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Jackie is working as a waitress at her dad's catering firm. One day they got a order to help a band. Jackie is not expecting it to be One direction.

just gonna say that it's gonna be some Larry in this. So you who don't like it then don't read it or leave a dumb comment.


6. Bowling night

A/N: First thing first, I'm sorry that I haven't updated in awhile. My computer gave up on me for a week. Now it's back and running and I'm back ;3 So everthing will work just fine now...I hope. If you find weird words or simpel misspellings in the last chapter (chapter 5) is because that was written on my dad's Ipad. Yeah autocorrecting is a bitch. And more so when the ipad is programmed to correct to swedish word's when you are writing in english. Anyway here is a new chapter and I hope you enjoy it and leave a comment. And of course, if you want a imagine written by me don't hesitate to go to my other movella ( shameless advertising) Anycow, Bye for now ^^


Jackie and Louis raced to the entrance of the bowling hall.

" I won" Louis shouted.

" Aww, I was just like centimeters from winning" Jackie pouted.

" Go and hug Niall, he can comfort you" Louis laughed " And bring you luck" he added.

Carly raised her eyebrows at the older.

" Hello! he is a leprechaun" Louis said like it was the most obviuos thing in the world.

The group laughed as Carly let them in.

" Walter, we're here" The two girls shouted in unison.

A middel aged man popped his head up from the bar area. He flashed a smile at the girls.

" Been a long time girls, how are you doing?" He hugged Carly and Jackie.

" Just fine, dad managed to find us a job" Jackie smiled back at Walter.

" That's brilliant Jackz" Walter smiled and hit her shoulder lightly.

Jackie considered Walter as an uncle. He had always been there for her. You could say that Jackie and Carly's family were pretty much the same family because the two girls were childhood friends.

" So who are these young lads here?" Walter asked.

Jackie smiled.

" This is our clients, and also new friends. One direction" Carly said with a smile.

" That band you two love" Walter looked between the girls for approval which he got.

The boys took this as a chance to introduce themselves to the man. Niall stepped up first.

" Niall Horan" He said smiling and reaching out his hand.

" An irish one I hear, My name is Walter" They shook hands and Niall laughed at Walter's statement.

" How did you notice so fast?" Niall asked.

" Because everone can see that you are an leprechaun Nialler" Zayn said with a wink and shook Walter's hand presenting himself.

Louis shook Walter's hand.

" Louis Tomlinson" he said with a smile.

" Doncaster boy" Walter stated.

Louis looked choked at him.

" How did you..." he got cut off.

" I grew up in Doncaster" Walter laughed when Louis nodded.

The two other boys intruduced themselves and Walter were asking questions and such. To get to know them better. Carly started to loose her paitence with her uncle.

" Wallie, please we want to bowl" she said.

" Just a minute love" He said.

 After some more minutes and more complaines from the red head Jackie had had enpough. She rolled her eyes and grabbed Walter's keys stepping up to the register. She started to punch in number combinations. She started up a court. She smiled, proud of herself.

" If you ladies are done with your chitchat then these men will start bowling, join us later girls" Jackie said and laughed.

She and Carly walked up to the bowling area and started bowling. The boys joined them just a it was Harry's turn to bowl. He got a spare and Louis kissed his cheek.

" Good work baby cakes" he laughed.

" Thank you Boobear" Harry replied.

Walter came with refreshments and Louis offered him to play when it was the said bouys turn.

" Are you afraid that you're gonna lose" Niall laughed.

" No no, just wanting you to at least feel that you have a chance to win" Louis laughed.

Harry pouted and Louis looked at him with worried eyes.

" What is it pumpkin?" the older of the two asked.

" I thought you were gonna let me win" Harry said slumping over.

Louis hugged the curly haired close to him and whispered something that made Harry blush and hit Louis on the shoulder lightly.

" It's still your turn Lou" Jackie said.

Louis laughed and managed to get down 9 bowling pins.

The night went on with laughs and some flirting between Harry and Louis. Jackie could see Liam and Carly get along pretty well but she knew that Carly had eyes for another man. Niall sat down next to Jackie after he got a strike. Jackie looked at the blonde and smiled.

" is it going for you?" Niall asked.

Jackie laughed.

" Check the scoreboard Leprechaun" She said.

" Aww that's no fun" he whined.

" You are like a big baby you know that" she said.

Niall laughed

" Is that so?" he asked

" Yepp" she made a popping sound at the 'p' in the end.

Niall smiled and drank from his glas. He looked around and searched for something.

" What do you want?" Jackie asked

" Food" Niall said

" No suprise" Jackie jumped of the tabel she had been sitting on.

She made her way to the bar area.

" Hey Wallie" she said.

" Hi Jackz, do you kids want anything?" he asked

" Yeah, we are starting to get hungry" Jackie said.

" Oh, I will fix something for you" he smiled.

Jackie nodded  she sighed and looked over at her friends that were messing around.

" How is everything?" Walter asked

Jackie looked at him and noticed his worried eyes. She bit her lip to prevent tears to come.

" Uhm...well... dad is okey I guess, He is like before but something is off I just don't know what it is" Jackie said.

" I hear ya' well it has only been four years since it happened so it's not a big thing" Walter said laying a hand on top of her's.

" Yeah I know it's just that I want my old  father back, all of him" Jackie sighed.

" He will come around, just give him time to adjust to it" Walter smiled at her.

" You're right as always Wallie" Jackie said.

" Of course I am" Walter laughed and hugged Jackie.

He went back to the kitchen and after about twenty minutes he came out with food. Jackie helped him to carry it to the tabel. The others dug into it and said their thanks to Walter.

It became late and they decided to end their bowling. Zayn had won and god was he mocking Louis about it. Jackie laughed at the two boys when they started to walk towards the exit.

" Were do you think your going?" Walter asked.

Carly laughed at her uncle and ran up to him. They hugged and said their goodbyes just like the rest of them.

The smal group of people stepped out in the night. It was a little cold and Jackie shivered. She had forgot her jacket at home becaus it was warm when they went to work that day. Carly had her own jacket on her and the boys were either wearing shirts with long sleeves or jackets.

" Carly! give me your jacket " Jackie said.

" Fuck no! Get your own bitch" Carly stuck her tounge out

" Bitch I hate you" Jackie pouted.

The boys laughed at them. Niall put his jacket over Jackie's shoulders. She looked up at him and smiled.

" Thanks" She whisperes and blush slightly.

" No problem love" Niall said.

Louis and Harry were off into their own little world keeping eachother warm.

" I swear to god,even though I don't belive in him, that those two are gonna become a couple in the near future" Carly said

That earned a laugh from everyone.

" Let's drive you home" Liam said looking at Carly and Jackie.

They all got into the car and Liam drived to Jackie's house dropping the girls off. They said their goodnights and hugged everyone. Carly decided that se were going to stay over at Jackie's house that night.


Harry crawled under the covers in just a pair of boxers. He sround the room and set his green eyes on Louis. The said boy were standing at his desk and he placed his beanie on the tabel. The brown haired boy stripped and cmilbed into bed and hugged Harry closer to him.

" No nightmares tonight mister" Louis whispered.

" I'll try" Harry whispered back.

Louis kissed Harry on the lips and caressed his cheek. He started to hum on an old lullaby that his mother used to sing for him when he was a little child. Harry soon drifted off to sleep and Louis were not late on joining his curly haired lover.


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