Paper stars [ON HIATUS]

What would you do if you were given three wishes, what would you wish for? Maybe something that you desperately need to have.. or maybe make the boy you like, like you back.. But then after a while, you realize that you didn't really need those wishes, all you needed was patience.. because even miracles take a little time. [ON HIATUS]


2. Chapter 1

*Chynna's P.O.V*


I sat at the bench in our backyard. I brought out a book and started reading it. 

"Woof!" I heard a bark and it wasn't long 'till I was tackled on the ground. It was Cookie, my Siberian Husky, he's about a year old and he's extremely energetic.

Me: "Hey Cookie, wanna play, boy?" I pet him and he rolled over and wagged his tail. He just graduated from Obedience School and he's learned a lot. I stood up and took the ball that was lying on the grass "C'mon boy" I showed him the ball then threw it at a distance and he ran to fetch it. I picked up my book, that was lying on the floor then sat back at the bench. It wasn't long 'till he got the ball and returned it to me. We just kept on playing fetch, me getting back to my book every once in a while. 

"Woof! Woof!" Cookie barked. I looked up from my book and looked at him, but he was no where in sight. I stood up and tried to find him, even his ball was missing. I went to the front yard and I saw his ball at the doorstep. I picked it up and before I could stand up properly I was tackled to the ground again.

Me: "Get off me you guys!"

"Woof!" Cookie got off me and took his ball back to the backyard

Me: "You too Harry!"

Harry: "What if I don't want to?"

Me: "Fine then we stay here all day..." 

Harry: "Fine" He got off me and helped me up. "So what 'ya doing today? 'Cuz I'm bored as hell"

Me: "Actually I'm reading a book" I said walking back to the backyard

Harry: "That's so boring... What else are you doing?" He said following me 

Me: "Playing fetch with Cookie" I sat down the bench and threw Cookie's ball and Harry sat beside me

Harry: "Oh c'mon Chyn, have some MORE fun..."

Me: "Harry you know-"

Harry: "Yeah I know that you don't like acting all crazy and stuff..." He said resting his head on my lap "But please.. for me? Let's do something wild??" I sighed

Me: "Like an adventure??"

Harry: "Exactly! You in for it?"

Me: "Alright, sure" I said giving up, knowing him he won't rest 'till I give in. "So what are we doing today?"

Harry: "I...have no idea..." 

Me: "Until you figure out what we're gonna do, I'm just gonna go back to my book"

Harry: "That's unfair.." I giggled then Cooked jumped on the bench, laid down and rested his head on my lap. Now I have the two most important boys in my life resting their heads on my lap.. Yeah Harry and Cookie... My dad, he left my mom even before I was born. He worked in America and he barely came home.

We just stayed there for about twenty minutes and it wasn't long 'till I finished my book. I read quite fast. And Cookie and Harry fell asleep on my lap. Harry eventually gave up on the idea of going on an adventure. I just sat there running my hands through Harry's curly hair and Cookie's soft fur. 

"There you are" A female voice said. I looked up and saw Rhia.

Me: "Hey Rhi. Be careful they're asleep"

Rhia: "I can see that" She said walking closer to us. She sat down on the grass and crossed her legs "So, are you doing anything today?"

Me: "I don't know.. Harry wants to go on an adventure"

Rhia: "What kind of adventure?"

Me: "A crazy one, but he doesn't know what to do"

Rhia: "Well, I for one wants to go shopping"

Me: "You always want to shop"

Rhia: "I know but please come with me??"

Me: "I don't know Rhi, first, Harry, second, you know I don't like spending"

Rhia: "I know, that's why I'm paying"

Me: "Are you serious?"

Rhia: "Yup, it'll just be like an early birthday present"

Me: "Thanks Rhi, but what about Harry?"

Rhia: "Just wait until he wakes up then we'll just...improvise"

I just sat there as Rhi went inside, probably to get some food or something. Cookie woke up and sat beside me. I looked at Harry, then I has a devious smile on my face. I turned to Cookie.

Me: “Wanna have some fun boy?” I whispered. I looked back at Harry then started squishing his face. Every time I did that Cookie makes this cute face and barks softly.

Me: “Oh you’re so cutee!!” I said as I turned from Cookie to Harry.  I didn’t notice I woke up Harry.

Harry: “Really? You think I’m cute?” He asked 

Me: “I was talking to Cookie”

Harry: “Oh really? Who do you think is cute?”

Me: “Cookie”

Harry: “Only him?” I turned to Cookie

Me: “Yup” I said and he barked. Harry looked depressed, but I know he’s just acting. “Just kidding, you’re both the cutest beings on earth” I said messing his hair

Harry: “I know you’re lying but thanks”

Me: “Whatever. Hey Rhi’s taking me out shopping later, do we still have to go to an adventure”

Harry: “Ohh can I come?? That will be our crazy adventure”

Me: “Alright go get ready” I said walking back inside and he jumped over the fence. His house was right next to mine. We moved here when I was four, his mum welcomed us and that’s when I met him. We’ve been friends ever since. I went upstairs and Cookie followed me.

Me: “Rhi?”

“In your room!” She replied. I entered my room and saw Rhi taking some of my clothes out.

Me: “What are you doing?”

Rhia: “Finding you an outfit”

Me: “Thanks but I’m just gonna change my top and we’re leaving”

Rhia: “Oh c’mon Chyn, get some more glamour”

Me: “No thank you!” I said as I closed the bathroom door. I brushed my teeth then put on some lip gloss and a little eye shadow. I left the bathroom and Harry and Rhi were sitting on my bed with Cookie. I took out a top from my closet then returned to the bathroom.

Rhia: “I’ll get the car ready” She shouted. She just got her license last week and her mum bought her a new car. Rhi and Harry are a year older than me. I left the bathroom and took my purse. I shoved in my phone, wallet and my inhaler. Yeah, I have asthma and yet I have a hairy dog. I got changed then me and Harry went downstairs. I locked the door and let Cookie explore the front yard, I closed the gate though. We got in Rhi’s car and she drove slowly away from my house

Harry: “Hey why don’t we have an the streets of LONDON..” I gave him a ‘are you kidding me’ look again “What?? It’ll be fun!!! C’mon.. please...”

Me: "That's like a three hour, four hour drive..I think.."

Rhi: "Hey I'm buying myself a new outfit.. And c'mon Chyn!!"

Me: “Yeah..sure..alright...Oh, wait! RHI! Stop the car!” I said and she immediately stopped it

Rhi: “Why??”

Me: “I forgot something, can we go back?”

Rhi: “Uhhh.. fine”

Me: “Thanks..” I said relieved.

Harry: “What did you forget?”

Me: “My inhaler”

Harry: “You have it in your bag, right there”

Me: “That one’s empty, I need to refill it” And he nodded. It wasn’t long until we reached my house. I got down and ran to my room and refilled my inhaler. As I got back outside, Cookie blocked my way. He has his leash on his mouth, his way of saying he wants a walk. I took the leash away from him and hung it on the wall.

Me: “Sorry boy but we’re going shopping” And I walked away. He once again blocked my way and begged. I looked at the car and thought about it.

“Fine” I said and I put his leash around him then we went to the car.

Rhi: “You know we’re going shopping”

Me: “Yeah, I know”

Rhi: “Then why’d you bring Cookie?”

Me: “He wanted to come, plus you can finally buy him those clothes or whatever it is you wanted to buy him”

Rhi: “Fine..”

Harry: “And we’re having an adventure right? So if there’s some evil villain who attacks us, Cookie can defeat the evil being and save the day!!” He said dramatically and we all laughed-even Cookie who barked instead.



Me: “Please, she didn’t mean it. You can have them if you want”

Rhi: “No way! This is the last pair, no way am I giving it to an-“ I gave her a death glare “..a woman” she continued hiding the anger.

“Uhh, would you like these pumps instead? They just arrived this morning” The sales lady said trying to convince the two

Harry: “Can’t we just leave, I mean what the hell is-“ You gave him a death glare as well “Oh look, I think I want to check that out..” He said rushing away, Cookie following him

“I came here for those wedges, and I’m leaving WITH those wedges-“ The girl said but was cut by Rhi

Rhi: “Whether you like it or not, I’m the one leaving with these shoes. Besides, I saw them first!”

“No you didn’t!!” The girl said as she snached the shoe off Rhi’s hand.

Me: “ us...” I said as I sat down the small couch and watched as the sales lady tried to stop the two from fighting over a pair of shoes. When she finally gave up she sat down beside me and the girls have already knocked down half of the store.

Me: “Uhhh... how much do you think all of these..uhh, damages will cost?” I asked as sweetly as possible

“Honestly, I’m not so sure... but I’m gonna be in a lot of trouble...” She said examining all the mess in the store

Me: “I’m terribly sorry...” Then the doors burst open and Harry came in

Harry: “Hey! Come back!!” He shouted. I stood up and saw that Cookie was also in the shop and was chasing a cat and some cops were chasing them, particularly Harry.

Me: “What the hell did you do now????”

Harry: “Uhhh... I’m sorry??” He said still chasing the cat, and Cookie.

Me: “This is going to cost me a lot...” You said looking at the sales lady “Sorry??” You gave her a worried smile. And then the cops went in, I quickly stood up and approached them.

Me: “Uhh, no one’s going to jail, right?”

“Oh no ma’m we’re just here to” One of them replied but stopped as he saw the mess “Uhh, let me get back to you miss"

Me: "Oh dear.."





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