Paper stars [ON HIATUS]

What would you do if you were given three wishes, what would you wish for? Maybe something that you desperately need to have.. or maybe make the boy you like, like you back.. But then after a while, you realize that you didn't really need those wishes, all you needed was patience.. because even miracles take a little time. [ON HIATUS]


11. Chapter 10

*Chynna's P.O.V*


I woke up to the sound of birds chirping and the sun peeking at my window, that and the sound of music blasting around the room, the boys running around, shouting, bits of laughter, someone cooking breakfast and Louis jumping on my bed.

Louis: "Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" He shouted continuously 

Me: "Louis, do you really think I can sleep in a room with blasting music, boys shouting and you jumping on my bed?"

Louis: "How would I know that your awake, you're still lying on your bed with your eyes closed" He stated smartly

Me: "Alright, I'm up!" I announced and he ran to the living room. The thought of him running makes me feel that we're living in a really big hotel room.. last time I checked it was not that big. I just sat on my bed, arguing with myself on how big the room is. I checked the time, it was eight in the morning. I took a shower and put on some sweats and my greyish tank top that I cut in half, now it looks like a sports bra. We'll be rehearsing for a bit at my place then we're going shopping. I walked to the living room, Li and Lou were playing Just Dance, Zayn and Niall were eating at the couch and I'm guessing Harry's cooking the food. 


*Harry's P.O.V.*


We decided to go to Chyn's place and eat there. Ever since Niall met Chynna and knew where she lived he's always been there. Like ALWAYS.  The boys liked it at her place as well so we're at her hotel most of time now. I even have the feeling that we're the ones using their hotel room, I mean Chynna's always out rehearsing and Liz is shopping most of the time. 

Lou and Liam were playing Just Dance and Niall and Zayn were eating. Liz and Chynna were still asleep but I pretty much heard Louis screaming 'Wake up!'. Chynna went to the kitchen, she was wearing some sweats and half of a tank top. Since when did she start wearing those?? But I'm not gonna lie, her clothes revealed her stomach and damn she's fit. I've never, ever seen her like this before.. 

Chynna: "Good morning.." She said taking a bite of toast

Me: "Heeey.. are you leaving already?"

Chynna: "No, not really, we're rehearsing here"

Me: "Ohh.. good..."

Chynna: "What?" 

Me: "I just felt like we're the ones using your room since you guys are out most of the time"

Chynna: "Alright I'll take Cookie for a walk" Cookie rushed to her with his leash in between his teeth. Chyn took it and secured it on his collar then she gave Cookie some of his biscuits and took another bite of toast. She then headed to the door

Me: "Woah, woah, woah. You're taking Cookie for a walk?"

Chynna: "Yeah, just a quick walk. I mean, the guys'll be here in a bit"

Me: "In that?" I questioned, looking at her from top to toe

Chynna: "Since when did you become bothered with what I wear" She said chuckling a bit. "You didn't even bother asking about my clothes back home" She added

Me: "I didn't because you wouldn't wear clothes like that. You wouldn't even dare wear a tank top in public or even in your room"  

Chynna: "Fine, I'll wear a top" She said and went to her room. She came back wearing a shirt that was still slightly cut in half, still revealing her belly. I gave her a stern look. "Technically I am wearing a top" She gave me a smart look "And Harry, you didn't really think that I'd wear this in this weather did you" She said slightly chuckling and taking a sweater off the coat rack then slammed the door shut. I forgot it was winter.. well it's quite warm for a winter's day..

Niall: "Damn she's fit" I looked at him "What, she's hot"

Me: "Shut up Niall" I could hear Zayn's chuckles and Niall joining in after a bit.  I sat on the couch, eating my waffles and watching  Louis suck at Just Dance. I don't think he even knows how to play this...

Liam: "I win! Again!"

Louis: "C'mon Liam I think we all know I'm the better dancer.." 

Zayn: "My turrrrnnnnn" He announced. Liam let him take his spot and they spent like five minutes arguing on either Call Me Maybe or The Ketchup Song. I don't even know that song, but because it has the word ketchup in it Niall agrees instantly, thinking the song's about food. I finished my waffle and they still couldn't decide.

Louis: "All in favor for Call Me Maybe raise your hand!" Louis said, Zayn and Liam raised their hands "All in favor for the Ketchup Song raise your hand" Him and Niall raised their hand

Zayn: "Tie"

Louis: "No, Haz is included too. Harry which one do you prefer Call Me Maybe or The Ketchup Song"

Me: "I don't know just pick one"

Louis: "You pick"

Me: "Well, I have no idea what The Ketchup Song is, so I'll go with that" Louis and Niall had their victory faces on. As soon as the song started, I recognized it from somewhere. So that's the title of the song.. Louis did great at this song.. There was even one part where he had to move his body downwards while Zayn's hand was like around him. I even snapped a photo and tweeted it. Me and the boys couldn't stop laughing...  

After a while Liz woke up and left to go shopping again, I think.. Then Chynna's friends came, they just played Just Dance with us while waiting for Chynna.  They we're really fun to be with, actually. We danced to like all the songs now,and it was Niall and Ash's turn we spent about twenty minutes finding a song we haven't danced to.

Jess: "Hey!! What about 'One Thing'? We haven't danced to that song yet?" She suggested, her thick British accent reminding me of Chynna. I decided to call her while the others were talking about choosing 'One Thing' or not.

<'Hey where are you?' -H xx>

She replied about a few seconds later

<'I'm just outside the hotel, be up in like five minutes.. Some of your "friends" are blocking the entrance ;)' -C>

I walked to the window and peeked through the curtains. A crowd of screaming fans were around the entrance, I also spotted Chyn and Cookie at the other side of the street waiting for the guards to calm the crowd. She noticed me and did a weird wave, I chuckled and closed the window. I went back to the couch, 'One Thing' has started, Ash was leading, makes sense since she's more professional than Niall, Keith and Ryan were behind the couch, Louis and Zayn were playing with some Nerf guns, who knows where the they got it and Liam, Charles and Jess were watching all of them from the kitchen counter while eating some crisps. I decided to join them watch everyone, I took some crisps from the cupboard and a drink from the fridge and I sat on one of the bar stools. Niall and Ash were halfway done through the song.

"SO GET OUT GET OUT!!!!!!" Louis sang, or better yet shouted as he hit every one of us in the kitchen with his Nerf gun. Then Zayn helped 'save' us by doing rapid fire at Louis for a good thirty seconds.

Jess: "And after World War 3 that occurred inside a small hotel room, for a good three minutes while two humble citizens are playing Just Dance.." She narrated in a male-narrator voice which made us all laugh for a while. But she then stopped and stared at something "...a beautiful love story was created.." she whisper-narrated, we all looked at the direction she was looking at which was at Niall and Ash. They were at the end of the song, and the 'dance steps' were a bit..let's say..ummm.... romantic... The couple were like hugging each other, or better yet, they're in a 'kissing position', if that makes any sense. And for some reason Niall and Ash were sort of following it either because of the dance or because Niall's charms worked on Ash. I mean who couldn't resist that Irish leprechaun! So we all sat there, all of us facing the kitchen and pretending to talk but really we were looking at either the glass door, the clock or the fridge because you could see their reflection... And we could see, clearly from the mirror on Jess's hands, they were slowly leaning in... It's like a freakin chick flick and we got to watch it in HD... And the door slightly opened and Chyn came in not making a single noise for some reason, which is a good thing and Cookie did the same. Once she saw us at the kitchen with a confused look on her face we signaled for her to keep quiet and to look at Niall and Ash, she understood completely and just stayed in front of the door. Cookie on the other hand, decided to jump on the sofa and bark at Romeo and Juliet.. 


*Chynna's P.O.V*


Me: "Cookie!" I said walking over to him on the couch "Bad dog.." I said with a sort of disappointed look on my face. And he of course pouted then went to his bed where he'll whine because I got mad at him. I looked at Niall and Ash, who were blushing like crazy, especially Niall who was extremely red. 

Jess: "You know, the kissing part wasn't required" She teased which just made them blush harder. Ash of course knows what to do on these kinds of situations so she walked over to the table and first, punched Keith and Ryan on the arm because they teased her which is totally normal and second took a glass of orange juice and acted like nothing happened. Niall on the other hand was still blushing and just played with the remote. I sat beside him on the couch and took the remote away from him. 

Me: "You alright?"

Niall: "Yeah, just a little... "

Me: "It's alright love, I don't think you'd like it more if you didn't kiss her" I said giving him a small smile

Niall: "I am quite proud of myself for doing that" He said proudly, almost like he was boasting

Me: "Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna have a talk with Cookie for interrupting your kiss" I sat up and messed his hair. I walked to my room, Cookie was on his bed and he wasn't quite happy. "Interrupting someone's kissing scene is rude.." I joked. When I'm talking to Cookie, I always feel like I'm talking to a normal person.. He's who I talk to most of the time so I guess I just go used to it. "It's alright boy, I'm not mad at you..." I said and gave him a cookie then left the room. 



*Niall's P.O.V*


It was about three in the afternoon. Chynna's friends just left to get ready for their shopping trip and Chynna is in her room. I sat on one of the bar stools eating some of Cookie's cookies.. secretly.. I mean he has like a whole bag of those and Chyn can always bake him more.. Hopefully he doesn't see me, or smell me. And my hopes were ruined as Cookie walked to the kitchen. I closed the bag and just acted normal hopefully he doesn't notice me. I know he's a dog and I'm acting like he's a person but he's really smart and with what Harry said earlier, he's probably the most awesome dog alive. Cookie then sat in front of me and tilted his head. 

Me: "What?" I asked casually. He then stood up, resting his paws on my lap and took the bag of HIS cookies then ran to his room. "Wait! Could you at least share!!!!" I ran after him, but stopped in front of Chynna's room, the door was slightly open and I think I can hear her talking

" I'm going to the mall later with everyone and we're gonna do some shopping.." I heard her say, I took a little peek through the small open space and a camera was shoved in my face 

Chynna: "And here we have Mr. Horan stalking me" She announced then went back to her bed

Me: "I wasn't stalking you" I said and followed her in her room 

Chynna: "Alright guys there's your guest appearance, now we're gonna go shopping then.." She said then closed the camera

Me: "What was that?"

Chynna: "My vlog" She said happily while taking some clothes from her cabinet some stuff from her suitcase

Me: "So your a blogger...."

Chynna: "Yeah, I post daily vlogs on YouTube. Sometimes when we go on trips like when we went to LA I do extra special loooong vlogs" She explained while going in the bathroom, locking the door of course, to change probably

Me: "And your quite known for it?" I asked, I looked at the set up on the coffee table beside the window. There were several cameras, two laptops and some of the cameras had wires connecting them to the laptop. 

Chynna: "Yeah I guess you could say that"

Me: "What else do you post?" I went over to the laptop, I saw her YouTube channel simply named 'Chynna', she has over 800,000 subscribers. What the hell.. and about 500 videos.. WOW.. 

Chynna: "Some stupid stuff that we do sometimes.. Or just talk about stupid stuff.. And sometimes I let my viewers choose what I do. Like the Truth or Dare, they send me their questions or dare and I make a video of me doing it" She said then went out the bathroom. She was wearing black skinny jeans with a several lines of spikes on the sides, combat boots and a blue tank top with a super man logo and a black coat. 

Me: "Are those safe?" I joked referring to the gold spikes

Chynna: "Actually no, I get to press a button and the spikes go flying around in a tremendous speed" She joked in return. She took her camera, phone, wallet and some other stuff and put it in her bag. She opened the camera and recorded herself "Alright so I'm all dressed, and no I didn't change my clothes here, I changed in the bathroom with the door locked.. You people..." She said which made me chuckle "And I'm gonna say this now because I'm sure you guys will be attacking me at the comments. WE ARE NOT DATING.. Niall has a reservation at Hotel Ashleeeee" 

Me: "Shut up!" I said then buried my face in her pillow.. which smelled like strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.. I think..

"You heard it here first, so go attack Ashlee's channel!" She said and closed the camera 

Chynna: "Don't worry Niall I'm still gonna edit that vlog later"

Me: "Oh yey" I sighed

Chynna: "But I'll make sure to add that footage" She said then left the room

Me: "Don't you dare!!!!" I said then started chasing her around the hotel room. The boys had completely confused looks on their faces. I chased Chynna up to the lobby until we finally stopped because of the fans outside

Chynna: "I guess I'll be taking the back entrance then" She said then ran away and I of course ran after her. Since I was chasing her I decided to just come with her at the mall. And she decided to record herself a.k.a. vlog while we were walking in the street.. 

"So hey guys, I'm on my way to the mall, everyone's probably there already.. Well right now I'm walking as you can see and someone is stalking me!" She said sarcastically "Just kidding, some stalker of mine decided to come with me at the mall" 

Me: "Yep" I replied. 

"And as I've told you guys, and as everyone probably told you guys, we'll be performing at-" She was cut by a fan screaming random things "OMG your NIALL HORAN!!!! CAN I PLEASE TAKE A PICTURE WITH YOU?!?!?!!?" So that happened for like three more times and I of course agreed. I love meeting fans, for lots of reasons. We wouldn't be anywhere without them and I'm just extremely grateful that they let us live our dream. 

"Alright so my stalker is so popular that he has to interrupt me vlogging.." She said sarcastically once again then turned the camera off as we were about to enter the mall now. We went to a shop and the others were there. So I just tagged along with them for about three house as they bought their outfits and some accessories. After all of that each of them started to vlog one by one about what happened today... And when it was Chynna's turn we were now walking outside, back to the hotel for dinner, Ash is cooking. 

"So we're done shopping, see these are what we got" They showed all their bags and stuff  "Now we're headed back to the hotel, Ash is cooking our dinner.. So yeah, I guess that's it?" She stopped for a while as a group of people just walked passed us and we just happen to heard their conversation, Chynna was still recording everything. Once we were quite away we just burst out laughing 

Jess: "Did you just hear what that girl said?" She said still chuckling

Keith: "Oh my god what is that girl doing.. she must be like paranoid" He said trying to copy the girl's voice

Ryan: "Yeah she must be.. I mean no one just goes around walking and talks to her camera of whatever.." He mimicked in a girly voice as well 

"Well actually yes people just randomly film themselves while walking around New York City" Chynna said then ended her vlog.




So we just finished dinner, everyone's playing Kinect games. I have no idea where that came from but who cares. Chynna's in her room editing the videos, and I wanted to check it out. I walked to her room and the door was open so I just went in, she was on her bed, the coffee table was beside her bed now and I think she's uploading the video now. 

Me: "Hey" I greeted her

Chynna: "Yo"

Me: "So you're done editing?"

Chynna: "Yeah, actually it was just uploaded three hours ago" I looked at the computer about a thousand views already. 

Me: "And it has about a thousand views already?"

Chynna: "Yeah... I'm good at spreading the word to my viewers"

Me: "Oh yeah, I'm not following you on twitter yet.. I think?" She showed me her channel, and referred to the links. I clicked on her twitter account, she had about five hundred thousand followers and around thirty thousand tweets! "How can you have about thirty thousand tweets???" 

Chynna: "I talk to my followers a lot" 

Me: "Oh..." I signed in and followed her then I tweeted "Hey! Go subscribe to @Chyyynna's YouTube channel!! ;))" After about a few seconds I received hundreds of replies, favorites and retweets. I checked Chynna's YouTube channel and I can see the number of her subscribers have increased. I also checked her twitter account and her number of followers have also increased. I can't believe that I have the power to do that... 

Chynna: "What did you do?" She asked all of a sudden

Me: "What?"

Chynna: "What did you do?" She asked seriously

Me: "Why?"

Chynna: "I'm getting notifications from my YouTube channel" She explained looking at her phone

Me: "What kind of notifications"

Chynna: "I'm getting hundreds of subscribers" She said taking the laptop from me and investigating the crime

Me: "And? Isn't that supposed to be a good thing?"

Chynna: "Well, yeah but I want to know how it happen-" She stopped at looked at me "You tweeted  didn't you?" She asked smartly

Me: "Maybe.."

Chynna: "Well, thanks? I think.."

Me: "You don't seem so happy"

Chynna: "It's just, I mean, money is sent to me because a lot of people watch, like favorite my videos and subscribe to my channel.. It's something like a job but I never saw it that way.. So you just like help me earn money.."

Me: "Yeah..I guess I did.."

Chynna: "I think that's kind of weird in a weird way and a good way.. If that makes sense" She said  laughing which made me laugh as well "But thanks" She said with a smile 

Me: "Your welcome.. Just make sure you include me in all your vlogs from now on" I said chuckling a bit

Chynna: "Wish granted" She stood up, kissed my head then left her room. I smiled then went through her YouTube channel. I decided to have a little fun... I clicked the upload button and recorded myself 

"Hey Chynna's fans! Well I'm Niall, you probably know me... This is my first vlog.. or maybe just a video of me talking.. I don't really know how it works..." I got comfortable on the bed, I sat near the headboard and put some pillows around me "So Chynna's not here, I mean she's not in her room. I'm currently in her and Liz's hotel room because I'm not allowed to each much in our hotel.. So they have quite a big hotel room.. There's three bedrooms, a bathroom in each, a beautiful kitchen, a living room with an Xbox Kinect which our hotel doesn't have.. We should've just checked in here instead of there.. " I took the Pringles from Chyn's coffee table and of course ate it

"Well that's a six minute video of me talking. Hope you guys liked it, please like and favorite if you enjoyed don't forget to subscribe to Chynna and her friends' channels, follow them on twitter and all the details will be on Chynna's channel because I don't really know much and I can't put anything on the description box... Umm.. what else.. Ah! Buy Little Mix's new album, Zayn says hi! And if Chynna ever leaves me with her laptop again, I'll make sure to make another video.. Byeee!" I said smiling and waving at the camera. I uploaded the video with the title "Niall James Horan Invades Chynna's Channel".  A lot of people commented, liked and favorited the video about twenty minutes after it uploaded. 

I guess I'm helping Chynna with her 'job' as a vlogger... 


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