I Was Once Your World ツOne Direction Fan Fiction ツ Completed

This was actually a dream I had in 2012 but I still remember it. I was thinking I should write about it.

It's going to be kind of short though because it was just a dream but yeah.
I hope you guys like it.

Description: When you're in love, it's like you're blinded. You can't see what is coming around the corner. What happens when you're boyfriend's best friend tell lies to you're boyfriend and everything is screwed up ?

Read through and find out !


2. My Chicken!

Faye's P.O.V


I was in the music room with my sister Georgina making covers. The boys are in the front joking around with each other and messing up the living room. We are staying at my aunt's house cause she's going to Australia for a few weeks and come back when we go to tour with the boys.


I am named after y aunt. Yes, her name is Faye too. It could be really confusing but, I don't know. My parents named me after her. My sister and I don't stay with our parent's because it's so quiet and there is hardly nothing to do. So we decided to take care of my aunt's house while she's going.


The door creaked open and there stood Niall with a chicken in his hand. My sister and I gave him confused looks. "What? You haven't seen a person eat a drum stick before?"he asked shaking his head. I was still looking at him confused. "What is it now Niall?"I asked.

He's been distracting us the whole day. He shrugged and walked off. I shook my head and started recording again. The door opened again. "Niall, I swear you and you're chicken are going to fly out of this house anytime soon!"I said with a warned look on my face. He just sent me a smile and said. "Liam wants you"and with that he walked out.

I rolled my eyes and got up. "We'll record some other time. Cause Niall is giving me a pain in the arse."I said. My sister groaned and walked out the door.


I walked out and Gina zoomed past me with Niall chasing after her. I guess she took Niall's drumstick. I shook my head and walked into the living room. Zayn was on the other couch opposite Harry on the other couch sitting with Louis. Liam was on a one arm chair. I walked past Liam to go sit on the other arm chair but he grabbed my waist and sat me on his lap.


I didn't want to argue with him so I just sat on him. "You okay?"He whispered. I nodded and kissed his nose. He smiled and I heard someone clear their throat. I turned around and saw Harry lying on the couch with nothing on but a sheet. I was going to say something to him but Liam quickly covered my eyes.


"Mate, put something on. There are ladies in the room"Liam growled. "Gina's not a lady"I heard Harry say. I giggled and Liam turned my head. I was now facing him. He pecked my lips and I grinned. "I'm too lazy to put something on."I heard Harry groan. I rolled my eyes and I felt someone pull my arm.


I turned around quickly and my sister was trying to hide from Niall. I laughed. "What's going on?"Liam asked. "She snatched my drumstick away from me."Niall said pointing to Gina. She rolled her eyes and handed Niall his drumstick back.


Niall poked tongues at her and he walked at the back. Everyone was quiet until Niall shouted, "HEY IT'S FINISHED! SHE ATE IT ALL!"We all burst out laughing and he walked back to the living room glaring at Gina. "Karma's a bitch"She said and walked off.


Niall huffed and went to sit in between Louis and Zayn. "Harry can I use you're laptop?"Zayn asked. Harry nodded. "Where is it?"


"It's in my room, on the bed."Zayn nodded and walked in the hallway. Today is just a normal day. Sitting around doing nothign actually.


There was a knock on the door and Louis ran and opened it.

"HELLO!"My aunt's voice boomed and filled the whole house. The boy's laughed and chorused 'hi'. She walked in with grocery bags and a few other bags. My other aunt walked in. Her name is Afioga. She had two daughters. The eldest is Mercy and the youngest is Victoria.


Mercy was closer to Harry and Victoria was closer to Zayn.


"Harreh!"Mercy got off her dad Lance and ran to Harry. I quickly got up and grabbed her. "Hold up. Harry needs to put some clothes on, sweety"I said. She did a pouty face fake cry. I handed her to Liam and they started playing. I heard Harry groan and wrapped himself in the sheets and dawdle across the living room to his room.




A/N: Hey guys! Sorry. I'm so tired and it's 12:35. Everyone is sleeping and I'm still awake. I will update tomorrow and I hope you liked this story, which was basically a dream so yeah. Love you and stay beautiful. xx

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