Kiss you

Jackie is working as a waitress at her dad's catering firm. One day they got a order to help a band. Jackie is not expecting it to be One direction.

just gonna say that it's gonna be some Larry in this. So you who don't like it then don't read it or leave a dumb comment.


3. Freaking out

After a few hours of gambling and more " grouphugs" it was time for the boys to drive down to the studio and work. Thr y all made their way up the stairs and laughed when Jackie accidently stumbled and fell right into Niall's arms. She blushed bright red, lookin like a tomatoe. With the help of Niall she got her balance back and laughed a little trying to laugh it of like nothing.

Jackie stood beside her father smiling and showing of her small dimples. They didn't compete with Harrys' but they were close. When all of them were dressed and Simon had shook her and Leroy they guys made their way towards her father to shook his hand. They all turned towards Jackie and they all stopped wondering if they should hug her or shake her hand. Louis were the first to act and he wrapped her in a big warm hug, like a big brother hugging his sisters. The other boys following his example. They left and her dad nudged her shoulder winking his eyebrows.

" What?" Jackie asked

" Don't 'what' me girl. I saw those glances between you and the blonde one" her father said smiling wide.

Jackie's chin dropped to the floor.

" Are you seriously thinking that I would openly flirt with Niall Horan! You crazy old man!" She exclamied.

Her father laughed, a warm laugh. He wrapped his daughter in a loving hug.

" Just don't do something stupid. The boys are good lads and I approve of them all so the choise is your but don't put up with a scene" He said.

Jackie stuck her tounge out but nodded before she went up to her room.



Niall sat down in a armchair in the studio. He picked up a guitar and played a few chords.

" So what did you think?" Simon asked and sat down in a armchair across from Niall.

" They seemed nice" Liam said.

" Though his daughter was very nervous"  Simon said.

" In the beginning yes, but when we went downstairs then she finally dared to ber herself" Niall stopped playing and looked at the others who nodded in agreement.

" Good, they will work here you know"  Simon got up and the armchair got occupied by Harry and Louis. The curly haired sitting in the older's lap.

Simon got his phone out and started to press in an number.

" What are they going to work with?" Zayn asked

" Catering and if necessary they will help us setting up the scene and fix instruments" Simon replied and left the room with the phone pressed to the ear. " See ya' lads later"

" Food" Niall exclamied.

The others started laughing.

" Now they got on Niall's good side" Harry said and got the boys to laugh harder.

" But wait, staff members, helping with insturments and stage work dosen't that mean that they are going to follow us on this whole tour?" Louis asked.

" It should mean that yes" Liam said with a smile.

" Hell yeah!" Niall exclamied jumping out of the chair but sat down quickly with a blush spreading on his cheeks.

" I think someone is a bit fond of our dear Jacquline" Louis singsanged.

" No, you're wrong Niall protested.

" Yea of course we are Nialler" Zayn laughed

Niall puffed his cheeks up and pouted.

" I'm hungry" he said an got up going to the studio's kitchen looking for food.



Jackie danced around in her room and listened to music. Then she rememberd that she was supposed to call Carly. She paused the music and threw herself for the cell phone lying on the bed. She quikly pressed the number to her friend and waited for the girl to answear.

" Carly"

" Hey Love! it's Jackie" Jackie said

" Hey babe! So the guestes, who were they?" Jackie could hear that her friend were courios.

The dark haired girl decided to drag out on it and smiled evily even if no one could see it.

" Which guests?" She asked innocently.

" You said you had guests when I called earlier." Carly explained.

" I don't remember that" Jackie said. She dragged a hand trough her hair.

" The guests that you left me for...leaving me in the mall" Carly said and Jackie could hear her friend pouting.

Jackie sniggered, her friend were really easy to tease.

" Oh those guests!" Jackie said in realisations.

" Yes! Now tell me you damn woman!" Carly exclamied.

Jackie laughed.

" It was just One Direction" Jackie said a smirk streatching her lips.

" Just One Direction!! You crazy woman! You had them all for yourself and you didn't tell me! You are dead Jacqueline Evelina McKenzie! Dead you hear me!"

Well it's okey to say Carly freaked out and jackie laughed her ass off at her friend. Her tears making it's way down her cheeks.

" What can I do to make you forgive me Carlyn Veronica Johnson?" Jackie said getting back at her friend fot using her full name.

" For starters don't ever call me Carlyn or my full name, ever" Carly said.

" Just doing like you did dearie" Jackie said cheekily.

Carly sighed.

" You can buy me a coffee and then introduce me to the boys" Carly said.

" Haha Starbucks tomorrow?" Jackie wondered

" Yes mam' and don't be late 12 o'clock on the dot" Carly said

" And Carly, you will meet the boys sooner or later because we are counting on you with work" Jackie said

" Oh you are right, you smart woman" Carly said with a laugh.

" Jackie, dinner is ready!" Her dad shouted

" Oh gotta go babe" Jackie said

" See ya' tomorrow love" Carly said before Jackie ended their call.






A/N: Sorry if it's short ;( I'm gonna compnesate for that and post one or two more chapters today, isn't that lovely? hehe leave a comment and I will love you forever


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