I Was Once Your World ツOne Direction Fan Fiction ツ Completed

This was actually a dream I had in 2012 but I still remember it. I was thinking I should write about it.

It's going to be kind of short though because it was just a dream but yeah.
I hope you guys like it.

Description: When you're in love, it's like you're blinded. You can't see what is coming around the corner. What happens when you're boyfriend's best friend tell lies to you're boyfriend and everything is screwed up ?

Read through and find out !


14. I Can't Believe It!

Faye's P.O.V




"Hey, what's the time?"I asked. "9:30."She said putting her phone away. "Let's go. The boys are probably thinking where we are."I said and she nodded. We made our way to the car and drove off to the interview.


"What are you going to do if Liam and Louis are there?"Gina asked out of the blue. "Nothing. I don't really care anymore. The only person I'm worried about right now is Harry. He might do something stupid."I said turning into the building.


There were fans outside holding up posters and singing 'What Makes You Beautiful.' I parked in front of the building and Paul walked out. "Hey, Paul."I smiled. "Morning girls. Where were you two at?"He asked leading us to where the interview is.


"We were at the mall. I told Harry that we'll be here."I said and he nodded. We were now backstage and we could see the boys and their interviewer, although there was a big gap between Louis and Liam, and the other three.


I hope no one notices this. 




"Give it up one more time for One Direction everybody."The man said and the audience clapped. 


Soon the guys walked to the back and I smiled. I turned around and Liam hugging the curly hair girl, Danielle. He spotted me looking and I quickly turned away seeing Harry and the other two walking towards us. 


Harry looked up and he grinned. He ran up to me and swung me around. "Harry, put me down."I laughed, playfully punching on the back. He laughed and placed me down gently. "How was the interview?"I asked.


"It was great."He smiled and I nodded. "Did you guys bring any food?"Niall asked and I handed him a burger. "It's a bit cold though. It was mine this morning but I didn't eat it."I said and he just shrugged taking a bite.


Niall doesn't care if it's cold or whatever unless he gets to eat something. 


I turned my gaze to Liam and Danielle laughing about something. It reminds me when it was Liam and I. Everyone looked at where I was looking and no one said a word. Then I felt warm lips on mine.


I pulled away seeing that it was Harry. The two boys and Gina gasped. Believe me, I was a bit confused myself.


"Would you Ms Troublemaker be my girlfriend?"Harry asked and I nodded fiercely making him laugh. Our lips collided again and I heard Zayn, Niall and Gina whooping, making me laugh. I pulled away and I caught Liam looking at me with a sad expression on his face.


Harry intertwined our fingers and we headed out of the building.



My bestfriend is now my boyfriend...




My favourite song at the moment:












A/N: That was the end of the dream. Thank you so much for favouriting and hearting this story, means a lot! Thank You so much and Stay Beautiful :) x 

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