I Was Once Your World ツOne Direction Fan Fiction ツ Completed

This was actually a dream I had in 2012 but I still remember it. I was thinking I should write about it.

It's going to be kind of short though because it was just a dream but yeah.
I hope you guys like it.

Description: When you're in love, it's like you're blinded. You can't see what is coming around the corner. What happens when you're boyfriend's best friend tell lies to you're boyfriend and everything is screwed up ?

Read through and find out !


1. Love


Definition: (Noun) An intense feeling of deep affection

(Verb) Feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone)


To you, love is just another word. Love is just a feeling.

When people say they're in love, they say it like it's just a word.

Well, that's what Faye thought.

Faye has never fell in love.

She never knew what love meant.

Not until she actually  falls in love with the person she could never let go.

She was so caught up with her beloved boyfriend, she didn't even see what was coming.


This is her story...




A/N; Hello guys ! I decided to write my dream and share it with you guys. I hope you like it ! I will update more if I get any favourites for this story ! Thank you and stay beautiful ! xx

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