Paper stars [ON HIATUS]

What would you do if you were given three wishes, what would you wish for? Maybe something that you desperately need to have.. or maybe make the boy you like, like you back.. But then after a while, you realize that you didn't really need those wishes, all you needed was patience.. because even miracles take a little time. [ON HIATUS]


13. Chapter 12


His face was an expression of complete hurt, shock and disbelief. I was holding bits of laughter right now because his reaction was priceless!

Harry: "Y-you're not- who are you talking about then?" He asked leaning back to the chair and trying to comprehend what I just said. I stood up and went behind him, and leaned in so his face was inches from mine. 

Me: "Oh, I'm just talking about Harry Styles.. You know from One Direction.." I said boastfully and a smirk appeared on his face along with relief, a sign of revenge and again, disbelief. I leaned in to give him a little kiss then rushed over to my room, from there I could heard Harry chuckling to himself as to how I got him to believe that I wasn't talking about him. 

As I entered my room, to my surprise, the boys were doing a twitcam.. "And here we have the lovely Mrs.Styles!!" They said and made room for me to sit in between all of them. 

Me: "Alright, so you guys are doing a twitcam..?" I asked 

Niall: "On your account" He said. I mentally face palmed myself. I keep leaving my twitter account open when I use my computer. I should really work on that. 

"Ohhh kaaay... So hey everyone!" I said to the camera and well, everyone seems to enjoy using my social networking accounts and no one seems to listen to my thoughts about that so I figured just let it be.. 

"So everyone, don't forget to subscribe to Chynna's channel, follow her on twitter and to Liz as well, and Keith, Ryan, Charles, Jess and Mrs. Ash Horan, all their channels are found in Chynna's channel, to get there there's a link on her twitter bio" Louis said emphasizing the words 'Mrs.' and 'Horan' which made  Niall's cheeks turn bright red. I put an arm around him and gave him a little squeeze and he seem to relax a bit. 

Zayn: "Nothing to be ashamed of Nialler.. There's nothing wrong with kissing Ash after you guys danced to One Thing on Just dance for about twenty seconds in front of nine people and one dog" He said and made us laugh for a bit. 

The boys then talked about more random stuff for the rest of the twitcam, answering questions from fans, some about me and stuff. After a few minutes, Cookie joined in and licked my face.. 

Me: "Hello baby" I said in a cute little voice as I ran my hands through Cookie's fur while he still licked my face.. "You want a cookie??" I asked and he barked happily

Niall: "Well sorry for you I found out all about your secret hideout and I ate all of your cookies" He said boastfully and all of a sudden showed us an empty container that used to be filled with Cookies and the boys started laughing uncontrollably while I sat there staring at Niall in disbelief with Cookie laying down beside me, his face on my lap whining, and staring at Niall. I didn't really think that he'd actually do that.

Me: "Well that was nice of you.." I joked still wide-eyed and I kissed Cookie's head and stroked his fur continuously. "No one has ever did that to him" I stated in front of about a million, I think, viewers watching us and the boys which were laughing their heads off. "Don't worry honey" I whispered to Cookie "C'mon let's go bake you a fresh batch of those cookies, aye?" I said to him "And we're NOT sharing" I stated for everyone to hear, which I almost shouted because they're all still laughing either at what Niall had done or how I seriously handled this situation. Actually I was sort of amused at Niall and Cookie's love for the biscuits and it's quite funny actually.. I went out of the room, slightly chuckling and Cookie followed. 

We arrived at the kitchen, I took out some flour, sugar, milk and all the other ingredients. I started putting mixing some of the ingredients in the bowl, and Cookie stood up so he could see whatever I was doing. He looked at me and I smiled at him, I bent down and kissed his forehead then took out my phone. I played some music so we could have more fun baking his cookies. So I, of course, have a million songs in my phone, both old and new songs and I am real proud to be British and about 50% of the songs in my phone are by British artists. The first song that was on was 'Under the Sun' by Cheryl Cole and I started dancing around while stirring a cookie mixture and Cookie barks cheerfully and moves around, which he usually does when I dance. I laughed as he turned around then stood up, I stopped what I was doing then took his paws and we danced around in the kitchen. The next song was 'When I Was Your Man' by Bruno Mars, and I slowed down a bit and hugged Cookie. We then danced slow waltz, well kinda, Cookie's a dog and I don't think he can really ballroom dance. I giggled as I was having so much fun, and Cookie was still barking cheerfully. I used to dance with him when I had time but I had a lot to do these past couple months and I never had the time. 

"So this is how you bake cookies" I heard someone say, I turned around, not letting go of Cookie, and I saw Harry leaning on the kitchen counter smirking. I chuckled a bit and continued dancing with Cookie as Harry approached us. "May I?" He whispered to Cookie and I let go of him. Cookie then lay down on the corner and Harry took my hand and placed his other on my waist. I smiled, gently chuckling and I put my hand on his shoulder and I tightened my grip on his hand. The song has ended and was replaced with 'Parachute', one of my favorite songs but no one really knows. And a challenging look appeared on Harry's face.

Me: "How 'bout some...." I started thinking of what challenging dance to suggest. 'Parachute' is a very beautiful song and I really like ballroom dancing to it. I may be more of a 'street dancer' but I always found ballroom dancing quite interesting

Harry: "Argentine tango" He finished with a smirk on his face. My smile grew bigger as I always loved tango, for me it's one of the most powerful dances

Me: "Challenge accepted" I said. I restarted the song and went back to my old position my hand on his and my other on his shoulder. After a few seconds we started dancing powerfully and I am really surprised, I had no idea that Harry could dance like this.. He's really great a this, he dances appropriately to the emotion and speed of the dance. "I'm surprised" I said calmly, even though my emotion should be fierce and powerful I could still keep it calm 

Harry: "Really?" He said 

Me: "I had no idea you could dance like this.." I admitted and he smiled widely as our face was inches from each other, we then looked into different directions as we walked forward

Harry: "I also saw you more as a 'street dancer' not a ballroom dancer" He said as I made a twirl and landed strongly in his arms, smiling

Me: "Well I think everybody does.. I've never danced ballroom dancing alone, because every time we do it we always add a little hip hop. And I've always found it very interesting.." I said "You know tango is a very strong dance, how come you know so much about it?" I asked. It's so amusing that were dancing in such a small space, with a dog watching us 

Harry: "Like you I found it very interesting.. And I watch 'Dancing with the Stars' a lot" He confessed, which made me giggle a bit 

Me: "And.." I added "Tango is usually more of an improvising dance, how come we're dancing like we rehearsed this for weeks.." I said chuckling 

Harry: "We're actually just compiling some of the best steps of tango.." He replied chuckling as well. He let go of me, and I twirled around and landed in his arms then he turned and bent down, his hand on my lower back for support and the other on his side, my arm around him and the other extended gracefully. We both laughed as he helped me stand up and we made another strong move for an even more powerful ending. We were back to out first position, his hand on my waist the other holding mine and my hand on his shoulder and the other in his. I rested my forehead on his chest, still laughing a. I looked up to see Harry's mesmerizing green eyes, he leaned in and I did the same. The second our lips touched I heard someone say "And that everyone, is how you bake cookies" I pulled away slightly chuckling and Harry rested his forehead on my shoulder, I could hear him gently chuckling. I looked to my right and saw about three cameras recording us. 

Niall: "That will probably be the most popular video on your channel" He said, his eyes never leaving the camera screen

Liz: "And this will probably be the most liked vlog of all time" She added. I went back to mixing the cookie mixture, Harry sat on the floor beside me and Cookie went to lick his face, of course.. 

Liam: "I didn't know you could dance like that.." He said as he sat on the bar stool

Louis: "Are you referring to Haz or Chynna?" He chirped in. Liz went back to her room to continue her vlog and Niall stayed filming whatever everyone in this room is doing. 

Liam: "I'm well aware of the fact that Chynna is a dancer, I just haven't seen her dance like that but I think that question was for Harry.." He confirmed. I just shaped the cookies and I put them on the oven. 

Zayn: "Well I think we all know that he watches 'Dancing with the Stars'.. like everyday.. He has videos on his phone" He said and Harry's face turned red. 

Harry: "I just happen to really like that show.." He said, I sat beside him and pet Cookie 

Me: "Well, I think it's pretty cool.. I mean not everyone can dance like that, and it's not as easy as it looks.." I defended. 

Louis: "How 'bout we do some tango on Just Dance" He challenged. 

Me: "Your on!" I stood up confidently

Harry: "But Just Dance doesn't have tango" 

Me: "Just Dance 3 has the 'Just Create' thing.." Zayn went to check the basket full of games and took out the Just Dance 3 and set everything up and I went to set up the Just Create feature."So we're gonna record a whole routine then you guys will have to dance to it and we'll see if you guys are awesome at tango or if you totally suck at it" I declared and everyone nodded in agreement "Harry" I called him then started recording. We recorded a whole routine to the song 'Parachute' and then saved it. 

Louis: "Alright I'll go first.. So it's me and one of the boys right?" He asked and I nodded. 

So for about ten minutes we watched the boys suck at Argentine tango. I also finished baking all of Cookie's cookies and he put the container in his new hiding place.

Harry: "So are you guys doing something tonight?" He asked

Me: "No.. We're just gonna get some rest for our performance tomorrow, it's what we usually do" I replied

Harry: "Then meet me outside your hotel later, around sevenish" He said and I looked at him "I'm gonna make it up to you" He added smiling slightly and I smiled at him 

Me: "Alright" I replied happily 

Harry: "Thank you" He said solemnly, but our conversation was interrupted by the buzzing of his phone. He took out his phone and his face dropped as he read the text message "Guys, Paul's looking for us he says it's quite urgent" He said and the boys we're a bit sad to leave as well. It's like they won't be able to come back or something 

Liam: "Alright let's go boys" He announced. They all waved goodbye then I was left with Liz, we decided to order room service for lunch. 



It's already five o'clock, Liz and I are playing some Mario games on the Wii.. I have no idea where the Xbox came from, but all I know that's ours is the Wii. I decided to get ready as I'll be meeting Harry around seven. I left Liz who was now playing some 'Guitar Hero' and I went to my room. I took a cold shower, I used my raspberry scented body wash. I did know what I should wear 'cause I didn't really know where we're going, I decided to ask Harry. And before I could even text him, he texted me 

<'Hey Chyn! Just wanted to tell you don't wear anything fancy or whatever, just wear something that your comfortable with ;) -H xx'> 

I decided to wear some skinny jeans, my long sleeved top with a picture of a cat in front and a sweater. I curled my hair a little bit and put on some light make up, I took my phone and wallet in my bag plus my glasses. I left my extra contact lenses back at my apartment so I took my glasses with me just in case. I wore my grey sweater boots, I'm used to the coldness of the weather here, it's different from the temperature back in England but I'm not really sure since I don't really go out of my house in Holmes Chapel whereas here I go outside at least everyday. 

I made my way to the door but then I realized I should bring a beanie or a hat. I searched through my suitcase, surprisingly I found none, I went to Liz to borrow some of hers

Me: "Hey Liz" I said as I entered her room "Have you got any beanies I could borrow?" I asked 

Liz: "No, I didn't bring any" She said checking her suitcase "Where are you headed?" She asks suddenly

Me: "I'm gonna meet meet Harry outside" I replied and she looked at me surprisingly "He said he's gonna make it up to me" I added 

Liz: "a.k.a. asking you out on a date" She said and I just giggled "I did bring your giraffe hat though" She added. 

Me: "The one we bought in London?" asked and she nodded. "Give me" I instructed and she threw the hat to me. She then took her camera and filmed me for her vlog. I made a little twirl so I could show my outfit more and I put on the giraffe hat. I giggled then left her room "I might be home late" I announced, "Bye Cookie!" I yelled and I heard him bark in response. I looked at the clock it was already 7:25, Harry did say sevenish so I'm not sure if I'm late or not.. Even though, I rushed downstairs to the hotel lobby and I saw Harry waiting for me there. He smiled as I approached him,  

Harry: "It's a bit cold out, you sure you're not gonna add a few more layers of clothing" He said slightly chuckling

Me: "No, I'm good. I'm quite used to the weather anyways" I replied. He took my hand and led me to the back entrance. I was quite confused at first 'cause there's no one blocking the front entrance.. We exited the hotel and we stopped in front of a truck and Harry opened the door for me. "You rented a truck?" I asked slightly amused 

Harry: "Yes, now get in we'll be late" I did what I was told and Harry got in the driver's seat. 

Me: "Why did you rent a truck? And what place could you possibly bring me to that requires renting a truck?" I asked as he started driving to where ever it is that he's driving us to 

Harry: "It's more of the truck that we need actually" He said with a smirk on his face "And I can't tell you" He added 

Me: "Alright, I'll wait.." I said softly and looked outside the window as we passed the snowy streets of Manhattan at night.

Harry: "You really like it here don't you" He said suddenly

Me: "'s really nice here" I said admiring the view 

Harry: "You've been here for about three years now and I can tell that you haven't explored New York yet" He said which made me giggle a bit

Me: "Yes and No.. I'm outside most of the day but when I am it's usually at the same places" I explained and he nodded. I made myself comfortable on my seat, I slouched down and put my feet against me chest, and in that position I couldn't see where we are exactly. And it made where we were going a much more surprise. For the rest of the ride we just talked about what happened these past few years. Mostly about me since everyone knew about the story if his life, and me being best friends with a Directioner gave me a little more details. 

Harry: "We're here" He announced as the car stopped completely, I sat up and I saw the surroundings. We were in a completely isolated area, the car was parked in the middle of a field of grass with some trees surrounding it. 

Me: "Where are we exactly?" I asked as I Harry came to open my door, I hadn't noticed that he already got out of the car. 

Harry: "You sure you don't know where we are?" He asked as we took a little walk around the field 

Me: "It's looks familiar.. but still, I have no idea" I replied examining the surroundings 

Harry: "We're in Central Park" He said and I looked at him then at the surroundings and I started to giggle

Me: "What are we doing in Central Park at night? Shouldn't it be closed?" I asked 

Harry: "To be honest, first, I know you too well and I know that you wouldn't enjoy it if I took you to some fancy restaurant. Second, I know you read a lot of romantic books with romantic things to do on the couple's first date and it's hard to think of something to do knowing that you know a lot, and it's hard to surprise you and third, do you know how hard it is to think of a perfect place to take you to on our first date?" He admitted dramatically acting out all the pain that he'd been through and his question really made me laugh

Me: "First date?" I repeated and he just blushed and looked down 

Harry: "" He couldn't even reply which made me laugh 

Me: "You know, I wouldn't mind if we just get dinner at McDonald's and watch movies or whatever and even a simple first date as that I would have a great time" I said sincerely and he looked at me wide-eyed 

Harry: "You could have told me and I didn't have had such a hard time renting this truck and this section of Central Park" He joked and covered his face with hands, pretending to regret everything he did 

Me: "I actually think that Central Park is so beautiful at night.. And renting the truck for whatever reason just because of me plus renting a part of Central Park.. It's pretty sweet, it'll probably the best date I could ever go to. But since you regret doing all of this I guess I'll just go back to watching movies and eating McDonald's.." I joked but I pretty much think he believed every bit of it 

Harry: "Oh no, no, no! I never said I regret doing it..." He defended himself 

Me: "Oh whatever.." I said then ran away from him, heading back to the truck. And before I could even get in, Harry wrapped his arms around my waist and twirled me around causing me to giggle uncontrollably 

Harry: "That's not where we're headed" He said as he put me down 

Me: "Oh yeah? Then where?" I said as I took his beanie and ran off again. He of course, caught up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist again and we ended up falling down laughing

Harry: "I believe you have something that is rightfully mine" He said as he lay on top of me 

Me: "I don't think so.." I said and hid his beanie underneath me, and I think he noticed cause a smirk appeared on his face 

Harry: "Fine then.." He said and took my giraffe hat and he put it on. I then took his beanie and put it on "There, now let's go" He said as he stood up and pulled me up. We then walked back to the truck, I looked over and it was covered with a blanket

Me: "What's under this?" I asked referring to the blanket 

Harry: "Oh just some nails and junk" He said as he picked me up bridal style and walked closer to the edge 

Me: "What are you doing?" I asked nervously and I noticed that he was going to dump into the sea of nails and other junk that was located at the back of the truck "Harry..." I started and I tried holding on to him, but before I could he threw me into the blanket. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh" I shrieked as I was about to make contact with nails and other stuff that were there, something that I'm sure wouldn't feel good

As soon as I made contact with the blanket and whatever's underneath it, I looked at Harry

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