Kiss you

Jackie is working as a waitress at her dad's catering firm. One day they got a order to help a band. Jackie is not expecting it to be One direction.

just gonna say that it's gonna be some Larry in this. So you who don't like it then don't read it or leave a dumb comment.


7. Concert prep

Jackie groaned when she heard someone singing in the shower.It was the oh so wonderful song 'nom nom nom'. Jackie knew only one person who sould sing that song while showering. She sat up and glared at the bathroom door. It opened and out stepped Carly. Jackie sighed and got up going past her friend. Jackie took a shower and let the water wake her up before she stepped out and blowdried her hair, she put it up in a bun she didn't apply any make-up.

Jackie got out from the bathroom and put on a new lean set of work clothes. They looked just like the things she had worn yesterday just that these were taken from the new washed pile of clothes that Jackie had managed to build up beside her two closets because the clothes didn't fit into the closet. The two girls went down stairs and made breakfast. Jackie noticed a note on the tabel, it was from her dad saying that he had to go to work early and that she and Carly just had to come over ehn they were done.

The best friends walked up to Jackie's car and jumped in. Jackie driving to the concert hall. She parked the car and locked it. Carly and Jackie turned around and started walking up to the building. They noticed tents and people with signs, mostly girls. Jackie and Carly smiled and knew that they were gonna be in that crowd of people if they didn't work with the famous boy band. The girls walked into the building and showed the guard their cards that granted them premission to go inside.

Jackie thought there were more people inside the buliding then outside. There were literlay people everywere running around. Gabriel ran up to them, he grabed their hands and ran back to their room were food were being served.

" Serve them. It's chaos around here" Gabriel instructed and disappeard into the mass of people. Jackie's eyes widdend put she soon got to work.

It was crazy. Jackie were filling up the food again, it was the sixth a hour. She turned to Carly.

" Run to the kitchen and order more food, we are running out" she said.

Carly nodded and dissaperad just like Gabriel. Jackie got back to work and when Carly came back with a wagon full of food then the stream of people had gotten calmer. Jackie looked at the clock for the first time this hectic day. She saw that it was 14:00. Jackie gasped, she and Carly hadn't eaten since breakfast that was around 09:00 this morning. Gabriel walked up to them.

" Go get lunch ladies, I and Chris can handle this now" he said.

Jackie hugged her cousin and grabbed Carly by the hand and sprinted off to the staffmemebers dining room. They got there and they grabbed their food. The girls were devouvering their food just now realising how hungry they were. Someone sat down at the tabel. It was Harry and Louis, they both had sucpicous looking hickeys but Jackie didn't ask. Just some minutes after the pair had joined them so were the other boys. Jackie looked at them all.

" You seem really tired, is it that much chaos in rehersing as well?" she asked.

" Yeah, but I can't imagine how it has been for you two" Liam said.

" Well,  Chaos is a mild explanation of what we have been dealing with" Carly said.

" Safe to say" Jackie mumbled still with food in her mouth.

" When did you eat lunch?" Zayn asked.

" Erhm now" Carly smiled.

" Late lunch huh" Harry stated.

" Yeah considering that we ate breakfast at nine" Jackie said lookig up at the boys.

" How do you survive?" Niall shouted.

Jackie laughed.

" We worked so hard so we didn't even notice that time went by so fast" Carly said.

" If you are still here at eight we will drag your sorry asses out of there and we will feed you" Louis said.

Jackie laughed but realised soon that Louis was serious.

" Ehm, yeah why not" Carly said.

" Good" Harry said.

" But what about you then?" Jackie asked.

" What do you mean?" Liam asked.

" Aren't you having lunch now" Jackie said raising her eyebrows.

" Yes but we started working at 11:00" Zayn said.

" So it's not the same" Niall added.

They all got up after fininshing their meals. They all said good bye and hugged. When Niall hugged Jackie he whispered in her ear.

" Take care love"

Jackie blushed slightly. She grabbed Carly by the arm and dragged her friend away from there.

Their work tday was chaos and before they knew it the clock passed eight and as the boys had said they were gonna pick them up. So there they were. Liam and Niall picked up Jackie. Zayn an Louis picked up Carly.

" We are gonna feed these two" Harry told Gabriel who laughed and waved goodbye to his cousin and friend.

" Gabriel you bastard help me" Jackie screamed.

" Why?" Gabriel asked.

" Because I say so" Jackie pouted

" Don't think so cous" Gabriel laughed and walked away.

" Bastard! You will pay for this you dwarf" Jackie shouted.

The boys let them go when they were in their dressing room. The room were filled with junk food and Jackie dived for a package of Chicken McNuggets. Carly saw a Big mac and she snatched it infront of Harry's eyes. The girls sat down and started to eat. Niall got a bag of chips he ate them and looked around for something to drink. Louis were trying to catch food in his mouth that Zayn throwed at him. Jackie laughed at the boy when he got a chip in his eye.

" You are not gonna laugh at me" Louis shouted and pounched on her whre she was sitting on the couch.

The empty mcnuggets package flew through the air and landed on Zayn's head. That made Carly laugh, she had been dragged down with Louis and Jackie but she managed to see where the pack had landed. Louis started to tickle Jackie and the said girl tried to escape.

" Niall!" she shouted

" Hmm?" The blonde looked at her

" Help me" she managed to say between fits of laughter.

" Magic word" Niall teased.

" Please you darn leprechaun " Jackie breathed out but started to laugh again.

She eeped and her hand clapsed her mouth and her eyes widden. The other's laughed hard at that. Niall took this as his chance to get Jackie out from under Louis and Carly. He dragged her to himself and sat down with the girl in his lap.

Louis smiled childlisly and took a clunk on his soda. He looked like he had succeded with a brilliant plan.

" I want to break free, yeah I want to break free"

The tune that signaled that her father were calling her broke the silent. Jackie pulled up her phone and answered.

" Were are you?" her father asked

" Still at work" Jackie said

" Come home, you need to sleep" Leroy said.

" Uh okey" Jackie said

" Good, see you soon kiddo" he said and hung up.

" I need to go" Jackie said and got up from Niall's lap.

Niall hugged her closer. The others did the same.

Jackie came home and said good night to her father. The tiredness finally caought up with her. She made her way upstairs and she changed to her pyamas and she looked at her phone. One new message from Niall.

/ Hello love/

Jackie smiled.

/ Hello to you too/  she replied.

Almost at once she got an answere.

/U ok?/

/ Yeah ofc, just tired/

/ hmm yea, long day. u know, the day after tomorrow we have a day off, u want to do something?/

/Sure why not/

/ Good, then g'night baby doll/ Niall wrote

/ G'night darlin' :3/ Jackie put away her phone with a prominnet blush on her cheeks.

When her head hit the pillow again she fell asleep.


A/N: Soo I hope you enjoyed it. I have planned this so a chapter should come up in 3 days time, so on sunday chapter 8 is up I hope, if nothing goes wrong. If it does, like it did I will see to it so I follow the plan. maybe posting more chapteras at one day (like this ;3) You never know ^^ ehrm so if I follow the plan I would be don 12th june. It will become 30 chapter. I'm crazy I know :P It will be my longest story ever ^~^ So I hop that you will stay with me and keep commenting ^^ I'm sorry for grammar and misspellings :P I'm only human~

And one thing, ehm I did say that it would be Larry in this. As you can see it's comming more and more right ^^ I just want you to know that I know that Harry and Louis isn't gay irl, but this is a fanfic keep that in mind. When I say Larry I mean small sweet things maybe not mind blowing sex through all the chapters ;P but I can lead onto them doing something sexy and end it so that you can fantazie about it because I'm that evil ^^ I respect Harry and Louis of course but you can't deny that they have a strong bromance :3

Now I'm gonna stop talking and let you comment on this crazy chicks crzy story :3

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