Kiss you

Jackie is working as a waitress at her dad's catering firm. One day they got a order to help a band. Jackie is not expecting it to be One direction.

just gonna say that it's gonna be some Larry in this. So you who don't like it then don't read it or leave a dumb comment.


5. Work,work,work and more work

Jackie wook up and notices that she was in the basement. She scratched her head when she remember her movie night with Niall. She looks around and can't seem to find him. Jacke shurgs and gets up, she makes her way up the stairs and stops when she see something that she thought she never would witness. Niall Horan sittning at her breakfast tabel having breakfast and talking to her dad. Her dad notices her first and smiles. 

" Good morning pumpkin" he says. 

" Good morning dad and Niall" Jackie said and starts to fix her own breakfast. 

She sits down at the tabel and  starts to eat. 

 " So what movie did you watch?" Leroy asked. 

" Scream" They both say in unison. 

They all laugh at that and starten to clear up the tabel. Jackie heads upstairs and jumps into a shower. She steps out and blowdry her hair letting it curl the way it does naturally when she don't do anything to It. Jackie puts it up in a ponytail and she puts on foundation and some mascara. Jackie steps up to her 'work closet' were she keeps all her working clothes. She puts on a pair of her work pants as she calls them. They are pants that painters use to have, with a lot of pockets. She pulls on a t-shirt with the catress logo on the back. 

She returns to downstairs and puts on her black converse. She grabs her phone and look at her father and Niall. 

" Shall we?" She asked. 

" Sure" Niall Said grabbing his keys. 

 " Jackie, you will go with Niall, our car is packed" her father says. 

 " Oh okey" Jackie nods and climb into Niall's car. 

They pull out of the driveway and speds off. 

" Thanks for last night it was awesome" Niall smiles. 

" Oh it was nothing, just watching an old horror movie and eating junk food" Jackie waves her hand. 

" It meant more to me, it was a break from the fame. I could be me, not that I'm not me in interviews and such but it felt like before X-factor and during it when me and the lads could just hang around" Niall said. 

 " I get you" Jackie said. 

 It became quiet them Jackie's eyes grew wide. 

 " Bowling!" She shouted. 

 " What?" Niall looked confused and a bit choked. 

" Oh sorry for just shouting it out like that" Jackie bit her lip. 

" No,no it's okey it just means that you have gotten more comfortable around me. Go on " Niall said smiling. 

Jackie blushed and she was going to ask her dad about this later. She knew he had something to do with this. 

" Anyways, We should go bowling after work today, all of us. Carly's uncle owns the bowling hall here in town so he can rent it out just for us so that you guys could hang out like you used to" Jackie said. " though I'm bringing Carly with me because I'm not gonna be the only girl there. 

" Sure sounds awesome" Niall said.

They pull up to the concert hall and after a quick hug they  got separtead. Jackie starts to set up the tabells and spots Carly. She gives her friend a hug. 

" We are going bowling with One Direction tonight" Jackie said" text your uncle" 

Carly almost made a happy sound and texted ger uncle.  They continue working and Carly gets a text back. 

 " He says that we will have the whole place for ourself" Carly smiles widely. 

The day carries on and Jackie bumps into one guy after another. They hug and smile at eachother and Jackie informs them of the bowling. Lunch time is coming and Jackie puts all the food on the tabel. The room is packed. In trough the doors comes the boy band. Jackie smile at them and waves them over. 

 " Niall I'm disapointed at you" Jackie pouts

Panic is written all over Niall's face. 

" I thought you would be the first one here" Jackie says, sounding like a small  child. 

The boys laugh at Niall's relaxed face. 

 " Sorry love but soundcheck took it's time, now what delicious ting are you servingg today" He says. 

Jackie smiles showing her small dimples. 

" Pasta bolognese" She says. 

 The boys get their fair share of food and sits down. Carly drags Jackie in her arm. 

 " What?" She asks 

" Introduce me" Carly whisperes. 

" Oh yes right" Jackie winks ans Wales up to the boys tabel. 

" Lads, there is someone I would like you to meet" She says. 

" Oh who?" Louis looks at her with a big smile. 

"My best friend Carly" Jackie says and points at the red haried girl. 

Carly walks up to the boys. 

" Hello, My name is Carly" she said with a smile. 

" Hello love" Zayn said.   

" Nice to meet you" Liam smiled. 

"Jacqueline McKenzie and Carlyn Johnson, work not flirt" Gabriel walked up to them and with the kitchen towel in one hand he starterd to whip it in the air. 

" See ya' later" Jackie waved before making her way back to the food station with Carly and Gabriel in tow. 

The boys waved and smiled at them. Niall winked to Jackie and she blushed. 

" Get to work, the next lunch hour is coming" Gabriel gave the girls a smile before he starterd  to wide of the empty tabels.

" Isn't he sexy?" Carly almost droled over the food.

" He is okey" Jackie shrugged. 

" Aww come on, he is perfect with his dark hair and blue eyes. And that sexy body." Carly smiled like a fool. 

Jackie just laughed and continued working. 

" Well I understand why you don't see anything special in him, first he is after all your cousin, lucka bastard. Second, you like guys who is blond, blue eyed, plays guitarr, sings like a angel and is irish" Carly laughed and Jackie turned bright red. 

The day sent on like this. Jackie and Carly were working all the time and the boys were in soundcheck. Carly were crazy about the radios they got from a staffmember. She felt like a agent. Jackie just laughed at he friend. Sooner then they expected the work day was over. Jackie and Carly changed from work clothes. Jackie pulled on a pair of jeans with holes in them and a shirt with ' the Beatles' on it. She let her hair down and put on her shoes and grabbed her phone. Carly was wearing black pants and a with top with a red vest over it. Her hair were left hanging almost touching her shoulders. Carly pulled on her red converse and smiled at Jackie. They walked out to the parking lot and waited for the guys to come.


A/N: Maybe abit short, sorry for that :/ 

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