Paper stars [ON HIATUS]

What would you do if you were given three wishes, what would you wish for? Maybe something that you desperately need to have.. or maybe make the boy you like, like you back.. But then after a while, you realize that you didn't really need those wishes, all you needed was patience.. because even miracles take a little time. [ON HIATUS]


15. Chapter 14

I sat up the moment that the words came out of his mouth and I found him laughing his head off as he fell on my bed. He then stood up, still laughing as I stared at him in annoyance 

Louis: "GOODMORNIIIIIIINGGG CHYNNA!!" He shouted and probably the rooms below and above us could hear his voice. I threw my pillow at him and it only hit half of his body.. I'll get my revenge later. I took a hot shower, brushed my teeth then combed my hair. I changed into my sparkly greyish-violet baggy sweatpants that Ash gave me for my birthday, it also looks like grey sweatpants with lots of violet sparkles on it, my greyish-violet off shoulder top and I also bought with Ash on my birthday and the fluffy violet hotel slippers that Harry requested for me. And yes, I am obsessed with the color violet today.I went out of my room and found Harry and Niall in the kitchen

Harry: "Morning, babe" He said as he stopped whatever it is that he's doing and walked over to me and kissed my forehead. I smiled weakly at him in return, as I was still sleepy and he just chuckled then went back to what he was doing.  I sat on one of the bar stools beside Niall and I can tell he was eager to tell me something but he couldn't because he was eating

Niall: "Chynn...a... gue....s....s.... wha..t..." He muttered in between munches "Chynna, guess what?" He said clearly as he finished eating

Me: "What? I can't guess.." I asked in curiosity

Niall: "Paul said that we're allowed to vlog! We're gonna have to post on the website I think, or the One Direction channel whatever, and we can only upload once a week. They did agree that you'll be the one-the ONLY one to film us, plus you'll get payed.." He said excitedly and he took another bite. I just smiled happily at his news but my eyes grew wide as I was able to process what he just said 

Me: "Woah, woah, woah.. payed?" I repeated

Niall: "Yeah, payed. You're gonna be the official 1D umm.. vlogger... vido recorder.. videographer.. whatever your job is called, just add 'Official' and '1D' before it and that's you"

Harry: "Which means you'll be with us all the time, for the rest of the tour, at least. And you'll have a ID so you're allowed to come with us at award shows, interviews and stuff and they won't recognize you as a fan"

Niall: "And our bodyguards are your bodyguards, too. You don't know how crazy our fans can be.. One time, we even had to hire our bodyguard a bodyguard.."

Harry: "Which ensures you're safety as well"

Niall: "So just accept the job, please.." He pouted

Me: "I guess... but wait, I have classes" I remembered and before they could even comment "No way am I gonna miss any classes" I warned 

Niall: "Then we'll just let you film while we're here.. then we'll let someone else to film us for the rest of the tour.." He said with a bit of disappointment

Me: "Alright.. now I'm gonna go home today and relax a bit 'cause I seriously feel like crap even though I slept for like twelve hours" I said after checking the time, it was around ten to eleven am, and calculated the time of sleep I got. 

Harry: "I am coming, of course" He announced and handed me a plate of equal servings of various food. He then left the room and I just stared at the plate. 

Niall: "Are you gonna eat that? or what... I'm sure Harry made that extra special, so if you're not gonna eat it, I wouldn't want my precious food go to waste.." He said as he slowly pulled the plate away from me. I playfully smacked his arm, giggling as I took the plate and went to the other side of the counter. 

Me: "Sorry but he made it for ME" I stated emphasizing the 'Me', he groaned in defeat and walked to my room. He returned with my camera in his hands. What is it with this boy, my cameras and vlogging? "Hey guys" I said acknowledging my viewers, for sure Niall will be posting this on my channel again. I heard Niall say something about my 'eating habits' as he plopped down on the sofa "Shut up Niall" I shouted so that it could be heard clearly 



"Ugh.." I sighed as I fell on the sofa, and the camera almost fell on the floor. I fixed it so that it would record me properly and it's only then when I noticed Harry walking inside my apartment with my purse. "So I'm back at my apartment.. " I said to the camera "..yeah, it was a long flight.." I joked. "I was around thirty minutes away from my apartment.. and I'm exhausted.. I'm jet lagged!" I said dramatically and I can hear Harry chuckling from wherever he was in the apartment. "Alright.. Sooo...." I said thinking of what to say "Oh yeah, I'll be going back to L.A., next week I think.. we'll be doing another D.O.D., for those of you who don't know that it's 'Dare or Dare', you guys tweet us some crazy un-life threatening dares and we do it in different parts of America" I explained with a hint of sarcasm then stopped recording. 


*Harry's P.O.V.*


Me: "Babe come here a sec" I called out. "Chyn?" I called again but she still didn't reply. I decided to check on her and I saw her asleep on the sofa. Wow. She must be really tired.. I walked back to the room I went to, which I think is her room since the door was covered with pictures of her that were really amazing, almost like she was a professional model. I went in her room, it wasn't that big, just right and she had decorated it so damn perfectly.. The walls were like covered in cork, so she had one whole wall as a calendar with dates and reminders and stuff, and the other walls with some random stuff. She had a couple guitars on a corner together with some beanbags, stuff toys and other fluffy stuff. She had a small walk-in cabinet  that was made of wood, the door to it was a one sided mirror. Inside she had the left part full of shoes. Sneakers, flats, heels, wedges, boots, everything's there, every kind, every color, I bet every type of shoe is there. On the right was her clothes and in the middle, half was her clothes and the other half were bags, and clothes that weren't regularly used. There was a built in corner table beside her bed up to the wall that almost looked like a kitchen counter and on it was all her computer stuff for her videos and some cameras and stuff. Cookie's bed was beside her's it was under a small indoor dog house that was covered in fluffy cloth. I laid down on her bed , the blankets, pillows and bed sheets were soft and fluffy as well. I stared at the ceiling and noticed she put some quotes there. 

"They've promised that dreams can come true- but they forgot to mention that nightmares are dreams too"

I actually like that quote

"Life is short. There is no time to leave important words unsaid"

"I believe in second chances, I just don't think everyone deserves them"

"I can't believe I still want you....after all you've done"

Now those quotes just made me uncomfortable."I can't believe I still want you, after all you've done" I can't help but think that it's me the quote's talking about. I mean, she's had a crush on me for a long time, which means she wants me, I fucked up a lot of times, I made her cry, I hurt her, and she says that she still wants me. That's how quotes work, right? They relate to what's happening in your life, they give you inspiration. "I believe in second chances, I just don't think everyone deserves them" Is this some kind of joke? I am seriously thinking that the reason she put up those quotes up there is because of me.. What happens when I mess up again? What if I do something wrong again? What if I hurt her again? What if she doesn't forgive me? What if she thinks that I don't deserve a second- "Well, congratulations you found my room.." She said as she entered the room

Me: "I think I deserve a prize.." I teased and she sat on my stomach, crossing her legs, she's now sitting on me like a chair, leaning on my leg/lap. 

Chynna: "No you don't.. My room is like twelve steps from the living room, it's impossible to miss" She threw back and I just smiled and held her hand "What's wrong?" She asked at my sudden change of mood

Me: "Nothing.." I replied simply and she lifted my chin so I was making direct eye to eye contact with her "I read the quotes" I said and pointed to the ceiling. She looked up, at first she didn't get my point but then when she read the other quotes she just looked at me like I was over reacting

Chynna: "Harry.. Will you ever stop?" She asked chuckling "Why do you always think like that? I'm beginning to question that you don't trust me.."

Me: "No, it's not that.. It just I don't deserve any of this.."

Chynna: "Just don't give a reason to regret my decision.. And we'll be just fine" She assured me, she then kissed my forehead then left the room. I decided to just be optimistic.. yeah, think positive. Don't be a jerk. Don't be a jerk. Don't be a jerk. I just need to be a perfect boyfriend and not screw everything up. Don't be a jerk. Don't be a jerk. Don't be a jerk. Don't do anything stupid.. Yeah, if I don't do anything stupid, she wouldn't regret her decision and we'll be just fine.. Alright. I let out a deep breath and stood up. I scanned through her drawers and found a well organized drawer of office and school supplies. I took out some colored paper, markers, pens, pencils, and some cool looking tape with puppy paws on them and a bunch of other stuff. The papers were almost the same size as the little squares on her wall calendar so it'll fit just right. On each paper  put some designs, sweet love notes and each of them had the words 'Don't forget I love you' or something similar to that like 'Wake up and love Harry Styles' or some other cheeky stuff that involves loving me. I made around fifty of them in the past thirty minutes I think, or maybe forty. Luckily, Chyn didn't come back inside her room so she wouldn't ruin my surprise. I taped the papers on her calendar, one for each day of this month and the rest I put on her closet, her bathroom, her desk, the walls, the ceiling, practically everywhere so she wouldn't forget that I love her. After I was pleased with my work I laid down on her bed again and reach each and every quote on the ceiling and eventually I fell asleep. 


*Chynna's P.O.V.*


I took out the pizza from the oven and brought out some soda as well. Then I took my camera and started filming myself. "So as usual, I'm too lazy to cook some homemade meal or order food so I just dumped a pizza in the oven and here it is" I said as I placed the camera right in front of the steaming hot pizza. "Best night ever.." I said sarcastically. This is practically how I spend my nights for the past three years or so.. "Well guys, next event will be.... Guess I'll see you  at the concert" I said happily and closed the camera. 

"Harry.." I called out. Our apartment wasn't that big so I didn't really need to shout for him to hear me. But he didn't reply, I didn't even hear any sound, like footsteps or whatever. I decided to go to my room and check on him, but when I got there, man was I surprised. Harry was asleep on my bed and he practically redecorated my room... He put posters everywhere that says 'Love Harry Styles' or whatever. Oh my God... I don't what the heck is going on in this boy's mind but I'm quite sure that he's crazy. Why does he keep thinking that I'll leave or something like that, that I don't love him, that he doesn't deserve a second chance.. And now he's doing all this. I walked closer to the bed and kissed his forehead then put the blankets over him. I then went back to the living room to finish my pizza.



I woke up in my bedroom, surprisingly, 'cause I recall passing out on the couch, with some episodes of Spongebob on the TV, so... Usually I expect to wake up on couch, but no, I wake up in my bed.... with arms wrapped around my waist.. Probably some random dude named Harry Styles's.. My random thoughts made me giggle a bit as I struggled to get out of Harry's grip. After a few minutes I finally got out and head to the bathroom, from there I could hear him groaning. Still the same Harry... Still hates mornings.. I changed into some denim shorts and an amazing sweater which has like a bright colorful kaleidoscope design and at the center is a picture of a fat white cat wearing glasses. I put on quite a thick line of mascara and eyeliner, a light brown eye shadow and a slightly dark shade of lipstick. I also wore my glasses and my black spiked and studded combat boots. I have a huge collection of shoes, I just can't wear the same shoe two days in a row unless they're like flip flops or my fuzzy slippers, which I wear everyday.. But when going out I just can't.. I'm going to get my hair done today, actually. I'm thinking of coloring it some bright vibrant color, but I'm not quite sure yet. I headed to the kitchen and cooked some breakfast, and by cooked I mean putting some cereal and milk in a bowl. So I got my cereal, made myself comfortable on the sofa and watched whatever cartoon is on the TV. Then all of a sudden, someone kissed my cheek and sat beside me. Guesss whooo... Well there's only two people in this apartment, so of course it was Harry.. He opened his mouth wide open and I fed him a spoonful of cereal.

Harry: "Why're you all dressed up?" He asked with a mouth full

Me: "I'm going to get my hair done" I replied and he nodded "Isn't your concert tonight?" 

Harry: "Yeah..." He said in a quite dull tone

Me: "You're nervous aren't you?" I said and he, full of pride as his is, didn't dare to reply "Why? You shouldn't be.. You've done this millions of times before" I said trying to lift up his mood

Harry: "Yeah but, this is Madison Square Garden... it's different.."

Me: "No it's not.. You sing, there's a stage and an audience. Nothing's different.." I encouraged and his mood seemed to changed into a much brighter one. "Except the fact that this is your first concert that I'll be attending.." 

Harry: "So it's special.." He said and I smiled. I then took out my phone because it beeped, signaling that I have a message


*Harry's P.O.V.*


She took out her phone and read a text message and I took another bite of cereal from her bowl

Chynna: "I have to go, Lil's waiting for me" She said with her eyes still focused on the phone

Me: "Lil?"

Chynna: "She's in charge of my hair and a very good friend of ours, I practically trust her with my life.." 

Me: "Ohh... Alright, I'll change"

Chynna: "No, the boys are gonna pick you up, Niall just texted me"

Me: "What about you? I'm gonna drop you off there.."

Chynna: "Harry, I'll be fine. Plus, Niall said Paul's getting impatient.. I'll just take a cab.." She said and before I could even reply she gave me a stern look "I'll be fine, I've done this a thousand times now.. Plus, it's not that far.." She assured

Me: "Fine.." I gave up.. I know Chynna, she wouldn't drop this subject until she gets what she wants of what's right... She took her bag, giggling at my defeat

Chynna: "I'll probably just arrive at the concert with everyone else, so just don't worry and focus on the concert, alright?" I nodded "Alright.." She said giving me a quick kiss then walked out the door. 


It's about three hours before the concert and there are already people outside. We're getting our clothes, hair and make-up done and everyone's just struggling to get everything perfect.

Niall: "Oh God, I'm so nervous..." If there's anyone I know who's dream is to perform at Madison Square Garden, it's Niall. He's been looking forward to this day ever since he was born, probably.. 

Liam: "Don't worry Niall, everything will be alright.. We'll do just fine.. Everything will go smoothly.. Perfectly fine..." And even if Liam was trying to brighten up the mood, it was obvious that he was also nervous just like the rest of us. 


So we just finished almost everything, we're on in like five minutes. Charles, Keith, Ryan, and Liz were already here, they're all backstage but the girls weren't yet though we did receive a text from them a few minutes ago that they were outside they're probably inside by now. "And that's our cue" Liam announced and we all ran to the stage. I have to say we're starting to be pretty good actors because as I noticed, we just looked like we're having so much fun, as if the nervousness was never there. At first yes, you could notice we were shaking and stuff but after a while it all went away and we just enjoyed ourselves. But I am bummed that Chynna didn't get to see out entrance, at least that's what I think.. I couldn't find her anywhere, backstage or even at the audience.. and it's not as easy as it looks-finding someone at an audience this huge. Everything went perfectly, but it could've been more perfect if Chynna was here, or at least I can see her. 

Liam: "Are you all having fun?" He said and the crowd cheered "Good..good.."

Niall: "Thank you all for being here" The crowd just kept on screaming louder and louder

Me: "If it wasn't for you guys, we wouldn't be here, so thank you really. We love you all.." I said with a smile. And Niall and Louis nudged me and pointed to a sign at the front row, more like in front of the front row, practically right in front of me. It said "I'm truly, madly, deeply, foolishly, completely, crazy in love with you and all your little things xx" and it made me smile, it made me think of Chynna.. I looked at the girl who was staring at me as she held the poster high, she was wearing a black sleeveless dress that landed just by her knee that had a white tiger's head on the top and some black covered pumps that I think are boots and her hair is dyed a beautiful pastel pink that had whitish-pink highlights and it was curled on the ends, she does look familiar. Then I noticed it was my beautiful girlfriend... It startled me at first because, well it's the first time I saw her like this and of course I was surprised and I'm also not used to seeing her like this. I chuckled lightly and she did tooas she put down the sign, I mouthed her "I love you" but then she acted like she didn't get it, or heard it, she moved one foot closer and bent her ear nearer, signaling that she didn't hear it. I chuckled more and shouted "I love you" loud enough for only the ones in front, or maybe just her to hear but she just did the same, pretended to not hear it. "I love you so damn much Chyn" I shouted and this time I heard myself, but then I realized Louis placed the mic right in front of me, making everyone hear and the crowd shouted louder than I had ever expected. I hit Louis' head with the mic then looked back at Chynna who was now giggling at the events that happened in the past two minutes. She then blew me a kiss then started walking slowly to the backstage, one her way the people on the front row asked for autographs, pictures and whatever else they asked and she attended all of them cheerfully. I swear if everyone in here wanted to take a picture with her, she'd go around and take a picture with every single one of them and she'd never be bored or tired. She'll always have an extra pack of joy that she'd share to people, no matter how many they may be she'll still share happiness. 

She's one of those people who can make you feel better simply by smiling. Because she uses her beautiful smile to change the world, but she doesn't let the world change her smile. 


Oh God, I love her so much...


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