Kiss you

Jackie is working as a waitress at her dad's catering firm. One day they got a order to help a band. Jackie is not expecting it to be One direction.

just gonna say that it's gonna be some Larry in this. So you who don't like it then don't read it or leave a dumb comment.


8. Concert day

Jackie woke up early that morning. She groaned and sat up in bed. Jackie took a shower and  shen she got out she styled her hair, to tired to put on make up she stalked over to her closet and got dressed. She walked out of the house and locked the door. Jackie knew that this day were going to be chaos, the boys had their concert today and just under their prep day Jackie got knocked over by people and almost squashed against the walls she could only imagine the horror she would have to face today . A car pulled up on the drive way and Gabriel jumped out.

" Ready for this crazy day?" he asked

Jackie laughed and shook her head.

" No but I manage somehow" she said

Gabriel smiled at her and they jumped into the car and drived of to the arena. The parking lot were filled with people. Jackie used Gabriel as a human shield when they made their way trough the crowd. Finally inside the buildning Jackie were almost knocked over by a guy with a box of microphones and cabels. Gabriel got her away from the danger and she smiled at her cousin.

The cousins got separted after awhile and Jackie started her work day with getting pushed into a wall and knocked over by a man running to the stage. Jackie got to the dining hall in one piece and she started serving breakfast to the staff. When lunch had passed Jackie finally had time to sneak away and eat. She ate a big plate of beef and chips when Carly and Gabriel sat down with her.

" First meal today?" Carly asked

Jackie nodded popping a chip in her mouth.

They didn't talk so much because Jackie had to get back to the dining hall and serve the other staff memebers. Carly followe her and Gabriel walked off to the stage. The girls served dinner to a few people when they heard the concert starting. They could finally breath out and take some food to refill their stomaches. The show ended and Carly helped Jackie feed the one that didn't had the time to eat before the concert. When the clock striked midnight Carly went home leaving Jackie to clean up.

Jackie were done after an hour of cleaning and she sat down to eat some left overs when she heard he phone sounding indicating that she got a text. It was from Niall.

/ Hello beautiful ;D/

Jackie smiled and ate her food.

/ Hello handsome ;)/ she replied

/ Y are u sitting all alone?/ Niall asked.

Jackie looked around and spotted the blonde in the doorframe. She laughed and Niall sat down opposite from her.

" Long day?" he asked

" Yeah very long" Jackie said yawning.

" Isn't Carly here to keep you company´?" he asked

" No. she sneaked off before we had to clean" Jackie said

" Where is your father?" Niall asked

" Somewhere, I don't know. I just want to come home but I can't because my car is at home" Jackie said.

" How about I drive you home?" Niall asked

" Ehm sure" Jackie said.

They got into the car and Niall drove the familiar way back to Jackie's house. She was nearly asleep when they pulled up on the drive way. They got out and Jackie unlocked the door and stepped in. Niall leaned on the door frame.

" Can't you come in?" Jackie asked

" What, afraid of the dark?" Niall smiled.

Jackie looked down at her feet and blushed biting her lip. Niall looked at her.

" Oh" he exclaimed.

" I just though since we have a day off tomorrow and we were gonna hang out either way" Jackie said shuffling a bit.

" Sure, let me just get some things from the car" Niall said smiling.

Jackie smiled. She went upstairs and dressed in her one piece. She were going through the dark corridor leading  to the stairs when she passed a room that hadn't been opened in four years. Jackie looked at the door  and opened the door for some reason and at once the memories came crahsing down on her. She felt lonley and the darkness swept her away to her memory when she was fifteen and found her mom in the room hanging from a rope. Jackie screamed in her memory and in reality as well.

Niall ran upstairs finding Jackie on the floor crying. He bent down and picker her up bringing her downstairs to the basement were he put her on the make shift bed and gathered all the pillows and blankets he could find. He sat down next to Jackie and draped an arm around her. Jackie cuddled up to Niall and leaned her head on his shoulder.

" Care to tell me what happend?" he asked.

" I got a flashback from four years ago when the room...she had...comited suicide" Jackie whispered and buried her face inte the crook of Niall's neck.

The blonde hugged her closer making cooing noises in her ear.

" It's okey you don't have to tell me more" he whispered.

And just like that hugging eachother is how Leroy found them the day after.


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