, it's a really good song, you should sing it" I encouraged him

Harry: "I'm not sure if I want-" A guy pushed him to the side of the stage 

"Five minutes" He said and someone started talking on stage. I gave Harry a smile then I giggled and went to other side of the stage. I talked to the band and taught them the chords and took an electric guitar. I walked to the other side of the stage and saw Harry on the other side, I gave him an encouraging smile, then the guy signaled for us to go on stage. Harry went to the middle of the stage and I left side of the stage, Harry gave me a worried look and I returned it with a smile. Honestly, I was pretty nervous too, I mean I'm not very good at all this. I've always been the lonely girl at school with a few friends and I always focused more on my studies. This must be the first time I was seen by the a lot of people on stage... I exchanged looks with the band, signaling to start playing, I was the only girl on the stage which means everyone noticed me 'cuz I'm the only one wearing a dress. I started playing and Harry started singing as well

Harry: "He takes your hand, I die a little..." And since it's sort of a slow song, everyone started dancing with their partners. And it just so happens that Jessica and Jake are standing right in front of us and Harry can't stop looking at them. He reached the chorus and I started started walking around my area of the stage. "But I see you with him slow dancing tearing me apart cos you don't see, whenever you kiss him I'm breaking oh how I wish that was me" He sang, his voice full of hurt. I walked closer to him, he looked at me and I gestured him to continue. "Cos I got three little words that I've always been dying to tell you, but I see you with him slow dancing" He sang but sort of stopped, I noticed why, Jessica and Jake were making out,  "tearing me apart cos you don't see" He sang slowly then looked down and he didn't continue. "Whenever you kiss him I'm breakin" I sang, Harry looked at me and I gave him a small smile and his mood lit up "Oh how I wish that was me" We sang together "With my hands on your waist while we dance in the moonlight" He continued "I wish it was me that you call later on cos you wanna say goodnight" I sang, and for the rest of the song, me and Harry just enjoyed every second of it 

"Oh how I wish that was me" He ended and everyone clapped. Harry came to gave me a hug. 

Harry: "Thank you, thank you, thank youuuuu"

Me: "No problem" We left the stage and got some drinks. Then Jessica approached us... 

Jessica: "You did great, Harry, that was an awesome performance" 

Harry: "Thanks. I wrote that song too"

Jessica: "Oh wow. You too Chynna, I didn't know you could sing... or play the guitar.." 

Me: "Well that's something that not everyone knows about me.." 

Jessica: "Well now it's something everybody knows." She gave me a small smile "Alright, see 'ya guys" She said then left. 

Me: "That went well. So..." I turned to look at Harry

Harry: "The first... thirty minutes? of prom has been a blast! I told you you should come"

Me: "Yeah well, if I didn't then you wouldn't"

Harry: "Yeah..whatever.. Now, go on to your date" He said, I was about to leave him when Jessica bumped into me crying. She looked at me and I pulled her in for a hug.

Me: "What happened?" Her crying lowered and she released from my hug. She pointed to my left and I saw Jake and Rhi? They were making out?!? Jessica started crying again and Harry put his arms around her. Now that made me jealous.. I wasn't jealous about Rhi, after what Jake did, I don't think I like him anymore. He wasn't the guy I thought he was. I was jealous of Jessica. But I still felt bad for her, I mean, who would want to be cheated on?? I looked at Harry and gave him a small smile. He can take care of Jessica, now I want to know what the heck happened to Rhi and Jake. I left the two then went to Rhi and Jake. Once I got there, Jake left and Rhi was absolutely stunned. 

Me: "Dude? What the heck was that??"

Rhi: "Jake kissed me!!"

Me: "Oh so he just approached you then snogged you for thirty seconds??"

Rhi: "Not really we talked for a while then we started leaning in and I'm not sure if that was for thirty seconds.."

Me: "Are you serious??'

Rhi: "What?? You seem to be mad at me, what did I do??"

Me: "So you know that Jake came here with a date?? He came here with Jessica!"

Rhi: "Well, I didn't know that! Oh gosh..." She finally realized what happened

Me: "I don't know who's side I'm on right now.."

Rhi: "Probably on Jessica's"

Me: "I'm not sure actually.."

Rhi: "Uggghhhh.... What am I gonna do..."

Me: "Tell me what really happened"

Rhi: "Well after your performance, I went to get some drinks, then Jake approached me and got a drink as well. Then we started talking about random stuff then he said I looked pretty tonight, then he leaned in, I did the same, we kissed then he left and you came"

Me: "So it was his fault..You sure?"

Rhi: "Yeah, I'm not going anywhere near that jerk again"

Me: "Good. Now I'll just explain everything to Jessica"  I left Rhi, then went to find Harry and Jessica. I found them siting on a bench, outside prom. I walked to them slowly, but then they kissed. I stared at them at first, shocked, then slowly walked away. I went to pick up Cookie then we walked home. We passed by a park, I sat on the swing and replayed the events a while ago. Then tears started falling. Seeing someone you love kiss another girl.. I mean, he has the right to kiss and date any girl since he's not anyone's boyfriend, but it still hurt. But I was also happy for him, he likes Jessica. At least he's happy. Cookie put both on his paws on my lap, trying to cheer me up. I love this dog so much, he understands me and everything that I'm going through. "I'm fine boy.." I hugged him while wiping my tears then standing up. "Now, let's go home."





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