Paper stars [ON HIATUS]

What would you do if you were given three wishes, what would you wish for? Maybe something that you desperately need to have.. or maybe make the boy you like, like you back.. But then after a while, you realize that you didn't really need those wishes, all you needed was patience.. because even miracles take a little time. [ON HIATUS]


12. Chapter 11

*Chynna's P.O.V*


"Heeyyya people!" I started. I was sat on the sofa, it's been like two days since the boys last 'lived' in our hotel, they've been busy with interviews and junk. So we practically have the room to ourselves. I was recording with my phone, I just wanted to make a video about me talking about whatever's happening, like what Niall tweeted. "So I was on twitter the other day, and I swear I saw a trend that has something to do with me and Niall.." I stared at the camera in complete utter disbelief "I told you guys, me and Niall are NOT dating, I assure you guys. Niall is like a brother to me, all the boys are.. Especially Harry, since not a lot of you know, but me and Harry grew up together." Liz then walked in in my kangaroo suit, that I sometimes wear as jammies. 

Me: "That's mine" I said threateningly to Liz, still recording myself 

Liz: "And?"

Me: "You know I don't like people using my stuff without permission, especially with that" I said and Liz took the camera from me "Hey viewers! Looookkkk!! This is Chynna's beloved kangaroo suit that she wears as jammies" She recorded herself and went to the kitchen with my phone saying stuff about my animal suits. I went to my suitcase and took out my chicken suit and wore it over my tank top and leggings. I went back to the sofa and Liz recorded me. 

"See she has like twelve animal suits" She said to the camera

Me: "Alright Liz, now please shut up" I said 

"Now" I sighed "Yes, some of you may know, I have a collection of animal suits and sometimes I wear them when I sleep" I said and Liz gave me a face "And I wore it one time when it was really cold I wanted a coffee-" I was cut by Liz "And she went to Starbucks in this Kangaroo suit to buy a latte" She said with a smile then threw my phone at me. 

Me: "Do you have any respect for my viewers!!!" I said chuckling as I picked up my phone 

"Sorry about that.. So please drop the topic about me and Niall-" I was stopped again by Liz who jumped over the couch and sat beside me 

Liz: "They think you and Niall are dating?!?!" She asked eagerly and I nodded rolling my eyes "Well guys.. plot twist.. Chynna is dating Harry and Ash is dating Niall.." She said with a smile and before I could even protest she said "Goodbye.." and stopped the video immediately uploading it

Me: "What the hell was that??" 

Liz: "The truth, the truth and nothing but the truth" She said entering her room with a basket of food and slamming the door shut. I decided to make a new video in about what I really wanted to talk about in a few minutes after the previous video is done uploading. While it was uploading I decided to get something to eat. So I made myself a bowl of cereal and I went back to my spot on the couch and just watched TV while waiting for the video to upload. 


As soon as the video uploaded, I started recording myself. I closed the TV and put the half empty bowl of cereal on the table. "Hey guys! So this is the real video.. Apparently everyone just wants to take over my YouTube channel. Anyways first of all, Niall and I are NOT dating, I confirmed that more of the other video, please don't listen to whatever Liz said. And like we have told you guys, we'll be having a little performance tomorrow at, ummm, Central Park and yeah.. Just wanted to tell you guys.. And what else, oh someone wanted me to promote Little Mix.. Go buy their new album, details will be on the description below.. And what else.. Oh and to all my viewers out there, check out my new merch, there's a link on my channel and.. I used some fan art you guys sent me on the shirts, and I also added my kangaroo suit there, your choice if you buy it" I said chuckling "And.. what else..." I stopped and thought for a while, and suddenly someone kissed my head and sat beside me, it took me a while to notice that it was just Harry. I realized that the boys came..

Harry: "Hey" He said 

Me: "Say hi.." I pointed to the camera. "Helloooo there" He said waving his hand, then Niall sat beside me and started talking to the camera "Hey Chynna's viewers! I noticed a lot of you tweeted about me and Chynna, so I'm gonna tell you now because this is gonna be in the comments again.. We are NOT dating" He pointed to the camera. "See? You heard from both sides" I said and pointed to the camera as well. Zayn then came up behind me and bent over, so his face was in between mine and Harry's. 

Zayn: "Whatcha guys up to?" He asked and purposely fell down so now he's on top of me and Harry 

Niall: "Chynna's vlogging" He answered for me. 

Louis: "Oh so she's gonna post this on YouTube?" Louis asked sitting on the edge of the couch beside Niall and I nodded 

"Heeey everyone! Go buy Little Mix's new album, check out my tweets for more details" He said with a smile. Zayn is so sweet.. The way he acts to promote his girlfriend and her band, it's just so nice of him. He's so supportive of her just as she is to him. 

"Heey people!" Louis said putting his face really near the camera and now Liam came behind me and said 'hi!' to the camera as well. 

Me: "So anything you guys want to say?" I asked them before I'd say goodbye and turn off the camera

"Heeeeyyy guys" "How 'ya doing" "Helllllooooo" "Has anyone seen Kevin??" "Go buy Little Mix's new album!!" They all said in unison. I looked at the camera and said "Well, this has been a very special episode of on of my videos with special guest stars-" "ONE DIRECTION" They all finished for me. "Byeeee" We all said and I stopped recording and the video was now uploading. Niall stood up and ran somewhere. 

Niall: "Do not disturb me, I'll be in Chynna's room!" he shouted. 

Louis: "What?" Louis asked confused and ran after him then Zayn followed but before they got there Niall already locked the door and both of them started shouting-really loudly so Liam went to them to stop the madness before security comes because of complaints from guests. 

Harry: "So you're a vlogger?" I nodded "Uhh.. what's this about you and Niall?" He asked which made me chuckle a bit

Me: "Niall and I are not dating, I suppose you know that. I don't like him in that way and he also doesn't like me in that way." I assured him and I noticed that he relaxed a bit. Harry can get quite jealous sometimes, back then when I sometimes ignore him and turn all my attention to Rhi or some other person he whines like a little kid which sometimes causes a scene..

Harry: "Then what's this about all your fans saying that you and Niall are dating?" Now I really laughed a bit

Me: "Yesterday, Niall came in my room while I was vlogging and I might have said something about him and Ash, that's why he was chasing me on my way out. And he decided to tag along with us while we shopped and all of us vlogged besides him of course but he was in every video. Plus, he also tweeted to him followers to follow me, check out my YouTube channel, subscribe to it and stuff" I explained and he nodded in agreement but he still doesn't seem convinced "Harry, I don't 'like-like' Niall. There's only one person in the world that I think I have a crush on" I said and his mood kinda lit up 

Harry: "You think? you have a crush on?" The tone of his voice had a bit of hurt

Me: "I'm not a 100% sure yet if I really am 100% in love with him.." I say softly looking at the floor, more like the couch. There was a few seconds of silence between us, actually I think the whole room was completely silent. After a while Harry lifted my chin up, making direct eye contact with him. 

Harry: "Chynna.. I know I was a complete jerk back then. I should've just told you everything instead of forcing myself to forget about all I felt for you. Believe me I tried, and I thought I succeeded but I didn't. I know that with everything I've done to you I don't deserve your apology anymore, and-" I stopped him with that 

Me: "Harry.." I started "I understand completely why you did that, believe me I know it isn't something easy to do, hide your true feelings from someone you love. It's just..." I stopped and looked at him deeply. "For like two years I ignored this topic completely, I sort of ignored falling in love with anyone and it made me think that I no longer have feelings for you. Then you suddenly appeared out of nowhere and-" I stopped once again, realizing I was talking a bit faster than usual. "..and I realized something but I kept telling myself that it's not true." I said. With this, I finally realized that I'm 100% sure that I'm 100% in love with someone.. Harry on the other hand, I couldn't determine if he was happy, shocked or confused at the same time. 

Harry: "So you're now 100% sure that you're in love with me?" He asked and a smirk appeared on my face

Me: "Oh I wasn't talking about you" 

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