Kiss you

Jackie is working as a waitress at her dad's catering firm. One day they got a order to help a band. Jackie is not expecting it to be One direction.

just gonna say that it's gonna be some Larry in this. So you who don't like it then don't read it or leave a dumb comment.


1. New job

 The silence in the dark room was broken by a monotonous beeping. A hand reached out for the device that gave away the sound. Jackie sat up and pulled her hands through her hair. She had successfully got the alarm clock quiet.  She got up from bed and into the bathroom where she took a shower and styled her dark hair. Everything was pulled to the left side so that you could see her side cut.  Jackie didn't put on so much make - up, just enough so that it looked natural.

She went to her closet and took out a pair of black pants, a white t-shirt that hugged her curves over it she pulled a vest that went down to her thighs. She finished it of with at fedora and a simple necklace.  Jackie made her way down to the kitchen and saw her dad sitting at the table with a cup of coffee and the newspaper.

" Good morning, Daddy" she said and hugged him quickly.

" Good morning honey" he replied.

Jackie went to the fridge and took out orange juice. She made some sandwiches, she gave two of them to her dad who smiled at her. 

" We have got a new job" 

Jackie looked up from her gossip magazine. 

" Are you serious?" A smile started to tug on her lips.

"Yes, we sill start tomorrow.

Jackie flew up from the chair. She and her father hadn't had so much jobs. Their caterers had been getting small jobs but by the way her dad smiled Jackie assumed that this was different. 

" That's amazing dad!" she exclaimed.

" I know" 

" So who are we working for?" she asked. 

" You will see tomorrow but I can guarantee that you will like them" her dad smiled. 

Jackie stuck her tongue out and cleaned of the table. She went up to the bathroom and brushed her teeth. She made her bed and put back the clothes in her closet. She went back downstairs and saw that her father had parked himself in front of the tv.  

" I'm gonna met up with Carly" she said as she grabbed her phone and keys and meet her father's asking expression which switched to a happy one. 

" Oh, say 'hi' from me" he said. 

" I will" she smiled and stepped out of the little town house they lived in. 

Jackie went up to her car and got in and drove to the mall. She parked the car and locked it and went up to their cafe. Or not really their cafe but they would always met there. Jackie saw her friend and sat down beside her. Carly smiled and her grey eyes sparkled when she smiled and put her red hair behind her hair but it was to short to stay their so it fell back in front of her eye. 

" I have already ordered a Chai latte for you" Carly said. 

Jackie smiled. 

" Thanks" 

" So what's happening? you are like sparkling, I swear the guys looked after you when you walked in" Carly said in a teasing voice.

" Hahaha, well me and my dad got a job" Jackie said.

Carly shined.

" That's awesome!" she exclaimed.

" I know"

" Have he told for who you're gonna work for?" she asked and sipped on her tea that had arrived. 

" No but he said that I'm gonna like it" Jackie laughed. 

" Mysterious as ever" Carly smiled.

" Yeah I know, are you gonna help?" Jackie asked. 

" Of course! What else am I gonna do?" Carly said.

Jackie drank from her chai latte.

" So what are you gonna do today?" Carly asked. 

" I don't know, what are you gonna do?" Jackie looked at her best friend.

" I'm gonna look around here at the mall, wanna follow?"

" Sure why not" 

The girls got up and took their drinks and walked around in the mall.  

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