Kiss you

Jackie is working as a waitress at her dad's catering firm. One day they got a order to help a band. Jackie is not expecting it to be One direction.

just gonna say that it's gonna be some Larry in this. So you who don't like it then don't read it or leave a dumb comment.


9. Day off

" My, my, my, what do we have here then?" 

Jackie groaned and sat up looking up at her dad and then down at her comfortable pillow that was Niall. She looked up at her dad again, 

" Two teenagers that were really tired yesterday...and one that didn't want to be alone and then we just kinda fell asleep togheter" Jackie said and yawned. 

Leroy smiled sincerly. 

" I will let you two sleep in then" he said and stroked Jackie's head. 

Jackie moaned and laid down again. 

She were almost sleeping again when Niall sat up and Jackie's head banged into a pillow. She groaned tierdly. 

" Oh I'm so sorry Jackie, I forgot that you were there" Niall said.

" Mmm I will maybe forgive you" she groaned and sat up slowly.

" Maybe?" Niall raised an eyebrow.

" Yes maybe" she replied. 

Niall pushed her down and stardled her legs and griped her hands with one hand before he started to tickle her.  Jackie squeeld and laughed so hard that tears formed in her eyes.

" Niall! please! stop!" she screamed

" Forgive me" he said. 

" Maybe" she responded.

Niall laughed and continued to tickle her. 

" Okey Geez you are forgiven" Jackie managed to say between fits of laughter. 

Niall got off her. 

" Good, now kiss the cheek like you mean it" Niall said with a smile and did Jackie see a small blush on his cheeks. 

Jackie smiled and leaned forward and kissed his cheek. She blushed and looked down at her hands. Niall caressed her cheek and got her to look at him again, His hand went back to her neck and pushed her onto his lips. Jackie's eyes widdened but she soon kissed back and her eyes closed. 

After a while they both pulled back and Niall pressed his forehead against hers. 

" Niall, what are we doing?" Jackie whispered.

" I don't know but I think I like it" Niall said with a smile and kissed her again. 

Jackie forrowed her eyebrows and she pulled back. 

" Niall I'm seriuos, you will be on tours and I will be working somewhere else who knows what can happen" Jackie said. 

Niall grabbed Jackie's hands and looked into her eyes.

" Your dad and Simon are writing a new contract that let you follow us on tour" Niall said. 

Jackie sighed. 

" But do you really want me? I mean you can have any other girl" She mumbled. 

Niall hugged her, 

" Jackie, just try" Niall pleaded

Jackie nuzzeled her face into the crook of Niall's neck. 

" I don't know Niall" she mumbled. 

Niall stroked her back and kissed her tempel. 

" Jackie, please " he said against her skin. 

Jackie looked up at him and bit her lip. 

" I...I..I think I can try" she said looking down at her hands. 

Niall kissed her forehead. 

" Do you want this Jackz?" Niall asked. 

" Yes" she breathed out before thinking,

Niall smiled and kissed her again. Jackis kissed back and her hands went up to his hair. 

They heard steps in the stair and they pulled away, Jackie crashed down into the pillow and buried her face into it. Niall got up and streatched he looked at the stair and saw Leroy. 

" Hello Leroy" he said with a smile.

" Hey there Niall, do you kids want breakfast or ehrm I mean brunch?" he asked

Jackie's head shot up from the pillow. 

" Food" she exclaimed and flew up the stairs and into the kitchen.

She heard laughter from the stairs and it increased in volume when the two men in the house got up and into the kitchen. Jackie didn't care, she had food. 

" So, what are your plans from today?" Leroy asked and sat down at the tabel. 

Jackie was eating a toast and was unabel to talk so Niall was the victim of the question. 

" ehrm, we haven't really planned anything, I think just chilling here and maybe meet up with the other's later" Niall said and bit his lip. 

" Sounds like a rahter laid back day to me" Leroy said. 

Jackie nodded. 

She ate her toast and got upstairs to take a shower. Jackie came out of the cabin and did a braid. She pulled on seatpants and a t-shirt that once were her brothers that was now living in London and studied to become a doctor.Jackie walked out of her room and walked sthraigt into  Niall. She laughed. 

" Sorry" Jacke reached up and kissed his cheek. 

Niall smiled and storked her cheek. 

" You are forgiven" He smiled and pecked her lips, 

The rest of the day they sat in the basement and looked at scary movies, Jackie were cuddled up into Niall and he had his arms around her when they heard a big thump from the kitchen. Niall paused the movie and Jackie grabbed his hand before  they walked up the stairs. Niall looked into the kitchen and he started to laugh. 

" It's the others" Niall said. 

Jackie laughed and walked into the kitchen. 

" You gave me a freaking heartattack" she exclaimed and hit Louis's shoulder because he was lauging.

Louis turned to Harry. 

" She hit me" he whined.

Harry kissed Louis shoulder and hugged the boy. Jackie rolled her eyes and then she hugged Zayn and Liam. 

" So what are you two doing down stairs, we heard screaming" Zayn smiled smuggly at Niall. 

" Oh my god! Guys, really it was an old horror movie" Jackie said and shook her head. 

" I said so" Liam said calmly 

" At least one of you is smart" Jackie said and walked up to the fridge. 

She jumped onto the counter beside it, reaching for the cabinet above the fridge. Jackie grabbed a bag of maltesers. She sat down on the counter and started to munch on them. Niall walked up to the counter and looked at her with pleading eyes. 

" You are like a puppy" Jackie said and laughed. 

She popped another malteaser in her mouth and smiled. 

" Please" Niall pleaded. 

" Hmm, maybe" she smiled.

Jackie were just about to bite down on a malteaser when Niall reached out and kissed her and with his tounge he grabbed the malteaser and he ate it with a smile and Jackie blushed and bit down hard on her lip. Louis laughed togheter with the other boys.

" So what have we missed?" Liam asked. 

" Cause we have obviously missed something" Harry said with a smile. 

Niall laughed nervously. 

" ehrm well it just sorta happened I guess" Niall said 

" So, you are a couple now?" Zayn asked. 

" Yeah ehm...but we want it to be private so pleas don't say anything" Jackie said.

" We promise" Louis said and smiled. 

The rest of the day were spent in the basement playing games and just hanging out, talking and laughing togheter like friends. 



A/N: So eeehhh this weekend was crazy, I audtioned for a singing contest, crazy! anyways ehm I will update as soon as I can an please leave a comment as always :3


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