Kiss you

Jackie is working as a waitress at her dad's catering firm. One day they got a order to help a band. Jackie is not expecting it to be One direction.

just gonna say that it's gonna be some Larry in this. So you who don't like it then don't read it or leave a dumb comment.


2. Meeting them

Jackie was busy cleaning the living room so she missed when it began to knock on the front door. She looked at her dad with a confused face when he was gesticulated wildly at her. 

" Remove the cleaning stuff!" he shouted over the high noise from the vacuum cleaner.

Jackie nodded slowly and began to pick up things and put it away were it belonged. When she had put the vacuum cleaner in it's place she heard voices in the hallway. She looked down at herself and squeaked when she realized that she didn't have  suitable clothes to meet guests on. She flew up the stairs to her room and pulled off them ill-fitting, some sizes to big ragged jeans and the stained t-shirt that had once been a soccer shirt. 


Jackie was now just in underwear and socks and she looked around the room.  She pulled her black hair to the side and put in an earring after she pulled on a pair of navy blue pants with a high waist and a tank top with the Arsenal logo on.  She looked in the mirror ti check if it was good enough and with a shrug she left the room and descended the stairs again. Her father had invited the guests but it wasn't just anyone, it was One Direction. Jackie grabbed the railing to avoid falling off the stairs which would be a 'Typical Jackie' as her father so nicely described it. 

It was of course at this time that her phone started ringing.

" Do you remember summer 09'?

Wanna go back there every night"

Jackie made a face that said " Oh fuck it"  and quickly pulled up her phone, it was Carly.

" Hello Love!" 

" Hello, a little inconvenient" Jackie turned away from the guys, but she could still feel the curios glances that was thrown at her. 

" What do you mean 'inconvenient?" Carly sounded confused.

" We have guests" Jackie whispered.

" Oh, I get it, call me later babe" Carly hung up and Jackie glared at the phone, wishing that her friend would feel the evil glares. Which she of course didn't.

"Jacqueline, come and greet our guests'" her father said, not caring about the call.

Jackie put a smile on and turned around. 

"Hello" she said cheerfully, trying not to freak out. 

" So you are Jacqueline, your father has said so many good things about you" A man stepped in front of the boys and smiled, a little stiff but still a smile. 

" So he has"  Jackie smiled. She could hardly believe that she was talking to Simon Cowell. Her father cleared his throat and pointed to his hand. Jackie nodded.

" Um yeah, the name is Jacqueline but you can all call me Jackie, I prefer to be called Jackie" She held out her hand. Simon shook it, also very stiff but still friendly. 

" Louis" A pair of blue eyes meet her green ones and she smiled nervously as they shook hands.

" Harry" Jackie bit her lip, but responded that dimpled smile with a smile of her own and a handshake.

" Liam" Jackie nodded and put her hair behind her ear before she shook hands with the brunet. 

" Niall" Jackie enjoyed the cute Irish accent when they shook hands. 

" Zayn" He winked at her and Jackie could feel her cheeks getting warmer then usual.

" Hey guys! Check this out, she is a fan" Zayn exclaimed.

Jackie looked down at their still linked hands and notices her bracelet with the band's name written on it and a heart behind it.  She wore it all the time so she didn't think on it so much, almost forgetting it was even there. The guys gathered around her and smiled. 

" So a fan will work with us" Liam said with a friendly smile.

Jackie bit her lip and looked down at her feet but she nods. 

" There's nothing to be ashamed of, we're not angry. It will be fun to get to know you"  Niall looks at her with a smile. Jackie meets his gaze and smiles back.

" Shall we take care of the adult things so the young ones can get to know each other" her father suggested.

Jackie looked at him and raised her eyebrows. 

" We are not that small dad" She stuck out her tongue.

" Oh yes you are, you have not been anywhere near what I had experienced when I was 19"  Her father smiles but looks at Jackie with sad eyes.

Her father had never really had a proper childhood and some of it was her fault, or she thought so at least, her father didn't share that thought with her. Simon and Leroy went out to the kitchen.

" So" Jackie sways on her feet " Would you want to sit in the living room?"

" Sure" the guys looked at her.

Jackie didn't understand why they didn't go into the living room and sat down. Then it hit her, they didn't know where the living room where. She hits her forehead. 

" C'mon I will show you where it is" she said with a smile. 

Jackie showed them the way to the bright room, painted in white with a feature wall with London in silhouette.

" Sit down,do you want anything?" she asked

" No it's okay, come and sit down" Harry said.

Jackie nodded and sat down on a chair and looked around biting her lip again. '

" It will break" Louis looks at her. 

Jackie looks thoughtfully at him then she smiles and looks down at her hands. 

" Sorry, I bite on it when I get nervous" 

" But you don't need to be nervous" Zayn looks at her with a smile.

" Uh yeah I do" Jackie drags a hand trough her hair.

" Why?" Harry looked at her as he looked up from Louis shoulder, where he had rested his head.

" Wouldn't you be nervous if you meet your source of inspiration?" Jackie blushed and looked around for something to look at, she was content with looking out the window. 

" Source of inspiration?" Niall looked at her with a interested expression on his face.

" Yeah, uhm, I like what you stand for. That one should follow their dreams and not let anything stop you." Jackie bit her lip again. ' Not even a family member's death'  she thought to herself. 

" That was a really beautiful thing to say. I don't think we even thought of what we stand for, for the fans." Zayn said, guilt evident in his voice.

The rest of the boys shook their heads'.  Jackie looked at them and smiled.

" C'mon" she said ans stood up.

She led them to a door in the kitchen she opened it and went down the stairs. Once they were down there they saw a large room. It covered the entire house and was a single room. On one side, it was a theater and on one wall was a lot of old pinball machines' and then there was a wall with a couple of game consoles and it was pillows, blankets and mattresses everywhere in the room. 

" Wow" Liam looked around the room with big eyes.

" I bet you can't beat me in pinball" Niall looked at her with sparkling blue eyes. He looked like a child on Christmas eve. 

Jackie meet his gaze, she blushed a little but she shook her head. 

" I take it as a challenge Mr. Horan"

They both laughed and walked up to the machines and pushed the button to start it all. The room where filled with clicking sounds and quiet curses. The other boys spread out in the room. Zayn and Harry found another pinball game which they took turns on playing. Louis and Liam found a playstation and found a game. They where now in front of the big tv and was rapidly clicking the buttons on the controls. After a time playing Jackie finally jumped up into the air.

" Yes!" She beamed at Niall " I won" 

Niall laughed. 

" Another match?" he asked.

This time it was Jackie's turn to laugh.

" No, my fingers will die and hate me forever if I do it again in the coming week" She said. 

They went over to Liam and Louis to look at the boys playing but soon became bored and tried to get the guys to lose focus. Louis paused the came and pounced on the troublesome duo when they had caused him to go of the track. Laughs filled the air and soon Zayn, Harry and Liam joined the "grouphug" if you could call it that. 






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