Kiss you

Jackie is working as a waitress at her dad's catering firm. One day they got a order to help a band. Jackie is not expecting it to be One direction.

just gonna say that it's gonna be some Larry in this. So you who don't like it then don't read it or leave a dumb comment.


4. Starbucks and Phone calls

Jackie woke up with a big yawn. She looked trough her window and smiled when she saw that it was sunny today. She got out of bed and into the shower. When she got out she wrapped a towel around herself and she blowdried her hair getting more volume in it. She took out her straightner and her curler. She straightned her hair and then curled som parts of it. She quikly brushed it to the side. Javkie put on bright red lipstick and made a more neutral make up for her eyes.

She walked over to her closet pulling on underwear and biting her lip. Her green eyes looking at her clothes. She finally pulls out a pair of shorts and a t-shirt with London's biggest tourist attractions on in black over it it stod " I <3 London" in graffiti. Jackie inspected her outfit in the mirror and nodded, aproving of it. She decended the stairs and made breakfast. She was reading her magazine when her dad came down and made coffee.

" You are up early" he said

" No I'm not" Jackie mumbled

" Huh?" Her dad looked confused.

Jackie looked at her dad raising a eyebrow.

" Its 10 o'clock dad" She said

" Is it that much already?" Her dad exclamied.

" Yea, why the sudden rush?" Jackie asked.

" We are going to be at the concert hall in and half hour" Her dad said running up the stairs and she could hear him running around up there finally getting in a shower.

Jackie cleande the tabel and put the dirty thing in the dishwasher. She pulled on her black converse not bothering with tying them completly. She looked at her phone, 10:15. She send a quick text to Carly saying that her dad were dragging off to th workplace and that she would call when they were done and then they could have their coffee. She got a short text saying that it was okey because her mom were making Carly to follow her on a trip to the grocery store. Jackie smiled at the text as she stuffed it into the pocket of her jeans vest. Her dad decended the stairs wearing a shirt and a pair of jeans shorts reaching to his knees. He put on his white converse and stuffed his phone in his pocket. Jackie grabbed the car keys and gave them to her father when she had locked the door.


They arrived at the concert hall when the clock were 10:30. Father and daughter ran up to the doors and entered with sunny smiles on. Jackie pushed up her sunglasess so they were in her hair. Simon smiled at them and shook their hands.

" You made it" he said.

Jackie laughed.

" Yeah, Dad woke up just an half a hour a go, I didn't even know we were going here" She said.

" Stressful morning then?" Simon said

" For him yes, not for me" Jackie said.

" Ahe well, eh Leroy, you and I will discuss the food and were you are going to store the food ansuch things, Jackie you can meet up with the boys if you want, They are in their dressing rooms" Simon said.

Jackie smiled and went down the corridor that Simon had pointed out. She looked at the doors and saw one named " One Direction" She knocked on it.

" Come in" she heard someone say, it sounded like Harry.

Jackie opened the door and found the boys in there. Louis and Harry were sitting togheter on the couch, they whispered things to eachother and smiled like idiots. Jackie raised an eyebrow, those two were like siames twins. Niall were sitting in a spin chair playing the chords to " I'm yours" Liam were cheeking his phone, most likely twitter. Zayn were hunched over a sketchbook.

" Hiya Lads" Jackie said an smiled.

Liam looked up from his phone and put it away with a smile.

" Jackie!" he exclaimed and got up her and gave her a hug.

The other guys looked up and smiles spread on their faces. They all got up to huge her. Niall sat her down in a spin chair and smiled at her.

" So what are you guys doing?" she asked.

" Drawing" Zayn said while he was focusing on the drawing.

" Okey, what are you drawing?" Jackie asked.

" You" he answeard and looked up with a flirty smile.

Jackie blushed and bit her lip. Liam laughed at her. Jackie smiled flustered at him.

" What are doing then Liam?" she asked.

" Cheeking twitter" he answeard.

" Do you have twitter Jackie?" Niall asked.

" Yea, I follow you all" she said.

" Wow, because we are so gonna find you in the list of all the fans that follow us" Louis said.

Jackie stuck her tounge out.

" The name is 'mckenziefalls' " She said and smiled.

Liam looked at his phone intensly.

" Found ya' " he said after awhile.

" Yeah me too" Niall said.

Jackie didn't even know he had his phone in his hand. After awhile they were all following her. Jackie blushed a little then turned to Harry and Louis.

" And you two, what are you doing?"

" Not telling" Louis said stubbornly.

" Why not?" Jackie asked.

" It's a secret" Louis smiled cheekily

" Obviously" Jackie said and rolled her eyes.

" You want to tell me Harry?" she asked the curly haired boy but he shook his head.

" Nope" he said making a pop sound on the 'p'.

Jacke spun towards Niall.

" And you Nialler, what are you doing?" She asked.

" Trying to tune this guitar" He said frowning.

Jackie streatched out her hand for it and Niall gave it to her and their hands touched and they got eye contact. Jackie blushed and grabbed the guitar harder bringing it closer to her. She started to play on it, over and over again, tuning it and then doing it all over again until she was completly content about it. She passed the guitarr to Niall.

" Now play on it" she said with a smile.

Niall smiled at her and took some chords and looking at her again.

" How did you?" he asked.

" They were tuned to hard" She said and shrugged her shoulders.

" She says it as it is the simpliest thing in the world " Liam says

" It is really, if you have any knowledge about instruments you should know that if the strings on any stringed instrument is tuned to hard they will either break or get un tuned" Jackie said

" Do you play?" Niall asked.

" Guitarr, no but violin" She said with a smile.

They were intreupted by Jackie's father knocking on the door. He popped his head in.

" We are done now, I will tell you the details when I drive you to the mall, because you were meeting Carly at starbucks right?" Leroy asked.

" Yea that's right" Jackie smiled.

" Carly?" Zayn asked.

" My best friend, she will work here aswell" Jackie explained.

The boys nodded and hugged Jackie. Niall slipped her a note and smiled at her. Jackie smiled back.

" Bye lads, see ya' tomorrow" Jackie and her father says at the same time and they laugh.

" Bye see ya' " The boys says.

" We will miss you" Louis scream

Jackie smile and shook her head as she closes the door sending Niall a last glance. He smiles at her and winks quickly. Jackie first thought she had imagined it but no it was real. Niall Horan had winked at her. She blushed slightly. Her dad were filling her in on the information that Simon and he had discussed. When they were half way to the mall he was done and Jackie called Carly saying that she was on her way. They arrived and Jackie jumped out.

" Bye love, see ya' later" her dad said " don't forget that you are cooking tonight"

Jackie nodded and closed the door and waved as her dad drove off. She looked at the clock, it was 15:00 She satrted looking for Carly. Jackie soon spotted her friend's red hair. Jackie jogged up to Carly.

" Hey babe" Jackie said

" Hello Love" Carly said with a smile and hugged her.

" To starbucks?" Jackie asked

" To starbucks" Carly confirmed and started to walk up to the coffee shop.

" One Chai latte and a moccahito with cream" Jackie orderd and paid.

They sat down and Carly looked at Jackie .

" What?" she asked

" So you is the one that brought that cute blush to your face?" Clary asked.

Jackie blushed harder. It couldn't still be visible. Clary started to laugh

" So it is someone that gets you to blush" she said.

Jackie glared at Clary. She had tricked her to get Jackie to think that you could still see a blush from something and because of that Jackie had blushed harder.

" Who is it? " Clary smield and took a sip of her moccahito.

" Niall" Jackie whispered.

Clary looked at her.

" You like him?" she asked.

" I think so, I don't maybe it's just because it's the Niall Horan from One Direction" Jackie said.

" Better find out" Carly said.

Jackie nodded. They continued to talk and Jackie looked at the clock she excused herself and got up to leave. She walked to the local gorcery store and shopped things for the dinner and then some junk food. Jackie paid for the food and walked home. It was a 5 minutes walk from the grocery store. She opens the door and kicks of her shoes and walks to the kitchen.

" Dad I'm home" She shouted

" Good make dinner" Her dad command her jokingly from the living room.

" Yes sir" Jackie laughs and starts making dinner. She makes baked potatoes and grilled steak with béarnaise sauce and sallad. She puts the food on the tabel and  starts putting plates, cutlery and glasses for her dad and herself. Her dad comes out into the kitchen.

" What are we celebrating?" he asked with a laugh

" That we have an awesome job" Jackie laughs

" It smells delicious darling" Leroy says and sits down.

" Good, I hop it tastes as good" Jackie smiles and sits across from her father.

After the dinner her dad put it all away and they wrapped the rests in plastic and put it in the fridge. Jackie took her junk food and wnt up to her room and changed to a red one piece . Jackie lay down and ate some chips when she rememberd the note Niall gave her. She looked at it and pressed the number into her phone and called. After some beeps someone picked it up.

" Who is this?" came an irisch accent

Jackie laughed.

" Don't you even remeber who you give your number to" She said.

" Jackie, sorry hun, it has been a long day" Niall said

" Aww it's okey Nialler" Jackie said.

" Yea, the concert is in some days" NIall says.

" Hmm, yea I know" Jackie rolls onto her stomach and eats some chips.

" What are you eating?" Niall asked.

" How did you know I were eating something?" Jackie asked

" Pretty hard not to discover it when the person is chewing into your ear" Niall said

" Sorry" Jackie laughed.

" So what is it?" he asks.

" Sourcream and onion chips" Jackie answears.

" Oh I love those" Niall said.

" NIall, you love any kind of food" Jackie said laughing

" Yea you are right" Niall laughs

" Hey, you want to come over and watch some movies?, I have junk food so it lasts for a month" Jackie asks.

Niall laughs

" Why not, I'll be there in 20 minutes" He said.

" Okey" Jackie laughs.

After 20 minutes it knocks on the door and Jackie opens it and let Niall in. Leroy says hello before he went into the living room again. Jackie gets all the junk food and they went downstairs sitting infront of the big tv screen watching movies until they fell asleep.



A/N: I hope you like this :3 Two chapters in one day. That will sadly not happen again in sometime I think, to much school :P ayways enjoy and don't forget to comment and I will give you cookies^^ Oh yea almost forgot, if you want a personal imagine with one of the boys please look at my other movella and leave a comment there ;) Bye for now



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