Forbidden Dust

[This is my story from] Lucy doesn't know something about herself that she really should. Her true identity has been kept a secret, and the only thing Lucy knows is that there's something different about her. No one will tell her anything, and she can't seem to find any information. But if she does find out her true identity, her whole world would change. Because Lucy is the impossible. The one thing that isn't supposed to.


1. Chapter 1.

My first fantasy story, I don't know how it usually goes but by reading a few fantasy stories I grapsed the main idea :p


Lucy Mayer stared at the mirror as she saw her reflection. Her long, blond hair was lying past her shoulders, and she brushed against it softly using her hands. Her dark, purple wings sparkled in delight. Like all faeries, Lucy was the size of an average human. And they could do anything a human could do, swim, walk, draw. They just had to keep their wings tucked in neatly underneath their clothes. But touch any botanical plant, dead or sick, and it is pumped with life and health.

She took a deep breath and walked out of her room. Downstairs in the kitchen sat Maria and Johnathan Mayer, older faeries who were posing as her parents. Lucy knew of this, and she understood why.

Maria, who was in her thirties, greeted her in a friendly voice as he sat down on the kitchen table with a glass of water and a faerie tablet. It was to sustain their energy, because they couldn't consume any human food except water. If they do eat human food, they might have a mild allergy. The only other foods they could eat was faerie herbs, but their faerie world was currently unaccessible.

Lucy was a fascinating case; she could drink human lemonade while the rest of the faerie kingdom can't. Nobody knew why. But the smart, senior faeries just thought it was a coincidence.

Maria was a good five foot five and had short brown hair, flowing down just before her shoulders. She was a little chubby was not what everyone actually calls the 'best mum ever'. Her chocolate-brown eyes would shine in the light and she was very skilled in flying.

Then there was Jonathan. That mid-thirties dad that is sports crazy. He has blond hair to cover up why Lucy has blond hair and small muscles that were improving daily. He often wore blue to signify his 'faerie-hood' and anyway, it was his favourite colour.

The reason why faeries were living in the human world instead of their own world was because they were 'upgrading' the faerie world and they wanted to help the dying nature in the human world.  

Because, humans are contributing to destroying Mother Nature, even though they don't mean it. Also, every time a human plants a seed, or helps in anyway to the world of plants, a faerie is born. They do not breed. Think about how much rice are planted too! That is why the faerie kingdom has to do massive upgrades.

And that is also the main reason why Lucy has eight other older 'siblings'... Speaking of which... They were all boys. A year or two older than them. The faerie government messed up and sent the eight male faeries to their home. They couldn't do anything about it, as they were in a rush to find a spot for the newborns, which were all either pre-teenagers or teenagers as pure faeries do not have childhoods.

Maria sat back and called out to the children, "Daniel, Alex, Jonas, Timothy, Harry, Tom, Bob! It's time for breakfast!"

Lucy flipped her hair slightly, getting it out of the way and reached for the box of faerie tablets. She took two extras for school. She walked towards the fridge which was a very small one and only contained a jug of water and took out the jug to drink some water.

Jonas came down wearing some trousers and a simple dark blue polo shirt. He didn't care less about the latest trends and sometimes wore the same clothes three times in a row. He still had cool friends though. His brown hair bounced lightly as he leaned in to take the box of faerie tablets. He took a cup from a dish tray and filled it up with the water, gulping quickly as he popped the tablet into his mouth. Then he shouted, "Bye, guys!" as he grabbed his worn-out backpack and walked out of the house.

Maria shook her head in disgust and remarked, "Jonas. Tsk tsk. What a sad future I vision for him."

Lucy's eyes widened as she agreed, "I couldn't agree more." Then she took out her stylish pink and blue-polka dotted scrunchie and tied her smooth blond hair. Checking if her wings were tucked in properly, she grabbed her faux-leather bag and walked out.

"Goodbye, Lucy," Maria and Jonathan chorused.

"You too, guys,"


Lucy stepped foot of the beautifully built school. It was dull white on the outside and had bright paintings bursting with colours on the inside of the building. This was to show that on the outside, even if you're not good-looking, on the inside, you are pretty.

"Hey, Lucy,"Avery, her friend, greeted her as she saw her. Avery was Lucy's fun-loving tan-skinned friend that meets up with her on a daily basis.

"What's up, lil' buddy?" Lucy replied. "Lil' buddy" was Lucy'a nickname for Avery, because she was always there for her. Avery didn't mind much, but if she gets nicknamed too frequently she gets offended.

"Nothing much, just looking after our little project," Avery shook her head, "By the way, you totally ditched the project! How dare you, Lucy!"

Avery took out a small potted cactus that was half-dead. Its stem was becoming droopy and rotten, as if it was over watered. Lucy stared at the cactus, biting her lip. She tried to stop the temptation to touch the plant and heal it again. Clenching her fists, she explained to Avery, "Gosh. You're not supposed to over water it-- we're gonna fail this project, I tell you!"

Avery raised her hands in surrender and said weakly, "I confessed that I have no knowledge of any species of plants. Yet you, Lucy Mayer, totally left me all alone. I am totally not guilty."

Lucy reasoned, "Well, I wasn't available! Anyway, we still have a chance to... make this thing work!" The students of Oakwood High were molded to be independent - projects and homework must be given to the teacher personally, or be put at their desks in the staffroom. Lucy still had until after school, so she tried not be in anxiety.

"F-fine... But here, hold this thing. I have to look at my timetable..." Avery got her free hand to open her back pack and got a finger inside, poking at the colourfully coded files that held neatly written papers.

"Wait.. No--" Lucy tried to stop Avery from giving the dark-green cactus to her. But it was too late. Her fingertips touched the innocent plant. The colour of health is quickly spread towards all parts of the plant, healing it. The cactus grew bigger, and a little bigger. It grew a quarter of it's original size. A small amount, but it very much helped the plant.

Avery gasped. 

"You..." she  spoke, "How'd you... What... What happened? Oh god..."

Lucy didn't know how to react. Scared? Surprised? Braggy? Amused? Jealous? "Why... How did that happen?!" Lucy pretended to be absolutely clueless. Avery just gaped at the peaceful cactus. "I'll just pretend that never happened but it was some awesome miracle you performed there, Mayer. Now, about my schedule..."

Lucy heaved a sigh of relief. Close call, she thought. Because if she had no choice but to reveal her true self to Avery, she would be in trouble. Big time.


So... Hope you liked this :L



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