Paper stars [ON HIATUS]

What would you do if you were given three wishes, what would you wish for? Maybe something that you desperately need to have.. or maybe make the boy you like, like you back.. But then after a while, you realize that you didn't really need those wishes, all you needed was patience.. because even miracles take a little time. [ON HIATUS]


16. Chapter 15

*Chynna's P.O.V.*


I blew Harry a kiss and then they started their song. I walked back to the backstage, taking some photos and giving autographs to some fans on the front row. It's nice how they now me more as Chynna, a youtuber and not just Harry's girlfriend. Unfortunately security didn't allow me to stay very long so I had to go backstage. There we all just chilled and vlogged with Lou, Lux and everyone else backstage. Ash and Jess also got their hair done, Ash got dark brown lowlights and light brown highlights and Jess dip dyed her hair light shades of blue, pink, green, orange, and red. After a few minutes the boys came in and Harry quickly lifted me up and twirled me around then gave me a kiss. 

Harry: "I love you" He whispered once we pulled away

Me: "I love you too.." I replied sweetly "Alright now do what you have to do" I commanded him and pushed him away. The boys then did what they had to do then went back to the stage. I took my camera again and vlogged more about the concert, I also went out to film more of the audience and the boys on stage since first, I did promise my viewers that this vlog is about the boys' concert and second I want to have something to remember, this day is very special to the boys, and so it is to me and everyone else so I want to remember it.


The concert was overall magnificent, we also hung out with Ed backstage. He told us a lot about the boys, mostly all the trouble they got in to, and all the fun times they had and stuff. After the concert, we all headed to the boys' after party. It was a private party, just the boys, some close friends, us, everyone that made their concert possible and other people that knew the boys personally. Nothing much happened, just some Niall and food, people, celebrating, talking.. Some of the boys got a bit tipsy, and I mean two got super drunk, two got just drunk and one didn't drink and it was such a pain in the arse getting them home. 


I reached for the alarm on the bedside table and turned it off, it was around five in the morning. I tried to get out of bed but again, an arm was secured tightly around my waist preventing me from doing such. I turned around a stared at the man that has his arms wrapped around me. The man who I've known my entire life. The man who lived a simple life before and now lives a life everyone would dream of. The man I love, the man named Harry Styles.  I can tell he was awaken by the alarm, he's now trying to get back to sleep again. 

Harry: "Stop staring at me" He grumbled but I ignored his statement and continued staring, which caused him to open his eyes and look at me like I was committing a crime. I raised my eyebrows at him then turned around, avoiding his look. He then forced me to turn around again, looked at me directly in the eye then kissed me. "Good morning" He whispered and I just chuckled in return. I then went to the bathroom and left Harry in bed, he probably went back to sleep. I took a shower and changed into some jeans, a greyish tank top with again a cat nose and whiskers and a white long sleeves button up top that had a worn out kind of design or something. I took out my camera and started recording myself "Hey guys so I'm up really early, it's like five in the morning and I'm headed to the airport..for some reason I don't really think I remember.. anyways so.. yeahhh..." I said and stopped recording, I don't really have anything to say at this time of the day. I went back to my room, I wore my glasses then headed to the kitchen and to my surprise, Niall was there, eating....something..

Me: "Niall? What are you doing in my room?" I asked as I went to get a bowl, some cereal, granola, youghurt, raspberries and blueberries.

Niall: "Well, I'm not really sure.. I just woke up here.." He groaned, half awake, half asleep as he ate some biscuits, I think

Me: "Well have a happy hangover" I said sarcastically with a huge smile as I put all the food I gathered in my bowl

Niall: "Yeah sure, I will have so much funnnn" He replied sarcastically as well "Hey" He started "What are you doing at like five in the morning?" He asked after checked the clock what time it is

Me: "I'm going to the airport, to pick someone up I think" I replied as I took a bite of my food. 

Niall: "Alright.. Are they staying here?" 

Me: "I'm not really sure... I just got a text from an old friend of mine back in England, he said a friend of his is headed to New York and he asked if I could pick him up, and since I don't really have any plans for today I agreed"

Niall: "Hey can I have some of that?"He said completely changing the subject after he stole my breakfast, he actually took the whole bowl

Me: "Do I actually have a choice.."

Niall: "You could've said no"

Me: "You asked the question right after you took the bowl!" 

Niall: "You could've said no before I asked"

Me: "How was I supposed to know that you were gonna ask?!?"

Niall: "You could've asked if I was gonna ask.." I raised my eyebrows at him then took a container, I put some cereal, granola, raspberries and blueberries in it then  took some chocolate almond milk and placed it on a table away from Niall. And at that moment, I just realized that I have a lot to do today.... I wore my black boots and my long thick blue coat then I texted Charles, I'm gonna be using his car because he's also heading to the airport, he's going home to his parents to spend the holiday and he's leaving the safety of his car in my hands. So I'm heading to the airport with Charles, then I'm gonna pick up someone then drop the person off somewhere I think, anyways after whatever happens after picking the person up, I'm going to the dog spa and let then groom Cookie then I'm heading to the mall to get gifts for everyone except for Charles because I already gave him his Christmas gift last month. I actually gave him a goldfish. That was weirdly color blue. And he freaking loved it, for some odd reason. He named it Joey. And he's actually bringing Joey with him on the plane, I have no idea how he did that, but he's bringing Joey with him to his parents. After I buy all the gifts, and after I wrap them up, well I'm not sure what to do after that, I guess I'll just get some dinner maybe... 

I went back to my room, more like my room's bathroom, and put a bit of makeup on, just my ordinary look, some eyeliner, light eye shadow, lipstick and some more complicated stuff, bronzer, foundation, blah blah blah. I don't really put much makeup on but there are days when my skin is just pale for no reason and that's when those complicated stuff comes in. I took my side bag, my favorite that looks like a scarf that's just tied to look like a handbag, but it is indeed a handbag...  I then went back to my room, took my wallet, my phone, other stuff, some other stuff.. "Babe, come here" someone groaned, Harry of course.. unless there's some other curly haired boy from Cheshire and is part of the world's biggest boy band.. I looked over at Harry who was cuddling Cookie on the bed... apparently he's cheating on me with Cookie... wow..just wow.. I need to film this.. I brought out my camera and started recording him "So right now, Harry is cuddling with Cookie.. and I can't get Cookie away from him.." I whispered to the camera "Babe you do know that I'm awake" Harry said "and that I can hear you" he added as he took my camera and stopped recording "no need to whisper"  

Me: "Shut up" I said taking my camera away from him

Harry: "Where are you going?" He asked as he stood up and left the bed to go somewhere

Me: "Airport" I replied as I continued gathering the things I'll be needing for today and I think all I'm looking for is the list of gifts I'll be buying

Harry: "Woah, woah, woah, wait, babe, what?" He said with his eyes wide as he put both of his hands on my arms, facing me in front of him "You're leaving???" He asked suddenly all worried 

Me: "Harry relax, I'm just dropping Charles off then pick someone up" I said and he seemed to calm down "Stop overreacting" I teased

Harry: "Shut up" He mimicked and I just rolled my eyes at him

Me: "C'mon Cookie we're going to the spa" I told Cookie and he got up and left the room "Sometimes I wish you boys could be as obedient as he is" I joked as I left the room and Harry followed. I took my food and put it in my bag then gave Cookie his breakfast and also Harry's and Niall's..again. 

Harry: "What time will you be home?"

Me: "The latest will be by dinner"

Harry: "What? You're just dropping and picking up someone at the airport!"

Me: "Plus a few things I have to do like drop Cookie at the spa and I have to buy some things"

Harry: "So you're gonna be out the whole day shopping.." 

Me: "I have a lot of things to buy" 

Harry: "Fine then just give me a few minutes to change" He said heading to the bedroom

Me: "Hey, no, no, no, no, you are not coming with me" I stopped him

Harry: "What? Why n-"

Me: "First of all, you can't come with me while I shop because I'm buying some important things, like really important things, second of all I don't want cameras and teenage girls following me around, no offense, it's not that I don't like them I just have important things to do-"

Harry: "Fine, yeah I get it, you and important things, I know you at these situations"

Me: "Plus you need some rest, you drank an awful amount of alcohol last night"

Harry: "Not as much as Niall and Louis" He defended

Me: "Still, you got drunk. End of conversation"

Niall: "Hey could you also buy me more of the food you eat" He said randomly

Harry: "The food she eats?" He questioned

Niall: "I happen to love the food she eats, we have the same taste in food"

Harry: "Niall, you like every type of food"

Niall: "But the food she likes are the best, like this" He gestured to his breakfast "this is just the best breakfast ever" He said "Taste yours" He ordered and Harry took a bite and just stayed silent in defeat "Chyn, my food, don't forget"

Me: "Oh I won't... C'mon Cookie!" I called out and he came rushing to the door "Bye Niall!" I said as Harry escorted me out

Niall: "Bye, don't forget my food" 

Me: "You and Niall, and all the boys get some sleep, alright, just stay in the hotel I don't want you guys causing any..scenes.. outside, don't-" He cut me off my placing his lips to mine

Harry: "I know the protocol.. Bye babe, love you"

Me: "Alright, I love you too" I said and he gave me one more peck then me and Cookie left the hotel. Paul offered for security to come with me, but I said I got it covered. Charles arrived at the hotel about two minutes after we stepped out. 

Charles: "Hey Chyn, my cousin is arriving today, actually later, no, actually now and he's gonna borrow my car then she'll leave it at the hotel, is that alright with you?" 

Me: "Yeah it's fine, I could just catch a cab home"

Charles: "Are you sure?"

Me: "Yes.. plus I'm just gonna pick up Cookie then go shopping"

Charles: "Alright.."

We stopped at Starbucks for some coffee, after I finished my breakfast, and for the rest of the ride we just talked about what we'll be doing for Christmas. I'm actually not really sure what I'll be doing.. maybe I'll go home, to Holmes Chapel but my parents are currently in Australia so I'm not so sure.. As we arrived at the airport, we waited 'till Charles' cousin arrived, good thing we came a couple hours early before his flight. Some of my viewers also found me there, along with some fans of the boys and asked for autographs and pictures, I tried to lay low, not that I don't like to meet them I just don't want a whole group of them to 'invade' me, especially the paps oh I hope they don't find me. I know I'm not used to all this but I am sure that I don't want to be anywhere near paparazzi 'cause they be such a pain sometimes.. As we waited, I also waited for the person I'll be picking up so I texted my friend that I'm here, just to let him know. "Umm excuse me" someone said, tapping my shoulder "Can I have you autograph" he added, his voice was quite familiar and he had a British accent, "Sure" I replied as I looked at the person asking for my autograph. "Oh may God..!' I almost screamed as I pulled the boy in for a hug 

Me: "What on earth are you doing here??" I questioned him as I had a huge smile on my face

"What, you don't want to see your little brother??" He said chuckling. This man is my little brother, Joseph or as I and other people call him, Jo. 

Me: "Oh, this is Charles" I said "Charles this my brother Joseph you can call him Jo or whatever" 

Charles: "Nice to meet you, I've actually heard a lot about you but at the same time not much" He said and all of us chuckled

Jo: "How long's it been sis, like ten years?" 

Me: "Yeah.. ten years or so.. God, I miss you" I said pulling him in for another hug "I believe the information I have told them are not accurate anymore.." I said giggling 

Charles: "Oh there's my cousin" He said as a boy around the same height as Charles with blonde hair approached us. Charles gave him the keys and introduced him to us, we didn't really talk much because he had to go to an important meeting and Charles will be boarding the plane soon. I gave Charles a hug and a goodbye, we wished him a happy holiday then watched as he left. We then hailed a cab to go to the dog spa or maybe the mall.. Yeah, we'll just go to the mall first..

Me: "Man, you look really different.. I didn't even recognize you... " I said laughing. He grew taller, of course, he was now taller than me, his voice also changed, his face now more mature, his brown hair became darker and like me, we had natural blonde sort of highlights. Our hair is really weird because it's like our hair has two colors, which makes it look like we have highlights, but it didn't really look that way when we were young.

Jo: "Well I see you on tabloids everyday now so I easily recognized you.." He joked "..but I was surprised with the pink hair" He added

Me: "I just got it the other day.. Wait, aren't you studying medicine at Boston?" 

Jo: "Actually no, I uhh, I'm studying veterinary medicine in California.."

Me: "Veterinary medicine??" I asked quite surprised, I haven't seen my brother in years and from what I heard from my parents he's taking medicine in collage. My father brought my brother to America when he left, Joseph practically grew up here, my father wanted to bring both of us but I stayed in England with my mum. I may have not seen my brother in years but we are really close and know a lot about each other, just like two siblings living in the same house. Most people actually don't know that I have a brother because well no one sees him, and the same with him not everyone knows he has a sister.

Jo: "Well I tried medicine, then I tried zoology then I'm here in veterinary medicine" He explained 

Me: "So you just combined being a doctor and a zoologist and became a vet"

Jo: "Exactly" 

Me: "Well, how's it going?"

Jo: "It's great" He said happily "Actually when I worked for a small veterinary clinic, we got to rescue all kinds of animals and one time someone took his dog to us for an operation and then he left.. So he abandoned his dog at the clinic" He told me, and it's clear in his eyes that he really feels bad for the dog, he really does want to be a vet "So we just took him in, his name is Tiffany, though he's a boy and 'Tiffany' is usually a girl's name" 

Me: "Well I'm glad you're happy"

Jo: "How 'bout you, how's NYU?"

Me: "It's great actually, I joined quite a lot of clubs and extras, I'm a volleyball player, I write the school paper, I help handle the drama club, I'm a journalist, I'm a dancer.." I rambled on "Everything is perfect.. though I think I want to drop political science.." 

Jo: "What? Why? Yeah I think I would to...?"

Me: "Maybe I'll just get a major in English instead..." I thought about it for a while. Maybe I will.. I still don't know yet, but I will definitely think about it. I mean look at Jo, he realized where his passion really lies and know he's happy with everything.. 

Jo: "Well as long as you're happy with it everyone's gonna be happy with it because you have like this characteristic when you're like sad everyone instantly becomes sad as well"

Me: "What?" That doesn't make sense.. "Oh we're here" We payed for the ride then entered the shop. Cookie was at his usual spot, the light green bed near the window. I payed for his spa day then we decided to walk to.. somewhere to get some breakfast.. It's a good thing that I asked for an appointment for Cookie's spa thing because not many dog spas would have a customer at like six in the morning.. That reminds me, I forgot to vlog.. I took out my camera and started vlogging as we walked "So guys guess who I picked up at the's this guy!" I said as I directed the camera at Jo "Hiiiii" He said happily "this man, everyone, is my little brother Jo.. I haven't seen him for like ten years so, most of you don't even know I have a brother but yeah here he is.. And he's studying college in California and I'm surprised I didn't see him there on my visits.. but yeah we may have not seen each other for a long time but surprisingly we are super close, like our minds are connected.. and no we aren't twins, I'm a year older than him.." I said then ended it 

Jo: "Aren't you like bothered by people going like 'what the heck is she doing talking to her camera' as you're vlogging?" He asked

Me: "I guess you get used to it.." I replied, we then decided to get breakfast at McDonald's, as usual.. I met some viewers there and took some pictures and signed some autographs. Then we went to the mall to shop for gifts. What I sort of hate is that I don't know what the heck they want and it would have been easier if they told me what they wanted.. which is what Ryan and Keith does. And they just ask for some children's stuff or food.. Well, this year they asked for those bounce houses and an inflatable yeah. I swear their minds work differently than ours do. Either that or they're just not normal. We went to the toy store and bought Ryan and Keith their gifts then we bought some other stuff. Then we went to the dog spa to get Cookie groomed. 

Me: "So what's up with your life.." I sort of asked

Jo: "Can I have a much more specific question please?" He asked chuckling a little

Me: "Well.. umm.." I said as I thought of something to ask him "Oh, do you have a girlfriend?" I asked seriously

Jo: "Uh... yeah.." He said unsure. I have been always protective of my brother. I haven't seen him in years but we did skype from time to time. And during those times I always asked if he was alright, if he has any problems or if he needs help..

Me: "Her name, please?"

Jo: "Naomi"

Me: "Age" 

Jo: "She's turning seventeen next month"

Me: "How long have you two been dating"

Jo: "Around two years now"

Me: "You've been dating her for two years now and you didn't even bother to tell me???" I raised my voice in surprise

Jo: "I knew something like this was gonna happen.." He rolled his eyes

Me: "Well you should expect that, I'm your sister Jo" 

Jo: "I tried telling you on skype but you'd go crazy, heck you'd probably go and interrogate her with all sorts of questions.."

Me: "I just want to make sure you won't get hurt" I told him

Jo: "I know.. and I love you for that.." He said as he kissed my forehead "but sometimes you get a little bit overprotective.." 

Me: "No I do not! Okay.. maybe I do.." I admit in defeat "Where does she live? When can I meet her? Is she nice to you?"

Jo: "You are so much worse than mum and dad"

Me: "Oh so mum and dad knows but I don't?" I complained "They already met her?!?"

Jo: "Yeah.. we stayed there for two-three weeks last year" 

Me: "I hate you"

Jo: "I love you too sis"

Me: "I live in the same country as you and your girlfriend and you never took the time to visit me while mum and dad are in a different continent, visited them, stayed there for two to three weeks, and introduced your damn girlfriend them.. Well...I feel so loved" 

Jo: "Don't worry she'll be with us this Christmas.."

Me: "Wait, where are we spending Christmas this year?" 

Jo: "Mum said she wants to go some place warm-er" 

Me: "What's that supposed to mean?"

Jo: "I don't know.."

Me: "How 'bout we just stay in LA?"

Jo: "Christmas in LA?"

Me: "Well it's Christmas, and it's warm.."

Jo: "Alright LA could work.."

"Chyn, Cookie's ready" The girl told me as Cookie ran towards me. He smelled so nice, fresh and clean, well-groomed and all that. I paid then we left for Lunch. I didn't even notice that hours have already passed. We walked all around to find a place to eat, apparently my brother is quite picky when it comes to food, my complete opposite. Either he's lying to me or he just wants me to follow him around. 

Me: "I'm beginning to think that your messing with me right now" We've been walking for about forty minutes and we're in the middle of nowhere, I mean like in a place with no food in sight. 

Jo: "No I'm not" He says, but it turned out more like a question

Me: "I'm leaving you here" I stated with a few giggles as I walked away from him. He ignores me and answers his ringing phone. From a distance I can hear him talking 

"She's what?!?!" He shouts surprised. I ran to him and listened carefully, I knew something was wrong.. something was clearly wrong, he ends the call and starts tearing up "Oh My God what happened?" I asked as I pulled him in my arms. "It's all my fault.." He said as he sobbed "Jo.." I started

Jo: "Naomi is in the hospital" He said

Me: "Oh My God.. what happened?"

Jo: "S-she followed me here..and she got in a cab.. a-and the car.." I pulled him closer to me as he cried. He must really love this girl. Never in my life have I seen him cry like this. 

Me: "Let's go see her, alright?" I told him as I wiped his tears and calmed him down. We got to a cab and drove to the hospital, Jo said that Naomi's parents are on their way, the hospital called them. The girl's parent's weren't mad at Jo at all, they seem to really like my brother. Good. As soon as we arrived, Jo ran inside to the nurse, asked what room Naomi is in, rushed to the elevator, got impatient waiting, ran to the room and just stood in front of the door. Him being taller than me now makes him run faster than me so I was basically a few minutes "late" as I got there.. I watched him as he slowly opened the door, I observed his face as he saw the girl lying on the hospital bed. Wow, she is gorgeous... She doesn't look really.. 'broken', she just has some bruises and scratches, other than that she's perfectly fine. Jo slowly fell to the ground in tears. I looked at him with a sad look as he approached the bed. "Everything's gonna be alright" I whispered to him as I wiped his tears and kissed his forehead then I left the room. I sat outside and waited then Harry called 


*Harry's P.O.V.*


It's around two in the afternoon, we're sort of fine now, sort of.. well, except for Louis who is dealing with a really terrible headache. We had pizza for lunch. I don't know where it came from, but it suddenly came to our room so, I guess it's ours. We all just chilled in Chynna's room, watching TV, playing video games or whatever.. It was a very boring day.. Liz is just out for the whole day with Chynna's friends, they're shooting a video somewhere, I don't know. I decided to call Chyn, know how her day is doing.. and what time shell be back.

Me: "Chynna"

Chynna: "Hey"

Me: "When will you be here..." I whined

Chynna: "I'm not really sure.." 

Me: "Well how was..everything?" I sort of asked.. I don't really know what to say

Chynna: "Well Charles' cousin has his car and Cookie just got groomed and right now I'm at the hospital and-"

Me: "What? You're what? Why are you at the hospital???" I almost screamed

Chynna: "I'm fine, calm down. I just came to check on someone" She said and I sighed in relief "Oh wait the nurse is here, I'll call you later. Bye" She said then ended the call.. to talk to the nurse probably


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