I Was Once Your World ツOne Direction Fan Fiction ツ Completed

This was actually a dream I had in 2012 but I still remember it. I was thinking I should write about it.

It's going to be kind of short though because it was just a dream but yeah.
I hope you guys like it.

Description: When you're in love, it's like you're blinded. You can't see what is coming around the corner. What happens when you're boyfriend's best friend tell lies to you're boyfriend and everything is screwed up ?

Read through and find out !


11. The Best Night Of My Life!

Faye's P.O.V


After having dinner we decided to go to the sky tower. The lights were colourful on the streets. The buildings were so close to each other. People walking around, eating and laughing. It's so beautiful in the city. We were all sticking our heads out of the window the wind hitting our faces like a tonne of bricks.

Harry parked the car in the parking lot and we all got out. We started taking photos and examining the beautiful city. "Wow. It's more beautiful up close. Just like last time when we came here." Zayn said looking around. "C'mon were not just gonna stand here all night." Gina said. We laughed and started walking along the side road. Passing each stores. 


I was freezing cold. This is what happens when you forget your jacket at home. I kept walking until someone put their jacket on me. I turned around and saw Harry. "Harry wear your jacket it's cold." I said giving it back to him. He shook his head. "That's why I gave it to you. I'm used to the cold anyways. Put it on your shivering." He said putting the jacket on me. I smiled and kissed his cheek. He grabbed my hand and we followed where the others were going.


A few girls noticed the boys and got their camera's and cell phones out. Some even asked for autographs. I grabbed my camera out of Harry's pocket and took some photos. When the fans were gone we decided to go to the sky tower. The last time we were here was when Liam and Louis were sky diving. We went at night cause it was more fun. The other boys didn't wanna go either their scared of heights or they didn't feel like it.


We got in the elevator and soon we were on the top. We looked down and everything looked tiny from up here. It was a beautiful view. I smiled taking photos. Harry came and stood next to me. "Beautiful isn't it?" he asked. I nodded. "C'mon we'll take photos." I said. Everyone came along and we took a few photos.


We finally got back down from the sky tower and walked in some stores. The rest was walking in front of me and Harry blabbering about something they saw. "Did I mention you look beautiful?" Harry asked out of the blue. I looked at him and nodded. He smiled. "Well it's true." He said. "Well you look cute as always." I said. He chuckled. He grabbed my hand and pulled me in a store.


"Let's shop." He said. I laughed. "You pulled my hand that hard just to shop?" I asked rubbing my hand. He frowned and came closer. He took my hand and rubbed it. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pull it that hard. Want me to kiss it better?" He asked. I nodded. He kissed it and I smiled.


Then I felt something wet on my hand. "Eww Harry! You're disgusting. Ewww I got Harry Styles saliva on my hand." I whined wiping my hand on his shirt. He started laughing like an idiot. I flicked his ear and pulled him on the other side. We were looking through some shirts. I picked one out and told Harry to go put it on.


He took it and walked into the changing room. I was still looking through some other clothing until Harry came out wearing the shirt I gave him. "Wait I'll take a photo." I got out my camera and took a photo of Harry. "There's something on the back too." He said. He turned around and I took another photo.


I put my camera away and bought some other clothes. We got out of the store and went to find the others. We turned into a shop and I saw Niall in the other shop across the road. I tapped Harry and showed him Niall in the takeaway shop with a few fans. I grabbed Harry's hand and crossed the road.


I got out my camera and took a photo of Niall and a fan.

Harry and Niall signed a few autographs and then got Niall's burger and walked out. "Where's the other two?" I asked. "I don't know they ditched me so I thought I would get me something to eat." Niall said taking a bite of his burger.


We walked in a few stores to find the other two. I went to asked the lady in front of the counter if she's seen a guy with a dark black hair and a girl but then I saw the familiar quiff on the corner. I walked up to see Zayn looking for a cool jacket and Gina was sitting on the chair telling him which one is better.


"ZAYN!" I called out his name and he looked just in time took the photo. I smiled and showed it to Zayn.

"I look awesome." he said. I pushed him slightly. "Put something on already." I said throwing him some clothes to put on. "Finally someone who wants to help me." Zayn said walking to the changing room. I looked at Gina. "What? He didn't asked for help." she shrugged. "I asked for help a thousand times. Anyways you suck at fashion." Zayn called out from the changing room. I laughed and Gina scoffed.



I checked my watch and it was 11:45 pm. "C'mon guys. We need to go. It's nearly morning." I said. "Then let's just stay here until morning." Niall said. "Are you kidding?" I asked. "Fine. Hurry up guys and girl." Niall said earning a glare from Gina. I laughed and we walked back to the parking lot.


"You look tired." Harry said. I nodded. "So tired." He hugged me all the way to the car. "Zayn, you're driving." Harry threw the keys to Zayn and Gina was sitting in the passengers seat. Niall, Harry and I were sitting at the back. The car started moving and I was falling asleep. Harry put my head on his shoulder and I closed my eyes, slowly dozing off to sleep.



Harry's P.O.V


When we got back home I looked to tell Faye we were here but she was sleeping. I got out and grabbed her. Gina opened the front door and I walked in holding Faye bridal style. Niall opened her bedroom door for me and I put her on the bed. I got her bed sheets and put it on top of her.


I kissed her forehead. "Night, love." I turned off her light and closed the door behind me. "Night guys. Tonight was fun." I walked into my room and jumped on the bed. I couldn't be bothered changing. Tonight was one of the best nights of my life. I slowly drifted off to sleep.











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